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How A Scary Decision Paid Off For Me (And Why You Should Be Next)

  By Eric Bach, CSCS is a personal trainer, author, and fitness business coach in Denver, Colorado. Eric’s passion is on simplifying the process of building an online fitness business and helping trainers overcome information overload to a build a successful fitness brand. For free marketing, sales, and content tips join the Bach Performance Hybrid Fitness Business Community here.  Why Trainers Should Make… Keep Reading

Vertical jump

How To Improve Your Vertical Jump

Regular readers know how much importance I attach to vertical jumping for both power development and overall athleticism. It can be one of the keys to upping your game for athletes of all ages and abilities. Yet this important topic is much neglected. That’s why I’m so pleased to present this extended guest post by Jakub Kalus of the Fitness… Keep Reading

How to do your First Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is the ultimate blend of single leg strength, stability, and athleticism. Here’s how to do for first one in as little as six weeks. This is why you need to do pistol squats — even if the idea seems crazy at first. When most lifters see pistol squats, they cross their arms across their chest and cringe.… Keep Reading

Core Training for Lifters

The day is near. Batman versus Superman. To be honest, despite Christian Bale being irreplaceable as Batman (sorry, Ben), I’m stoked for the New Batman Versus Superman Movie. On one hand, you have a human superhero. Albeit, he has more gadgets than McGeyver, wicked fighting skills, and an other-worldly pain tolerance, he’s still human. His foe is a god. Superman… Keep Reading

Fitness Guide to Parkinson’s Law: How to Lose Fat Faster

Flashback to 2014. My days all started the same: Up at 4:00 a.m., a cup of black coffee, and heading to the gym. Then, in a caffeine infused blitzkrieg, the day was on. Clients from 5 am to 6 or 7 pm, with a few one-hour breaks. These one-hour breaks were a godsend. Besides getting off my feet, they were… Keep Reading

Eric Bach

Is Training To Failure Worth It?

  First, a brief story about a recent gym encounter. Then, a few lessons I urge you to take to heart. The story I’m about to tell is important if you want long term gains in ways that minimize your risk of injury or joint stress. So here we go. Listen up. It was 6:00 pm on a Monday night. I glanced at my… Keep Reading

Power Versus Strength and General Population Clients

As a coach, I’m in a very unique position. On one hand, I’m blessed to work with a number of awesome athletes.  They’re able to use advanced training methods while running, jumping, and lifting loads that make most of us overrun with jealousy. They’re both genetically elite and for the most part, advanced trainees. At the same time, I have a… Keep Reading

eric bach, the power primer, the power primer 2.0Expert Tips to Build Muscle, 4 Explosive Exercises to Make You a Beast

4 Explosive Exercises to Make You a Beast

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Lifting more weight and adding some high-performance muscle is a pretty common goal. But what happens when you don’t have Olympic bars, bumper plates, and all the necessary equipment? Unfortunately, some people throw in the towel and digress to subpar training methods that aren’t nearly as effective. But not you. You’re… Keep Reading

3 Recovery Strategies for Overhead Training

Today, I have something special for you: an epic guest post by Matthew Ibrahim to optimize mobility and recovery in overhead athletes. But wait. What if you’re not an overhead athlete? Don’t fear. If you don’t play an overhead sport, thoracic mobility and the ability to move the shoulders overhead is still a huge problem with most lifters and athletes.… Keep Reading

Morning Rituals to Become Unstoppable

  Eliminate decisions, accelerate self-improvement and maximize each day. Hit snooze and follow the morning up with Lucky Charms and SportsCenter? Get up, caffeinate, and hit the gym? Normally, I stick to my morning ritual because to me, the first few hours are indicative of how successful my day will be. But…Every now and then, I fail miserably, hit snooze,… Keep Reading

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