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Eight Easy But Essential Hormone Hacks

  Bigger muscles. Less body fat. More energy, strength, and power.  More sexy time.  A positive attitude and more motivation to kick life in the face.  All of this could be yours by making a few small changes. Sounds too good to be true, like those empty promises at a supplement store. But they’re actually the benefits of optimizing your hormones. … Keep Reading

Dirty bulking

Bach’s Bites: How to Cook a Mouth-Watering Skillet Steak

Grab the Recipe! Why do most people struggle to get jacked or lean? In most cases, it’s not an unwillingness to train or lack of nutrition knowledge. It’s implementation. In training, that means actually getting the work down. In nutrition, that means putting down the PopTarts and learning how to prepare food that keeps you on track and getting ripped. And… Keep Reading

Online Personal Training

The Simple Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

If all workouts went as planned, supplements were a magical cure-all, and the perfect diet really existed, most guys would be swinging a hammer like Thor and picking up Natalie Portman. Instead, we bite off more than we can chew. We throw the the old workout program in the trash, and latch onto the next big thing.  We change our entire… Keep Reading

Morning Rituals to Become Unstoppable

  Eliminate decisions, accelerate self-improvement and maximize each day. Hit snooze and follow the morning up with Lucky Charms and SportsCenter? Get up, caffeinate, and hit the gym? Normally, I stick to my morning ritual because to me, the first few hours are indicative of how successful my day will be. But…Every now and then, I fail miserably, hit snooze,… Keep Reading

Eight Tips for Long Term Lifting

Key Points Regardless of your chronological age, your training age stresses the joints, tendons, and ligaments of the body Long-term success in the gym requires consistent effort and health. Measure your choices in the gym with risk vs. reward in mind. Never abandon progressive overload in major, multi-joint movements. With nearly 15 years of hard lifting and high-performance training, my… Keep Reading

Exotic Meats For Building Muscle and Saving the Planet

  Introduction from Eric: Today, I have an extra special, meaty, guest post from my friend, best selling author, and coach Mike Campbell of Unleash Your Alpha. For those of you who don’t follow Mike, I highly recommend you check out his book here, and blog here to become a legend, and your ultimate alpha. Beyond being a beast in… Keep Reading

Build Muscle Fast with High Frequency Training

Key Points: – High-Frequency Training produces a greater increase in anabolic hormones and increases protein synthesis to help you build muscle. – High-Frequency Training increases the speed of motor learning, helping you learn new skills, lifts, and exercises faster. – High-Frequency Training can rapidly improve strength and accelerate muscle building in beginners and advanced lifters.   – High-Frequency Training does require a… Keep Reading

High Performance Exercises You Should be Doing: Dumbbell Split Row

Let’s talk training. Like most dudes I instantly fell in love with the bench press. Big, armor pleated pecs, huge triceps, and a set of monster truck tire sized weights hangin’ off a bending barbell? Hells yea, sign me up. Everyone has a natural propensity to train the front side of the body because that’s what they see when they’re… Keep Reading

The Super Sexy Secret to Building an Awesome Body

One week it’s the paleo diet. Then, it fits your macros (IIFYM). But Hey, don’t forget intermittent fasting, it’s so easy a caveman can do it, bro. And that’s just diet. How about CrossFit? Should I train like a powerlifter and just get hella’ strong? How about training like an athlete so my body is both show and go? To… Keep Reading

Seven Laws of Building Athletic Muscle

I almost quit. Twice. I failed as an athlete trying to build athletic muscle and as a college meathead trying to re-establish some semblance of athleticism. I wasn’t’ happy with my porous results and I wouldn’t be happy unless I had the best of both worlds—being athletic and muscular. Not one, not the other, but both. What’s the point in… Keep Reading

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