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Low Back Pain Stretches: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Guest Post By Chris Diamantakos Low back pain is as common as it is brutal. No wonder so many people turn to low back stretches to relieve the pain. But here’s the sad truth: The wrong stretches make a bad situation worse. But the right stretches, done correctly, will help alleviate your pain. You’ll get back on track to looking better… Keep Reading

13 Training tips to Relieve Knee Pain

Get the Knee Pain Prevention Guide, 100% Free Knee pain is miserable, especially when you’re trying to build a bad-ass, athletic body. And chances are if you routinely lift heavy, jump, and sprint, then your knees have barked at you a time or two. Even more frustrating, knee pain occasionally comes out of nowhere to throw a wrench in your training,… Keep Reading

Common Injury Sites and Clever Workarounds: Part I – The Upper Body

By Eric Bach and Travis Pollen Peruse many an online fitness publication, and you’re likely to encounter a whole lot of one-size-fits-all training programs. We get it: when writing for the masses, it’s just easier to deal in terms of absolutes and generalizations. You need to squat wide, with your feet externally rotated to maximum glute engagement, minimize range of… Keep Reading

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Four Ways To Train Longer and Harder

  Flash back to two years ago at 4:30 A.M. I rolled out of bed and took a few ginger steps. My knees that used to crackle are stiff and achy.     My shoulder? Same Deal. And early morning training? Well, I used to be able to wake up, run to the gym, and just start hoisting weights. I knew it was… Keep Reading

How to Prevent Stupid Injuries: It Takes Practice

Guest Post by Robbie Farlow The pain shot through my body like a rocket on the Fourth of July. Like the delay before the rocket explodes, I felt no pain at first. The pain only surged through my system once I saw the blood, the dirt, sweat, and then of course the tears mixing together. Yet again, the ground had… Keep Reading

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Is Training To Failure Worth It?

  First, a brief story about a recent gym encounter. Then, a few lessons I urge you to take to heart. The story I’m about to tell is important if you want long term gains in ways that minimize your risk of injury or joint stress. So here we go. Listen up. It was 6:00 pm on a Monday night. I glanced at my… Keep Reading

3 Recovery Strategies for Overhead Training

Today, I have something special for you: an epic guest post by Matthew Ibrahim to optimize mobility and recovery in overhead athletes. But wait. What if you’re not an overhead athlete? Don’t fear. If you don’t play an overhead sport, thoracic mobility and the ability to move the shoulders overhead is still a huge problem with most lifters and athletes.… Keep Reading

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