The 6 P’s Of High Performance Fitness Habits | Look Great Naked Podcast #11

June 9, 2023

About the Author: Eric Bach

The 6 P’s of High-Performance Habits are time-tested habits, rituals, and action steps that will seamlessly allow you to look great naked without living in the gym.

When life gets crazy, we don’t rise to our level of motivation. We fall to the level of our habits. Meaning, your success ultimately comes down to your ability to improve your habits and rituals so even when your schedule gets full and motivation dwindles, you become the man who gets shit done regardless of circumstances.

Remember, fitness is a force multiplier. When you’re dialed in with your health and physique, everything else can improve. However, this means your habits need to be up to par, or the weakness and lack of discipline that sidelines the average guy will seep in and prevent you from meeting your potential.

The good news is you’re not the average guy. You’re here to look, feel, and perform your best, starting with your daily actions and habits. So, why wait? Hit play and let’s make it happen:


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Podcast Description:

In today’s episode of the Look Great Naked Podcast, I share The 6 P’s Of High-Performance Fitness Habits.

When you develop rock-solid habits, you don’t need to rely on “motivation” to build your best body. You rely on discipline, grit, and living true to your values–just like high-performing men and women do. I can tell you, “a lack of motivation” isn’t what’s preventing you from looking great naked–it’s poor habits. And if you can develop these habits you’ll have a massive head start both inside and outside of the gym.

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