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Build Muscle Faster With Smart Supersets

You want to build muscle, get strong as an ox, make moves like Michael and have the conditioning of an ultra marathoner. You want a brag-worthy squat and deadlift, beefy shoulders, and a ripped six-pack. Who doesn’t? But how do you get there, taking into account family and work obligations? Time is precious. With life vying for your attention, how… Keep Reading

Low Back Pain, Part 2: Why Core Training Counts

Guest Post By Chris Diamantakos My recent post on “Low Back Pain Stretches: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly“ struck a chord. The article focused on how some back pain stretches could actually make things worse. It went on to offer alternatives. But that’s only part of the puzzle. Equally important: core training, the subject of this post. Specific… Keep Reading

Low Back Pain Stretches: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Guest Post By Chris Diamantakos Low back pain is as common as it is brutal. No wonder so many people turn to low back stretches to relieve the pain. But here’s the sad truth: The wrong stretches make a bad situation worse. But the right stretches, done correctly, will help alleviate your pain. You’ll get back on track to looking better… Keep Reading

The Back Squat Done Right

Despite being a popular exercise, most folks and jacking up their back squat. Tsk. Tsk. Unless staying weak and opening the door for injury sound good, you need to optimize your squat pattern.  In this extended guest blog post, Kennet Waale digs into the back squat and covers… *How breathing better and improving mobility is essential for safety.  * A Miley… Keep Reading

Vertical jump

How To Improve Your Vertical Jump

Regular readers know how much importance I attach to vertical jumping for both power development and overall athleticism. It can be one of the keys to upping your game for athletes of all ages and abilities. Yet this important topic is much neglected. That’s why I’m so pleased to present this extended guest post by Jakub Kalus of the Fitness… Keep Reading

farmers carry

The Farmers Carry Cure

Guest Post by Eric Bach’s Aussie Mate, Shane McLean   Your shoulders will ache, your grip will fail, and the mental battle will be tough. But you should make the farmers carry part of your program even though: (1)  It’s a lot harder than it looks (2) You may end up swearing and cursing and acting like the dreaded gym… Keep Reading

How to Develop Rotational Power

What is rotational power? And why is it important for athletes, trainers, and people who want to improve their athleticism? Kennet Waale explains in this extended guest post that comes complete with videos, tutorials, and a sample workout. Over to you, Kennet. Developing rotary power can improve hitting real world strength, overall athleticism, agility, and even straight-line sprinting speed. Yet… Keep Reading

How To Improve Training Consistency

When it comes training, we tend to like the results a lot more than the process. Guest blogger Olivier Poirier-Leroy explains how to build a workout routine that will last.  The January hordes have already begun to thin out at local gyms. Familiar faces are coming back into focus as many of the New Year’s resolution people fade away. Training… Keep Reading

4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power

Today I’ve got something special for you: a guest blog post from my coach Joey Percia covering 4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power. Joey Percia is a bad-ass who also happens to be an extremely bright coach who runs Percia Performance in New York City. Joey really knows the ins and outs of building a show and go physique. He has a 500+ lb… Keep Reading

Five Fake Health Foods That Sabotage Fat Loss

  Eric Bach here, sharing an excellent guest post from RD Megan Ware. Megan’s story is one we’ve all heard at one time or another. The big take home points will help you hone in on your diet. You’ll eliminate the fat-loss sabotaging foods that are keeping you from your ultimate body. Over to you, Megan.  ” I know what to… Keep Reading

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