Power Versus Strength and General Population Clients

August 18, 2015

About the Author: Eric Bach
As a coach, I’m in a very unique position.
On one hand, I’m blessed to work with a number of awesome athletes.  They’re able to use advanced training methods while running, jumping, and lifting loads that make most of us overrun with jealousy.
They’re both genetically elite and for the most part, advanced trainees.
At the same time, I have a large contingent of clients just wanting to look better naked, and still perform like athletes’, even if they work 50 hours per week in a cubicle.
Problem is, most coaches and writers find the same exact advanced training protocols too good to pass up and apply intense methods without seeing the picture.
For example, my client Tim, who at 56 years old is in incredible shape and manhandling 110lb RDL’s has different demands than Josh, who is a 20 year old D-1 Basketball player and performing sprints and tons of plyometrics.
Tim RDL. Power Versus Strength and General Population Clients

Josh acceleration, Power Versus Strength and General Population Clients

Coaches program hop and jump on the next set method, just like every day lifters.
Unfortunately, this can have dire consequences, especially if form and the needs of the client are ignored.
Case in point: endlessly chasing maximum strength. While maximum strength is vital to a improving your powerlifting total and/or increasing work capacity, endlessly chasing it has it’s limits.
At some point, you should work on turning your raw strength into usable power and athleticism, and use methods that are appropriate to the needs and abilities of your clients. 
In my latest article on the Personal Trainer Development Center, I cover power training versus strength training with general population clients. If you’re a coach, this will show you how to improve your clients power.
If you’re just training to kick ass and look good naked, you’ll find some New, helpful tips to improve power. Check it out here:

Power Versus Strength and General Population Clients


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