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Seven New Year’s Fat Loss Strategies

It’s 5:00 am. The wind is howling, temperatures freezing, and your alarm is ringing off the hook. You could pull the covers, roll over, and hit snooze. But you’ve got bigger plans. You’re kicking ass at work and now it’s time for the gym. Time to  conquer the world, one meeting, one workout, and day at a time. But there’s… Keep Reading

How to Prevent Stupid Injuries: It Takes Practice

Guest Post by Robbie Farlow The pain shot through my body like a rocket on the Fourth of July. Like the delay before the rocket explodes, I felt no pain at first. The pain only surged through my system once I saw the blood, the dirt, sweat, and then of course the tears mixing together. Yet again, the ground had… Keep Reading

Morning Rituals to Become Unstoppable

  Eliminate decisions, accelerate self-improvement and maximize each day. Hit snooze and follow the morning up with Lucky Charms and SportsCenter? Get up, caffeinate, and hit the gym? Normally, I stick to my morning ritual because to me, the first few hours are indicative of how successful my day will be. But…Every now and then, I fail miserably, hit snooze,… Keep Reading

What I Learned Attending My First Marathon

Forgive me my barbell brethren, for I have sinned. I’m a self-proclaimed meathead. Yet I spent this past weekend attending my first marathon. I didn’t shake my head at the collection of nipple chafing and “confused” people training “wrong.” My biceps didn’t atrophy. I didn’t, by mere physical proximity, lose 12 inches off my vertical jump. Far from it. I… Keep Reading

The Daily Short List to Cut Negativity and Consistently Succeed

Daily Short Lists ensure your essential habits and tasks get completed. Key Points: Cut yourself some slack and make a short list of your most essential tasks Your short list is a collection of habits or tasks that leave you feeling successful and happy with your day Define why habits make your short-list and why they’re important. If you don’t… Keep Reading

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