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It’s Official: Science Confirms #Fitspiration Sucks

Guest Post By Lee Bell Heaping contempt and ridicule on “instagram trainers” is easy — and fully justified. Now science confirms it. Keep reading to find out why. Sometimes it seems like the only things you need to succeed in the fitness biz these days is a big pair of biceps (or boobs), good looks, and a slick but cynical… Keep Reading

Strength Training

How To Get “Grown-Ass Man” Strong

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” – Mark Rippetoe Times have changed. I’m no longer a kid. I’m a married man with a dog. Incredibly, I actually own furniture I didn’t assemble myself with an allen wrench. I just moved into a real house with a real mortgage. I’m pushing the big… Keep Reading

Balance Kids, Career and Fitness

Guest Post By Steve Current Time warp warning. That was then. And this is now. Life is more complicated, with less time for fitness. But you can still balance kids, career and family. This article explains how, step by step. Download the free checklist here to get back in shape, once and for all.   A Trip Down Memory Lane… Keep Reading

A Motivation Story (And Four Killer Tips)

A Motivation Story (And Four Killer Tips)

Guest post by Jack Purdom This is a fitness motivation story with a twist. It’s about  how an unmotivated client finally got into the fitness habit, once and for all…without the use of a megaphone. It’s a new take on the old problem I deal with in my free eBook Getting Past Busy <<<=== Download Here Whether you’re a coach… Keep Reading

Fitness Guide to Parkinson’s Law: How to Lose Fat Faster

Flashback to 2014. My days all started the same: Up at 4:00 a.m., a cup of black coffee, and heading to the gym. Then, in a caffeine infused blitzkrieg, the day was on. Clients from 5 am to 6 or 7 pm, with a few one-hour breaks. These one-hour breaks were a godsend. Besides getting off my feet, they were… Keep Reading

The Fitness Myth That Kills Progress

There is a fitness perpetuated by the fitness industry. No one is innocent. Not me, you, expert coaches, powerlifters, athletes, CrossFitters, or the swole bro’s at your gym. It leads to information overload and the frustration of pulling your hair out and worrying that you’re doing it all wrong. It leads you to ditch your diet for the next cure-all diet plan,… Keep Reading

Gym Etiquette

29 Gym Tips for Better Gym Etiquette (and Domination)

I’m in Georgia for the weekend to spend a few days at a wedding. Once I leave the monstrosity known as Hartsfield-Jackson airport , I’ll be crushing some Southern BBQ, having push-up contests’ with my brother-in-law, and rumor has it… testing out some moonshine (if I’m brave enough). Hopefully, I don’t go blind. Stay tuned to Instagram, this may get interesting.… Keep Reading

Expert Tips to Build Muscle

How I Overcome The Busy Trap

We all seek to look busy in the eyes of our peers.  We tend to define success as how much work we get done, how long our work days are, and how much money we make.  I’m not sure I agree on any of these definitions of success, but they’ve all played into my opinion of a successful day, month,… Keep Reading

Online Personal Training

The Simple Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

If all workouts went as planned, supplements were a magical cure-all, and the perfect diet really existed, most guys would be swinging a hammer like Thor and picking up Natalie Portman. Instead, we bite off more than we can chew. We throw the the old workout program in the trash, and latch onto the next big thing.  We change our entire… Keep Reading

10 Gym Bag Essentials

  Torture Tools and Recovery Resources “What the hell is that?” I sat down at the gym as the kid, probably 16, checked out my bag. He’s a high school football player, working another coach, and he couldn’t unfix his eyes from my bag. He also had a weird sideways grin on his face. I pulled out the Rumble Roller, a… Keep Reading

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