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Rest Your Way to Massive Muscle Growth

  Counting drop sets, reps schemes, and plates on the bar are familiar to most. But rest periods? No so much. Rest periods sit at the back of your mind. Rest periods are an important, but sadly, neglected factor in your muscle growth. Big mistake. By neglecting rest period, you’re handicapping your iron efforts. Luckily, there are guidelines to keep… Keep Reading

Eight Easy But Essential Hormone Hacks

  Bigger muscles. Less body fat. More energy, strength, and power.  More sexy time.  A positive attitude and more motivation to kick life in the face.  All of this could be yours by making a few small changes. Sounds too good to be true, like those empty promises at a supplement store. But they’re actually the benefits of optimizing your hormones. … Keep Reading

How Much Cardio Should Hardgainers Do?

How Much Cardio Should Hardgainers do? Twice per week seems to be the magic number. In fact, cardio is an essential component of the Minimalist Muscle course, on sale this week only. Attention: Join the Minimalist Muscle Course Today; No-nonsense workouts to build a lean, strong, eye-catching physique.  More Results in Less time. Join Today.  I hopped on a Skype call… Keep Reading

Turbo-Charge your Workout

When I was in college I loved to double my pre-workout. After all, the label said it would supercharge my workout. Therefore, if a scoop was good, three or four would be amazing…right? God no. I’ve never done hard drugs, but I can imagine my reaction was pretty similar to taking a batch of “goods” from Walter White. I felt… Keep Reading

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Four Ways To Train Longer and Harder

  Flash back to two years ago at 4:30 A.M. I rolled out of bed and took a few ginger steps. My knees that used to crackle are stiff and achy.     My shoulder? Same Deal. And early morning training? Well, I used to be able to wake up, run to the gym, and just start hoisting weights. I knew it was… Keep Reading

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Two Ways Dumbbells are Better than Barbells

 It’s Friday, 6 p.m.    You’re on the road, traveling for a weekend. After a long flight, your body feels wrecked.    You need a workout.   Problem is, your hotel gym is limited. There’s a middle aged executive dude sitting on a recumbent bike reading Forbes, a couple empty machines, and a dumbbell rack with weights up to 60 pounds.   Not a… Keep Reading

The Right way to Implement Ramping Sets for Strength

Ramping sets are the simplest way to rapidly build strength.  By adding weight to your lifts you’ll progressive overloading your body and get strong, jacked, and develop a superhuman physique. All you need to do is add weight to the barbell, pick up heavier dumbbells, and make small improvements. Heck, if you bench press 95 pounds by adding only five… Keep Reading

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12 Ways Bodyweight Training Turns You Into A Ninja

There is no “best” method, no inherently terrible method, and no perfect tool. Instead, there are only methods, and sound execution of the method. From there, the precision in which you master the method drives results. Either you’re a high-performance beast in control of your body, or you’re not. If you’re like me, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells make up the… Keep Reading


14 Expert Tips to Build Muscle

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Few of us are lucky enough to have hit the genetic lottery for building muscle. Some guys get huge with “one click” protein powder purchases and staring at a loaded barbell. Here’s the kicker: These lifters few and far between. For the rest of us, we need years of dedicated training,… Keep Reading

Stop Making Excuses, Start Getting Results

 First, a story. Then, a call to action. It’s all about getting past excuses. As a coach, I’ve heard them all.  Hell, I’m made most of them myself…and still have the occasional excuse. Why? Excuses are like that childhood stuffed animal that’s still stuffed in the corner of your closet. Tweet: Excuses are like that childhood stuffed animal that’s still… Keep Reading

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