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Fat Loss Myths

5 Popular Fat Loss Myths

With so many fat loss myths abound, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed. Losing fat is even tougher when every bit of advice tends to conflict with the last. Luckily, we’re here to clear the air and simplify fat loss for you. Here are five popular fat loss myths you must ignore and a simple plan to look great naked… Keep Reading

Lower body training

Bodyweight Lower Body Training For Athletes: A Simple, Strategic Approach to Lower Body Training Without Weights

A surefire sign of a good coach or lifter is their ability to get great results regardless of equipment or circumstances. You can build lower body muscle and athleticism with a strategic blend of explosive movement by maximizing time under tension and progressive overload. What follows is a four-week lower body training program. You’ll train your lower body twice per… Keep Reading

rotational athlete training

Minimalist Home Training For Rotational Athletes

Guest Post From Dr. J.P. Guidry, DPT CSCS TPI We’re all in the same boat now. We all face the same challenges when it comes to training under the current shutdowns due to COVID-19. And that includes rotational athletes. A rotational athlete is any athlete who uses twisting within the torso in order to perform their sport-specific movement. They include… Keep Reading

One Arm Push Up

How To Do A One Arm Push Up

One arm push ups are more than a party trick. They’re an incredible feat of total body strength and underrated muscle builder. I’ll break down the benefits in a moment. But first, a question: Have you ever noticed the amazing physiques of elite level gymnasts despite the fact that they train only with body weight? The vast majority of gymnasts… Keep Reading

Four Tips to Implement Maximize Athletic Power Training

Key Points: –Relative Strength is the secret sauce that allows you to run faster, move quicker, and jump higher -Absolute strength and relative strength are both vital to athletes, but more attention must be paid to relative strength for athletes. – Strength is a key component for athletic success, but of one of many components. -Further increasing strength levels may… Keep Reading

Lose Fat Fast

How To Calculate Your Calories To Lose Fat Fast

Want to drop the chub quickly but retain lean body mass? Here’s exactly how to calculate how much you should (or shouldn’t) be eating to lose fat fast.  Whether you lose fat or not comes down to whether you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in each day. So, what I’m about to break down for you is the simple… Keep Reading

counting calories

Why You Should Count Calories for 30 Days Once In Your Life

What do you think of when you think of “counting calories?” I’d bet the first words that spring to mind are “annoying,” “nerdy,” and “anal-retentive.” Maybe even “obsessive” or “pain in the ass.” I agree. But here’s the thing. You should count calories anyway… …but only once and only for 30 days for the most convincing of reasons. It’s the best way… Keep Reading

Holiday weight gain

Nine Simple Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Do you want to know how to stay lean and healthy over the holidays without sacrificing great food, new memories, and fun? Of course you do. But here’s the thing. Holidays are hectic and a bit crazy. Your best intentions can fly out the window. Four years ago, I took a Christmas family trip to Costa Rica and hated how I… Keep Reading


4 Fatal Muscle-Building Pitfalls (And What To Do Instead)

Do you eat “a lot” but find yourself unable to build muscle? You may be making one (or more) of the 4 fatal muscle-building mistakes that relate to diet. Here’s how to stop once and for all – and what to do instead. I should know. I spent the first years of my muscle-building journey just as confused. Finally, one… Keep Reading


Boost Athleticism With These Five Movements

We all know that old gray-pubed guy from the gym who talks about the good old days while blow-drying his withered nut sack in the locker room. Hell, maybe that’s you out there muttering… “I could do that when I was your age.” “Just you wait.” “Back in the day, I’d walk four miles to school through snowstorms, uphill both… Keep Reading

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