7 Lifelong Lessons From The Gym | Look Great Naked Podcast #12

June 13, 2023

About the Author: Eric Bach

Fitness is a force multiplier: the lessons you learn in the gym bleed over into every area of your life.

When you get into great shape, you learn 7 crucial lessons and skills that translate to your personal and professional life.

What are they?

1. Delay gratification.

2. How you do anything is how you do everything.

3. Not Everything is Your Fault. But success is still your responsibility.

4. Building anything takes time. Maintaining it takes focus. Tearing it down takes laziness and neglect.

5. Confidence is built by making and keeping promises to yourself.

6. The Obstacle Is The Way.

7. Procrastination kills potential.


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In today’s episode of the Look Great Naked Podcast, I share 7 Lifelong Lessons From The Gym.

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