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Building Strength

Obstacle Course Race (OCR)

How To Dominate Tough Mudder and Spartan Races

Guest Post By Rich Ryan If you want to succeed at Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) events like Tough Mudder and Spartan Races, you need to begin with a solid plan that includes getting strong first. Then, you need excellent execution. Don’t just throw mud at the wall (literally!) to see what sticks. Among the more or less random ideas people… Keep Reading

Bent Over Row

How To Row Like A Pro, ‘Bro

First, the good news: the barbell bent over row is one of the best exercises around. You’ll build a powerful, head- turning body by adding dense muscle to your arms, lats, and back. Now, the bad news: you’re more likely to see a total solar eclipse than someone doing bent over rows correctly. And that’s too bad because the barbell… Keep Reading

Strength Training

How To Get “Grown-Ass Man” Strong

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” – Mark Rippetoe Times have changed. I’m no longer a kid. I’m a married man with a dog. Incredibly, I actually own furniture I didn’t assemble myself with an allen wrench. I just moved into a real house with a real mortgage. I’m pushing the big… Keep Reading

Mind Muscle Connection

Why You Need Explosive Strength, No Matter Who You Are

Want to get stronger, leaner, and more athletic? You need to get more explosive. Yes, I’m looking at you — no matter who you are and why you’re working out. In this blog post, you will learn: How training explosively helps you lose fat and build  lean muscle Why explosive movement turns your stale strength into explosive, real-world athleticism How… Keep Reading

Superhuman Strength Explained (And How You can Get Some)

Guest Post By Annie Jones Have you ever performed way beyond what you thought was your physical maximum? It seemed like the adrenaline kicked in to make you explode. There were no boundaries, no limits. Those moments are rare, but they can teach us something really important: The Mind/Muscle Connection. The connection between the muscles, neurons, and our brains might… Keep Reading

women weightlifting

Weight Room Battle of The Sexes

  Guest Post by Lee Bell Take a look around the weight room of many gyms these days and you’ll see something you might not have seen even a few years ago: lots of women mixing it up with the men. Sometimes the numbers of men and women are about equal. Times have changed. For the better. But some myths… Keep Reading

Eight Easy But Essential Hormone Hacks

  Bigger muscles. Less body fat. More energy, strength, and power.  More sexy time.  A positive attitude and more motivation to kick life in the face.  All of this could be yours by making a few small changes. Sounds too good to be true, like those empty promises at a supplement store. But they’re actually the benefits of optimizing your hormones. … Keep Reading

Top 9 Gym Rules

The 9 Gym Rules You Need To Know

Guest Post By Jason Maxwell The gym is your sanctuary. Treat it right, and you’ll have years of gains karma come your way. Treat it wrong and you’ll mess up your “muscle karma.” There are unwritten gym etiquette rules that you disregard at your peril. You could end up getting nasty looks or feeling intimidated. And you can’t plead ignorance.… Keep Reading

2:1’s For Muscle Growth – The Best (Secret) Training Method

I’ll try anything in the gym once. The good things? Twice. Case in point: 2:1’s for muscle growth. I first saw this method by a group of middle-aged jacked dudes in college. At first, I shook my head is dismay, ignoring the fact that they were jacked because this looked “dumb”  and “non-functional.” Boy, was I ignorant. Thankfully, I learned… Keep Reading

Five Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of (But Need To Do)

Five Unusual Exercises to Build More Muscle

When it comes to building muscle, simplicity is the name of the game. Consistent and diligent application of your time and energy to the basics always yields the best results, as covered in my Five Day Muscle Fix. Big deal. Who could disagree? But are you bored by the preceding paragraph. I am! Which brings me to the point of… Keep Reading

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