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Boost Athleticism With These Five Movements

We all know that old gray-pubed guy from the gym who talks about the good old days while blow-drying his withered nut sack in the locker room. Hell, maybe that’s you out there muttering… “I could do that when I was your age.” “Just you wait.” “Back in the day, I’d walk four miles to school through snowstorms, uphill both… Keep Reading

Weightlifting Injuries

Six Foolproof Ways To Avoid Weightlifting Injuries

If you train hard enough and long enough, weightlifting injuries will happen. It’s simply part of the game when you’re pushing your body to the limit in an effort to build muscle, strength, and optimize health. Plus, father time eventually comes a-knockin’ for even the smartest of lifters. You won’t recover quite as fast, those dull aches will grow in… Keep Reading

Traps, Trapezius

How To Build Tremendous Traps

Guest Post By Jordan Galida Traps, trapezoids, trapezius muscles…whatever you call them,  there’s no doubt 99% of guys want them to be bigger. The other 1% are lying. Let’s face it:  bulging traps ooze masculinity, strength, and power.  A pair of bulging traps can leave you walking around feeling like a cobra ready to strike its prey. Many guys think… Keep Reading

Fitness and business

All I Need to Know About Business I Learned In The Gym

You learn more in the gym than just how to add muscle. Along with the physical transformation, you learn how to transform your mindset about what you can achieve professionally. You add mental muscle and resilience. I’ve been an iron junkie since I was 13 years old. I wanted to add muscle to my feeble 103-pound frame for football. And, yes,… Keep Reading

Getting Jacked

Master The Movement Hierarchy

Guest Post By Jeremiah Bair Have you spent years in the gym NOT getting jacked, but hammering away at the pec dec and calf raise machine, all for no #gainz? I get it. I’ve been there, too. But no longer. There is so much information out there that it’s easy to get overwhelmed instead of building a high-performance body. What’s… Keep Reading

Agonist Supersets

Time-Saving Agonist Supersets To Build More Muscle In Less Time

“Finding time” is the biggest battle you face when it comes to your workouts. This leads to the question of how can you do more quality work in less time. Compound supersets, also dubbed agonist supersets, are the answer. This type of superset is simple when you perform it as a primary muscle exercise with an assisting muscle exercise. You… Keep Reading

Build Strength and Muscle

Six Time-Tested Principles For Building Strength And Muscle

Your progress in the gym has crapped out. You’re working hard but not getting closer to your goals. You catch yourself scanning social media and perusing different programs as a means to change things up, overcome your plateau and, hopefully, hop back on the gains train. But you’ve been here before: jumping to the latest popular diet and training method,… Keep Reading

Nine Sleep Strategies

Nine Simple Sleep Strategies for Busy Weightlifters

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’re a hard charger. You get up early, you stay up late, and you push yourself physically, mentally, and professionally. You rarely miss a workout and if you had to say it, you’re in better shape and more educated about fitness than most people. When it comes to nutrition you’re pretty good, too. Yeah,… Keep Reading

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