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Rest Your Way to Gains

It should be enough to make you scream. You’re trashing your gains in the gym and you don’t even know it. How? Behind sets, reps, weight, and peaking at elliptical bunnies…exercise rest periods rank in the basement of your concerns when throwing weight around the gym. Big mistake.  You’re severely handicapping your training by neglecting an important training variable: the… Keep Reading

4 Benefits of Total Body Workouts

Four Benefits of Total Body Workouts Overview -Total body training improves workout efficiency by minimizing the fluff to get you strong and muscular in a hurry – You’ll hit major movement patterns multiple times per week in a variety of intensities and rep ranges to stimulate the most number of muscle fibers – When in a time-crunch, total body training… Keep Reading

10 tips to an explosive deadlift

The Best Glute Exercise You’ve Never Heard of

Well, Summer is full fledged which makes me think of a few things. First, it’s almost Football season. I can’t wait. Well, unless my team blows a 17 point lead in the Conference Championship game, turning my celebratory beer into hops and barley watered down by tears. Anyways, I’m over it. Not really, but to my second point: All your hard-work in… Keep Reading

The Best Pallof Press Exercise Pairings

The following is a guest post from my good friend Shane Mclean, a trainer in Dallas, Texas. Follow him at on his Facebook Page here. Some things are better together. Peanut butter and jelly Eggs and bacon (granted, almost anything goes with bacon) Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan Bicep curls and mirrors Each of the above can stand alone in… Keep Reading

Trainers can advise clients on nutritional supplements

How Trainers Can Advise On Questions About Nutritional Supplements

  I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately helping other coaches build up their industry knowledge and getting their business on the right track. Whether it’s supplements, building your brand, or programming exercise I’m always willing to help. Well, that has trickled into my writing as well. In my latest post for the Personal Trainer Development Center, I’ve… Keep Reading

3 Recovery Strategies for Overhead Training

Today, I have something special for you: an epic guest post by Matthew Ibrahim to optimize mobility and recovery in overhead athletes. But wait. What if you’re not an overhead athlete? Don’t fear. If you don’t play an overhead sport, thoracic mobility and the ability to move the shoulders overhead is still a huge problem with most lifters and athletes.… Keep Reading

lose fat fast

Why You Must Sprint

Quite the statement, but consider this: Sprints will keep you lean during a bulking phase. Sprints will shred fat when dieting down due to their impact on insulin sensitivity. Sprinting before lifting will potentiate the CNS for greater gains in strength. Sprinting helps you build powerful hamstrings and glutes and may be the key to conquering your muscle building plateau.… Keep Reading

bodyweight training, Expert Tips to Build Muscle

12 Ways Bodyweight Training Turns You Into A Ninja

There is no “best” method, no inherently terrible method, and no perfect tool. Instead, there are only methods, and sound execution of the method. From there, the precision in which you master the method drives results. Either you’re a high-performance beast in control of your body, or you’re not. If you’re like me, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells make up the… Keep Reading

The Dumbest Myth In Nutrition

Hey guys. This is a wicked guest post from my dude Jason Helmes, owner and operator of Anyman Fitness, LLC – an online fitness consultation firm. He has helped hundreds get lean and gain muscle. Check out his site for free information here. ============================================== All you need to do is take a close look at your social media feeds to see a… Keep Reading

underhand row

Three Problems with Your Bent Over Row

There is no question: the barbell bent over row is one of the best exercises you can do to build thick slabs of muscle to support every strength movement and build a powerful, head turning body. In fact, from a pure benefit driven perspective, I’d argue the barbell bent over row should be a staple in nearly every program whether you’re… Keep Reading

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