without spending hours in the gym? Do you want to...

Do you want to…

Torch stubborn
body fat and build muscle fast

without spending hours in the gym?


Do you want to…

Torch stubborn
body fat and build muscle fast

without spending hours in the gym?


This world class lean executives coaching program is #1 for helping men and women who want to look great, get back in shape, and build their best body ever while improving every other area of their life along the way.

Does it ever feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and yet nothing is giving you the strong, muscular, and athletic body you want?

If you’re serious about losing fat, building high-performance muscle, and looking great naked without living in the gym, you’re in the right place.

We have great news. but first…

Let’s talk about the real reason you’re here.

  • You want to look better naked.

  • You want to get strong, muscular, and athletic.

  • You want to BOOST immune function and retake control of your health for your future and your family.

But if you’re like most people…

You’re sick of the vanilla cookie-cutter programs that waste your time and leave you injured, weak, and overwhelmed.

James, United Kingdom

James, United Kingdom

Is Your Gym Still In Lockdown,
You’ve Gained The Quarantine 15,
and You’re Probably Thinking

“Am I Ever Going to Get Back Into Shape?”

If you’ve been ordering bands, at home workout programs, and every supplement under the sun trying but still feel like you’re gaining fat and losing muscle, you’re in the right place.

You’re sick of waking up each morning, looking in the mirror and seeing a deteriorating body that’s a shell of the physique you once had…despite your time and effort.

Most of all, you’re sick of letting yourself down. You know you’ll never reach your full potential in your career, with your relationships, and in your life if you’re not healthy in the first place.

I get it. As a former scrawny guy, I felt pathetic, weak, and insignificant….feelings that seeped into my psyche and reverberated into all areas of my life.

It wasn’t until I become consistent with fitness and had the expert accountability of a coach to discover transforming my body was the driving force behind building an extraordinary life.

And that’s why I’m here to help you.


Start Now!

We’ve helped thousands of stressed out people simplify fitness and torch body fat while getting strong, muscular, and confident, without obsessing over fitness or resorting to extreme measures.

Let’s meet your coaches…


Hi, I’m Eric Bach, a former stressed-out scrawny guy turned personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur.

I’ve worked with everyone from world-class athletes to average Joes doing one thing particularly well:

Simplifying fitness so you can get strong, lean, and muscular without obsessing over fitness or resorting to extreme measures.

Fitness is a force multiplier in your life. The lessons and skills you develop in the gym bleed over into helping to have better relationships, more success in your career, and ultimately, a more fullfulling life.

The catch?

Fitness must improve your life, not consume it.


Jorden Pagel is a former fat kid turned fitness professional. Jorden’s mission is to help you shred fat, build muscle, and look great naked.

For most of his life, he was grossly overweight and began a career in finance.

He decided enough was enough and learned everything he could regarding fitness, fat loss, and building muscle.

Five years later, Jorden lost over 80 pounds and has helped hundreds of busy men and women lose stubborn body fat and build the body of their dreams.



As a kid, Patrick got tossed around on the ice and on the playing field, and it’s easy to see why. Undersized, outweighed and frail, he was easy prey.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to building mass, improving power and becoming mentally resilient.

Now the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Jacksonville Icemen (ECHL), Patrick now helps athletes of all ages develop the strength and explosiveness they need to compete at higher levels, no matter their age or experience.

Having worked with everyone from elite athletes to CEO’s, lawyers, and everyday people,
there is one thing everyone wants:

To become a version of themselves that they are
proud to share with the world.




Fitness is the ultimate force multiplier, leading you to be more confident, more energetic, healthier, and yes, better looking.

The key? It’s not information.

The truth is, all the information you need to look great is already available at the touch of a button.

We offer something much more valuable….


  • Simplify the science of transforming your body, so you become stronger, more muscular, and torch stubborn body fat. You’ll develop the unshakeable confidence in knowing “damn, I look good” when you step in front of the mirror each morning.

  • Simply your schedule. Every aspect of your training plan will be handcrafted to fit your schedule, your goals, and the equipment you have available. If you only have 30 minutes to train or limited equipment at home? No sweat. text your coach and we’ll get you the perfect workout.

  • End the frustration of wondering, “what should I do today?” or “how do I do this exercise?” With our custom app, I’ll provide written and video guidance all at the touch of a button on your phone from anywhere in the world.

  • Answer all your training questions so you become self-sufficient for the rest of your life. If you have any questions about ANYTHING we’re doing, I’m more than happy to explain why. Getting in great shape without getting hurt will never be simpler, more accessible, or more convenient than I will make it.

  • You’ll transform your mindset as you transform your body, unlocking new levels of confidence conquer anything set in front of you from from a set of deadlifts, to the boardroom, and new relationships.



  • Simplify eating healthy at restaurants to fit your busy lifestyle. I don’t expect you to carry a cooler full of broccoli and chicken and miss out on a good cocktail or steak. I’ll hand-craft a plan, so your plan improves your life, rather than consumes it.

  • Simplify losing fat and building muscle. You’ll open the fridge to a diet plan made as simple as possible so you eat the right foods in the right amounts so you look your best in your bathing suit, three-piece suit…or your birthday suit. Whichever you decide to wear.

Yes you’ll get in awesome shape.

But you’ll leave the program equipped to handle the gym, any nutritional scenario, and never have the anxious “can I eat this delicious pizza and not ruin my diet?” feeling ever again


When work gets busy, and you skip a day at the gym, who holds you accountable now?

We both know the slippery slope. One day becomes three days and soon, a month since you’ve worked out.

We’ll make sure that never happens again with messages, texts, and phone calls to help you lose stubborn fat, build strength and muscle and look strong and powerful in everything from a three-piece suit to your birthday suit.

We will not let you fail.

“I had 40 days to get in photoshoot ready for my new supplement company. With Eric I dropped 18 pounds and 5% body fat, getting in the best shape of my life. If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, Eric is the coach for you.”


You will avoid the crippling anxiety around fitness and permanently transform your body. We’re not going to dance around the truth: transforming your body is not easy. And if you’re looking for a 30-day band-aid approach to fitness, you should leave this page and never come back.

But if you’re dead serious about rapidly and permanently transforming your body once and for all, read on.

Please read this 10 Step Checklist
before applying

  • Yes, I understand this is a commitment to get started with coaching. After we agree to terms, I can cancel anytime.

  • Yes, I know time is my most precious resource. Now is the time to change my body and I know Eric Or Jorden will tailor my routine to fit my busy lifestyle.

  • Yes, I understand Coaches Eric OR Jorden will answer all text messages, calls, and emails within 24 hours but most times, much faster.

  • Yes, I understand that to accomplish something I’ve never done I will need to commit to taking action.

  • Yes, I understand that I need to commit to at least three hours of my week to training.

  • Yes, I understand online training is incredibly valuable and costs a fraction of hiring to work with Eric or Jorden in person and will help me achieve superior results than going it alone.

  • Yes, I understand It would be best to have access to the following equipment:

    • Squat rack.
    • Barbells and plates.
    • Dumbbells.
    • Kettlebells.
    • Chin up/dip station.
    • Adjustable bench.
    • Cables and resistance pulleys.

    (Please note these are not all necessarily. We will customize your workouts to fit the equipment you have whether you’re training out of hotels or your one gym.)

  • Yes, I understand I will be physically and mentally challenged. Some of what I’ll see will be against the grain, but Eric or Jorden will answer all of my questions about the science behind the programs.

  • Yes, I am serious about changing my body, my mindset, and my lifestyle.

  • Yes, I know investing in ELITE Level Coaching will pay itself back time and time again. I know Coach Eric and Jorden are here to help me become self-sufficient, meaning I’ll know how to train and stay in great shape for life after working with them.

… and get ready for real results.

If you agree and you’re ready to build your best body without spending hours aimlessly
working out please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


The Bach Performance Community
looks forward to helping you make
a life changing transformation