Core Training for Lifters

March 24, 2016

About the Author: Eric Bach

The day is near.

Batman versus Superman.

To be honest, despite Christian Bale being irreplaceable as Batman (sorry, Ben), I’m stoked for the New Batman Versus Superman Movie.

On one hand, you have a human superhero. Albeit, he has more gadgets than McGeyver, wicked fighting skills, and an other-worldly pain tolerance, he’s still human.

His foe is a god. Superman is essentially an indestructible force for who fly faster than the speed of sound, probably drinks unicorn blood, and can deadlift about 170,000 lbs.

There are valid arguments to both sides, but because his voice is deeper, I’m taking Batman. #Science.

In a similar light, there’s a constant battle in the fitness industry pertaining to Core Training for Lifters. 

On one hand, you have the lifting only bro’s.

You know the type. They show up in their cut-off High School Football t-shirt, a backwards New Era Fitted, and basketball shorts to their shins.  
They probably tweet about how hardcore their workout was, despite spending 90% of it snapping selfies. But, since they’re experts in gains, they say “I don’t need to do core work, I squat and deadlift. And curls.”
On the other side, there’s the functional crazies.
Most of these are the trainers who call themselves corrective exercise specialists, and FMS the shit out of everyone. While well intentioned, these folks are hell-bent on breathing into balloons and doing pelvic clocks as your big lift for the day.
Like most arguments, the pendulum should swing somewhere in the middle.  In my latest article on T-Nation, I’m cut through the fluff.
I’ll show you why and when you should knock out your core work, and hit you up with a few five-minute routines.
In the end, you’ll have the tools to train harder and smarter before you next training session.  Check it out and let me know what you think on Facebook.

Core Training for Lifters

P.S. Go Batman!

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