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Three Problems with Your Bent Over Row

There is no question: the barbell bent over row is one of the best exercises you can do to build thick slabs of muscle to support every strength movement and build a powerful, head turning body. In fact, from a pure benefit driven perspective, I’d argue the barbell bent over row should be a staple in nearly every program whether you’re… Keep Reading

15 Expert Tips: How to Improve Athleticism

You want to be healthy, nimble, and strong so you have the ability to be thrown into any situation, whether it’s lifting, playing a sport, running up the stairs, or should the moment arise, self-defense and come out on-top. Even more, you want to lose fat, build muscle, and look great naked.  Unfortunately, most programs fail miserably at helping you build… Keep Reading

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High Performance Exercises You Should be Doing: 1-1-2 Bench Press

You’re extremely busy, I get that. So I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say: Training efficiency is key to building a strong, athletic body on your terms. There is no perfect routine. Especially when have a hectic schedule that changes on a whim, leaving you short on time and frustrated with your training. Most times, something has to… Keep Reading

Four Hardgainer Cardio Solutions

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Conditioning is the most overlooked aspect of building athletic muscle, especially for skinny dudes. After all, you need to do is eat, hoist huge weights, and eat some more and you’ll easily build muscle. Or is it? In today’s post, I’ll show you how to escape from hardgainer hell and improve your… Keep Reading

Stop Making Excuses, Start Getting Results

 First, a story. Then, a call to action. It’s all about getting past excuses. As a coach, I’ve heard them all.  Hell, I’m made most of them myself…and still have the occasional excuse. Why? Excuses are like that childhood stuffed animal that’s still stuffed in the corner of your closet. Tweet: Excuses are like that childhood stuffed animal that’s still… Keep Reading

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Ascending Loading For Massive Strength Gains

When you’re a beginner, straight work sets are a phenomenal method to stimulate massive gains in strength, performance, and muscle. But there’s a problem: 5×5 at 85% 1-RM gets increasingly difficult the more time you spend under the bar. No longer is 85% a 185lb squat. It’s now 300-350 lbs. That’s a significantly more demanding training stress on your joints,… Keep Reading

Build Muscle Fast with High Frequency Training

Key Points: – High-Frequency Training produces a greater increase in anabolic hormones and increases protein synthesis to help you build muscle. – High-Frequency Training increases the speed of motor learning, helping you learn new skills, lifts, and exercises faster. – High-Frequency Training can rapidly improve strength and accelerate muscle building in beginners and advanced lifters.   – High-Frequency Training does require a… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Squat Everyday Program Review

Squatting Everyday Program Review – Is it for you? By Patrick Thompson In a word, wow. I felt shocked and excited by my decision: I was going to squat every day for 100 days straight. Yes, this required me to load up a barbell and perform no-less than 50% of my 1-rep max on front squats or back squats every… Keep Reading

10 Tips to An Explosive Deadlift

Deadlifts build epic strength. Deadlifts get you jacked. Deadlifts help you get athletic. Deadlifts require full body tension, strength, and sheer willpower to build strong bodies and stronger minds. Deadlifts build a chiseled back, vice-grip forearms, and an athletic booty to grab the attention of both sexes. As such, the deadlift is the most cherished movements in training for helping you look… Keep Reading

Jump Squats to Bust Your Squat Plateau

Before we get to the meat of today’s post I have a few housekeeping items to cover: 1.  I have three elite online training spots remaining through my online training platform with Trainerize. The platform itself will never go away,  and will always be available to start whenever you’d like, but this will be the only time you’ll be able to… Keep Reading

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