No B.S. Strategies to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

May 20, 2024

About the Author: Eric Bach

If you want no B.S. strategies to lose fat and build muscle, here’s everything you need.

1. Fitness is forever. You don’t hit a goal and then stop.

2. If it took you 20 years to gain weight, it won’t come off in 90 days.

3. If you’re not losing fat, you’re not in a calorie deficit.

4. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not in a calorie surplus.

5. Your metabolism is not stagnant–it moves up and down like mercury in a thermometer.|

6. Your habits determine your future.

7. Fitness is a force multiplier–it can improve your relationships and professional success.

8. You’ll stay stuck if you quit “fitness” when life gets busy.

9. Being all in or out with fitness generally leads to being “all out” and unhealthy.

10. Most people–you included–are still beginners in the gym. Spending a lot of time working out doesn’t mean you’re advanced.

11. Muscle confusion is bullshit.

12. You didn’t burn 500 calories playing pickleball. Calorie estimations on smart devices are notoriously inaccurate.

13.  Most people need more protein, more water, less alcohol, and fewer snacks…not a more restrictive, trendy diet.

14. You don’t find time to train. You make time to train.

15. If you don’t want to track calories, then eat the same foods in the same proportions on repeat.

16. If you want to “eat your favorite foods” and still make progress, tracking calories is your best bet.

17. If you track calories for 60 days, you’ll learn more about nutrition than most courses–track once, then decide if it’s for you.

18. Sleep is exponentially more potent for “fixing your hormones” than any supplement protocol.

19. Workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle must work in synergy. For example, low-carb, high-intensity workouts + low sleep and high stress = metabolic disaster.

20. Match your carb intake to your activity style—higher intensity work = higher carb intake.

21. If you control calories and protein, carb + fat intake is a personal preference.

22. Genetics load the gun. Your actions pull the trigger. Don’t use “genetics” to rationalize poor choices.

23. A 10-minute walk or workout is always better than nothing.

24. Weight loss is half the battle. Ninety percent of people who lose weight gain it back. Focus on building lean muscle and gradually increasing calories after weight loss.

25. Training abs won’t get you abs if you’re not in a calorie deficit.

26. Avoiding carbs won’t get you abs if you’re not in a calorie deficit.

27. Most people who endorse workout products got the body they have with barbells, dumbbells, and heavy weights…not interval training, working out in the mirror, or cardio kickboxing.

28. Building muscle is the key to building a robust metabolism and permanently changing your body.

29. Strength training is a skill. To build the skill, do the same exercises on repeat–while in great form. “Changing it up”

30. Recomposition–losing fat and building muscle happens when you’re a beginner, deconditioned, starting TRT, or anabolic. Don’t compare your beginner gains to where you are now.

31. Focus on losing fat or building muscle. A good plan may produce some recomposition, but it should be a bonus, not an expectation.

32. One lb of fat lost per week is fast progress. (Yes, the scale weight may move faster.) Give yourself time.

33. Muscle gain takes 4-5x longer than fat loss. Plan accordingly.

34. High rep training increases metabolic stress–the pump. It won’t burn more calories. You still need to create a calorie deficit to have a muscle definition.

35. Lower rep, heavy training increases myogenic tone, which is how dense your muscles look at rest. However, you must create a calorie deficit to have a muscle definition.

36. Throwing random exercises together and expecting results is like unquestioningly picking stocks and expecting to get rich.

37. Proper training and nutrition are rooted in scientific principles and a step-by-step process. Get proper instruction.

38. Men: If you can’t do ten pull-ups, you’re overweight, weak, or both. Focus on getting leaner.

39. Do complete workout programs. Program hopping is the death of progress.

40. Seek out coaches. Not influencers. Seek out advice from those who know their shit–not just the ones who are ripped.

41. Hiring a coach collapses time–saving you tons of time and, indirectly, money. Hire a coach.

42. Eat 1g of protein per 1lb of target body weight. It’ll build muscle. Keep you full. 30% of calories from protein are burned off during digestion.

43. Don’t ask for permission from those you care about to take care of your health. It’s your right. Ask for support. If they don’t provide it, they don’t deserve you.

44. A coach is great, but they can’t “want success more than you do.” That is your responsibility.

45. Your habits, relationships, and lifestyle have to change. You can’t walk forward without picking up your back foot–prepare to make some changes.

46. Discipline is crucial. Motivation is fleeting. Level up your discipline.

47.  Success comes from the ruthless execution of the basics: basic foods, basic exercises, and proven set and rep schemes.

48. Your metabolism probably didn’t slow down. You move way less, snack more, and are more stressed. The good news is these are all fixable.

49. People have the energy to train because they commit the energy to training–you get more back than you receive.

50. You have time– a lack of time is often poor time management + excuse-making. Like investing, exercises give you more time (lifespan & health span) than you put in.

51. Imperfect action is the key to success. Just start. Of course, correct as you go.

Fitness is a force multiplier that improves every other area of your life.

Hope you found this helpful. If you did, hit reply. And if you didn’t or have questions? Well, hit reply and I’ll do my best to help you.

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