without spending hours in the gym? Do you want to...

Do you want to…

TORCH 17+ POUNDS OF FAT and build muscle IN 90 DAYS

without spending hours in the gym?

The Look Great Naked Protocol Is Competitive: Reserve Your Spot Today.

The Look Great Naked Protocol is the #1 transformation program for helping busy men who want to look great naked without living in the gym over the next 90 days.

“You’ve seen phrases like “look good naked” smattered across the internet for years.

Since you picked up your first muscle magazine years ago, you’ve wanted to be jacked.

And you know what?

The desire to look great naked has been around since at least the fourth century B.C. when the Farnese Hercules was created by Lysippos, a Greek Sculptor of the 4th Century BC who’s widely considered one of the Greatest Sculptors of the Classical Greek Era.

My fucked up search history aside, there are three crucial lessons:

1. You want to look good naked.

2. Your partner wants you to look good naked.

3. It’s time for you to look good naked without living in the gym.

But here’s the problem: 99% of training programs are complete garbage.

They’re not tailor-made for a busy man look you with a 26-hour schedule crammed into a 24 hour day.

The programs are too long for your busy schedule, too rigid for your lifestyle, and simply are not helping you transform your body despite you spending countless hours in the gym.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re between work sets at the gym and get lost in a scroll on Instagram.

You started watching a few exercise videos, but six minutes later, you find your feed full of guys who are incredibly jacked in the gym.

You catch yourself thinking, “I want that.”

But let’s be real…

You don’t want that guy’s life, at least not the real-life he’s living.

He only eats bland chicken breast for lunch. He chokes it down with soggy broccoli.

The only carbs he eats are rice three days per week for a “refeed meal.”

Sure, he has abs. But do you want to know why?

Because he’s fucking miserable and starving.

Now I get it: you want to see your abs. You want to look great naked during that brief moment when you step out of the shower and see your reflection in the mirror.

But you also want to crush a ribeye steak on the weekends.

You want to sip a handcrafted cocktail in the evening. And you want to spend time with friends, family, watching your NFL team or, catching up on the latest episode of Succession.

That dick-skin shredded guy you see on Instagram?

His six-pack defines him.

The two times per day workouts and crazy diet run his life.

That’s not the life you want.

You have family, maybe 2.5 kids, and a career to worry about.

How do I know? Because I was him.

Hey, I’m Eric Bach.

I’m here to help you build a strong, lean, and athletic body that improves your life rather than consumes it.

I’m Eric Bach. I’m a father, entrepreneur, coach, and I cook a mean ribeye steak.I’m the guy men hire after what they’ve been trying on their own to get into great shape isn’t working. For nearly 13 years I’ve coached entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, executives, military members, and college and professional athletes.

In short, I specialize in helping busy people look great naked without living in the gym.

I hate these sections where coaches talk about themselves, so here is a smattering of cool places that have featured my work:

The bottom line is this: I’ve been fortunate to learn from the best coaches in the world and in the eyes of some, join those ranks.

I’m a simplifier for busy men who want to maximize their effectiveness in the gym so they can the best version of themselves elsewhere in life. If that jives with you and you, cool. Then let’s do this.

If you’re like the thousands of men I’ve helped you probably feel like…

🥩 Your genetics make it impossible to build muscle and get lean.

🥩 You’re past your prime and you won’t be able to build your dream body.

🥩 You don’t have enough hours in the day.

🥩 Joint pain, stiffness, and nagging aches are here to stay.

🥩 Your health and physique are setting a poor example for your family

🥩 You feel guilty knowing you need to change but overwhelmed with how to move forward.

🥩 Your struggles in the gym and wreaking havoc on your confidence and impacting your sex life.

🥩 Mental fog and dwindling energy are preventing you from reaching your professional potential.

If any of those points hit home, I understand.

It’s not your fault. But it is your responsibility to improve.  And I’ve got just the right plan to help you retake control.

We have great news. but first…

Let’s talk about the real reason you’re here.

  • You want to look great naked during the brief moment you step out of the shower and see your reflection in the mirror.

  • You want to feel confident and OWN the room like the person you are meant to be, whether it’s for a date, a meeting, or at home after a days work.

  • You want to get lean, muscular, and be athletically capable of handling anything life throws at you.

  • You want to OPTIMIZE your health and cognitive function, so you can dominate your professional life and love your personal life.

But if you’re like most people…

You’re sick of the bland-as-white rice workouts programs that waste your time and leave you injured, overwhelmed, and don’t fit your busy schedule.

James, United Kingdom

James, United Kingdom

You’ve survived the chaos of the last two years, but now you’re spinning your wheels in the gym wondering…

“Am I Ever Going To Build The Body I’ve Always Wanted?”

You’re sick of waking up each morning, looking in the mirror, and seeing a deteriorating body that’s a shell of the physique you once had…despite your spending hours scrolling workout tips on Insta and days grinding in the gym.

You’ve tried peace-mealing workouts from the web, AI-generated workouts on an overpriced mirror, and trying every supplement under the sun trying but still, feel like your gut is growing and your muscles are shrinking.

Most of all, you’re sick of wasting your time not having the body you deserve.

You know you’ll never reach your full potential in your career, with your relationships, and in your life, if you’re not happy with your body and health as the foundation.

And right now, you’re ready to do something about it.

I get it.

Growing up, I was a scrawny little runt. I was physically weak and mentally, felt insignificant in every other area of my life.

The lack of confidence I had in my body sept into my psyche and reverberated into all areas of my life from my personal life (or lack thereof) to how I presented myself professionally.

Over the years I developed our Look Great Naked Protocol to lose your gut, get strong, and muscular…

But today, I see men who struggle with the same battles, but worse: they’re more overwhelmed, have less free time and are at their wits end from trying to build their dream body but not succeeding.

That’s why I’m here to help.

Fitness is a force multiplier. When you transform your body you begin to flourish in every other area of your life.

But transformations don’t happen alone. I didn’t succeed alone, and you won’t either.

This isn’t to say you can’t succeed; rather, even the best athletes, models, and bodybuilders have coaches to help them get and stay in incredible shape. The reason? Accountability. Having someone in your corner is the key to unlocking your best body and by extension, your best life.


Start Now!

We’ve helped thousands of stressed-out men build their dream bodies.

The key to success isn’t extreme diets. Nor is it insane energy-draining workouts, or totting Tupperware around the office.
And it’s definitely not by being a social recluse and never eating the foods you enjoy or kickin’ back, catching a game, and drinking a finger or two of bourbon.

So, what’s the real key?

The key is working hand-in-hand with you to improve every aspect of your health around your lifestyle so you can make permanent changes while enjoying your social life.

I’ll tell you more about that shortly, but first, let me introduce the squad.

Let’s meet your coaches…


Hi, I’m Eric Bach, a 30 something husband, father, personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur.

I’ve helped world-class athletes and average joes transform their life by doing one thing better than anyone else in the world:

Simplifying fitness so you can get strong, lean, and muscular without obsessing over fitness or resorting to extreme measures.

Fitness is a force multiplier in your life. The lessons and skills you develop in the gym bleed over into helping to have better relationships, more success in your career, and ultimately, a more fulfilling life.

The catch?

Fitness must improve your life, not consume it.


Hi, I’m David Martinez 31, Father of 2, USMC Veteran, Former Powerlifter, Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur.

I’ve Helped Military members, Veterans and average joes burn fat, gain muscle and strength and improve their lifestyle with fitness.

I started learning Kinesiology/Exercise Science During my time in the service (2010-2015), training Marines and training powerlifters.

I’ve continued to help train people get rid of Dad Bods or Vet Bods (same as a dad bod but with a little more knee pain 😉 )

With my Knowledge and experience I help people transform their bodies, performance and lifestyle.

Outside of fitness, you’ll find me on the mountains and rivers of Idaho fly fishing, or rolling on the mat training BJJ. Fitness, Fishing and BJJ are my therapy.

Let’s Crush it!


Hi! I’m Alex Andujar.

I may not look like it, but I’ve been exactly where you are and understand your pain. I spent years working in the craft beer industry. Naturally, I drank lots of beer and ate out at my accounts far too often. I abused my body so much that I gained over 70 pounds of fat.

Once I got serious about my health and stopped making excuses, I shed the excess weight and decided I wanted to help others do the same. I use the exact fitness and nutrition expertise I learned along the way to help people just like you transform their bodies, and ultimately, lives.

Outside of coaching, you can catch me traveling as often as possible with my wife, hanging out at home with my English Bulldog Bernie, watching my beloved NY Yankees, or challenging myself with the latest obstacle course race.

Having worked with everyone from elite athletes to CEO’s, lawyers, and everyday people,
there is one thing everyone wants:

To become a version of themselves that they are
proud to share with the world.

Oh, and to look fucking awesome.

Fitness is the ultimate force multiplier, leading you to be more confident, more energetic, healthier, and yes, better looking.

It'll help you lead by example and become reach your full potential.

The key to experiencing all of this? It’s not a secret morsel of information.

The truth is, all the information you need to look great is already available at the touch of a button. The key is having a proven system and the support structure to permanently transform your body.

The key is something exponentially more valuable....


After age 30 your natural testosterone levels decrease, resulting in less energy, fewer raging boners (ha), and less strength, muscle, and vitality...unless you have a specific training method to fight back. Our Power Primer Protocol is designed specifically for men who want to build a muscular, lean, and athletic physique in the most efficient way possible.

Using the Methods I've developed working with the world's top athletes and applied to other men just like you, the Power Primer Protocol will revolutionize your training and help you build the body you've always wanted. Together, we will...

  • Simplify the science of transforming your body, so you become stronger, more muscular, and torch stubborn body fat. You’ll develop the unshakeable confidence in knowing “damn, I look good” when you step in front of the mirror each morning.

  • Simplify your schedule. Imagine walking into the gym and knowing exactly what to do and that it'll work. You'll be able to flip open your phone and have a video-guided plan that fits your schedule, your goals, and the equipment you have available. If you only have 30 minutes to train or limited equipment at home? No sweat. text your coach and we'll get you the perfect workout.

  • End the frustration of wondering, “what should I do today?” or “how do I do this exercise?” With our custom app, I’ll provide written and video guidance all at the touch of a button on your phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Answer all your training questions so you become self-sufficient for the rest of your life. If you have any questions about ANYTHING we’re doing, I’m more than happy to explain why. Our goal is for you to become self-sufficient with your fitness so after you work with us, you never need another coach again. Getting in great shape without getting hurt will never be simpler, more accessible, or more convenient than we will make it.

  • You’ll transform your mindset as you transform your body, unlocking new levels of confidence conquer anything set in front of you from from a set of deadlifts, to the boardroom, and new relationships.


The Look Great Naked Nutrition Protocol has three distinct phases:

  1. The Insulin Reboot Protocol: 
    This protocol is designed to help you eliminate bloating and inflammation, have more energy, crush cravings, and help you drop 10-5 pounds in the first month of the coaching program. You’ll have improved insulin sensitivity, nutritional discipline, and have the table set to maximize fat loss and lean muscle growth.
  2. The Sustainable Shredding System
    Most lifters go about dieting all wrong. They diet too hard and lose a ton of lean muscle, crash their anabolic hormone levels, and never find a sustainable way to get jacked. Our science-based system allows us to walk the line of maximal fat loss without compromising your physical or cognitive performance.
  3. Cyclical Shredding
    The cyclical shredding system unlocks the power of improved insulin sensitivity and lean, muscular physique to strategically help you build lean muscle and improve your training performance.


  • Simplify eating healthy at restaurants to fit your busy lifestyle. I don’t expect you to carry a cooler full of broccoli and chicken and miss out on a good cocktail or steak. Whether you're sitting down to a business dinner, date night, or a meal at home you'll learn how to hand-craft a plan that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods and experiences while getting lean.

  • Simplify losing fat and building muscle. You’ll open the fridge to a diet plan made as simple as possible so you eat the right foods in the right amounts so you look your best in your bathing suit, three-piece suit...or your birthday suit. Whichever you decide to wear.

Yes you’ll get in awesome shape.

But you’ll leave the program equipped to handle the gym, any nutritional scenario, and never have the anxious “can I eat this delicious pizza and not ruin my diet?” feeling ever again


When work gets busy, and you skip a day at the gym, who holds you accountable now?

We both know the slippery slope.

One skipped workout becomes three and soon, it's been a month since you worked out. To truly transform your body you need to develop become ruthlessly consistent. This doesn't mean you have to live in the gym; rather, you need a simple plan to adapt your workouts and diet around your life.

Consistency is exponentially more important than trying to be perfect.

ALPHA Accountability coaching is designed to hold you to your highest standards and become the best version of yourself while navigating your life.

Each week, you get access to our coveted 360 Wellness Weekly, data-driven coaching, and comprehensive coaching system to unlock permanent lifestyle change and build your best body yet.

We’ll keep you on track with messages, texts, and phone calls to help you lose stubborn fat, build strength and muscle and look strong and powerful in everything from a three-piece suit to your birthday suit.

We will not let you fail. More importantly, you will leave equipped with the tools to become self-sufficient with your health.

“I had 40 days to get in photoshoot ready for my new supplement company. With Eric I dropped 18 pounds and 5% body fat, getting in the best shape of my life. If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, Eric is the coach for you.”


As your coaches, we'll help you avoid the crippling anxiety around fitness and permanently transform your body.

We’re not going to dance around the truth: this won't be easy. Then again, nothing worth life ever is.

And if you’re looking for a 30-day band-aid approach to fitness, you should leave this page and never come back.

But if you’re dead serious about rapidly and permanently transforming your body once and for all, read on.

Please read this 10 Step Checklist
before applying

  • Yes, I understand this is a commitment to get started with coaching.

    Due to the intensive nature of our coaching and the number of hours we pour into you each of our clients, we do not offer refunds.
    We offer something much better: our no-nonsense results on us our guarantee.

    If you’ve answered your all your check-ins, completed your workouts and nutrition coaching as we’ve outlined for you but haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for, we’ll coach you for another three months for free.

  • Yes, I know time is my most precious resource. Now is the time to change my body and I know Eric Or Jorden will tailor my routine to fit my busy lifestyle.

  • Yes, I understand Coaches Eric OR Jorden will answer all text messages, calls, and emails within 24 hours but most times, much faster.

  • Yes, I understand that to accomplish something I’ve never done I will need to commit to taking action.

  • Yes, I understand that I need to commit to at least three hours of my week to training.

  • Yes, I understand online training is incredibly valuable and costs a fraction of hiring to work with Eric or Jorden in person and will help me achieve superior results than going it alone.

  • Yes, I understand It would be best to have access to the following equipment:

    • Squat rack.
    • Barbells and plates.
    • Dumbbells.
    • Kettlebells.
    • Chin up/dip station.
    • Adjustable bench.
    • Cables and resistance pulleys.

    (Please note these are not all necessary. We will adapt your workouts to fit the equipment you have, whether you’re training out of hotels or your gym.)

  • Yes, I understand I will be physically and mentally challenged. Some of what I’ll see will be against the grain, but Eric or Jorden will answer all of my questions about the science behind the programs.

  • Yes, I am serious about changing my body, my mindset, and my lifestyle.

  • Yes, I know investing in ELITE Level Coaching will pay itself back time and time again. I know Coach Eric and Jorden are here to help me become self-sufficient, meaning I’ll know how to train and stay in great shape for life after working with them.

… and get ready for real results.

If you agree and you’re ready to build your best body without spending hours aimlessly
working out please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


The Bach Performance Community
looks forward to helping you make
a life changing transformation