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Nerd Alert: The Science of Training

Eight Easy But Essential Hormone Hacks

  Bigger muscles. Less body fat. More energy, strength, and power.  More sexy time.  A positive attitude and more motivation to kick life in the face.  All of this could be yours by making a few small changes. Sounds too good to be true, like those empty promises at a supplement store. But they’re actually the benefits of optimizing your hormones. … Keep Reading

How to Prevent Stupid Injuries: It Takes Practice

Guest Post by Robbie Farlow The pain shot through my body like a rocket on the Fourth of July. Like the delay before the rocket explodes, I felt no pain at first. The pain only surged through my system once I saw the blood, the dirt, sweat, and then of course the tears mixing together. Yet again, the ground had… Keep Reading

5 Simple Cues for a Bigger Deadlift

Today’s guest post by Adam Pine, an awesome coach out in Boston whom I had the chance to meet and crush BBQ with in Kansas City at the Fitness Summit. Not only is Adam a smart dude, he’s extremely strong. To the tune of bending caste iron skillets with his bare hands,wrestling grizzly bears for conditioning, and deadlifting 700+ pounds. … Keep Reading

Three strategies to Overcome the Sticking Point in Any Lift

Today’s guest post is a special treat from one of the smartest young coaches and writers around in Justin Kompf. Justin and I have crossed paths multiple times on the interwebz and I’m happy to say he’s well on his way to becoming one of the top coaches anywhere. Enough of my man crush, it’s time to get to one… Keep Reading

Complex Pair Training: PAP Explained

I’m officially half of a Complex Pair– married, tan, and still awful at Spanish…which didn’t work out well with the taxi drivers in Mexico. All in all I was in Mexico and Minneapolis for the better part of two weeks getting married and honeymooning. Everything was great as I used the time to enjoy time with my wife, refresh my… Keep Reading

How To Front Squat: And How it Makes You a Diesel Gym Beast

Before diving into the front squat thank you for being here. This is one of our the most popular articles of all time. It’s a thick read, but we’ve taken the liberty to provide a full front squat progression cheat-sheet and a free front squat specialization workout. Grab them both here. Thanks and enjoy the article.  -Eric   When you… Keep Reading

How To Squat Big Weight

[Piece Written for Natural Power and Muscle Magazine, download your free copy here] ” Drive through the earth.” “Make the plates jump.” “Accelerate as fast as possible.” “Explode all the way up.” You’ve heard the cues to squat big weight, but what do they actually mean? More importantly, will they teach you how to squat big weight?  For a big squat… Keep Reading

Expert Tips to Build Muscle, build muscle

High Frequency Training: Your Strength Building Solution

High-Frequency Training is a hotly debated topic. Some “experts” say you should demolish every muscle once per week, blitzing the body part split. Others say focus on an upper-lower or total body split because training major movement patterns more frequently will stimulate faster gains in strength and size. I’m with High-Frequency Training. Here’s Why.  Training Frequency the number of sessions… Keep Reading

The Deload: The Path to Bigger, Faster, and Stronger

This morning, I messed up and forgot to feed my dog. So, being the nice guy I ran home to feed Rocky Balboa between clients. I flipped open my laptop  for a quick email to find my latest article is live on Breaking Muscle.  This articles dives into the most forgotten part of the training continuum: Recovery. You see, without proper recovery gains… Keep Reading

getting back into shape, Fat Deposits and Hormone Correlations

Hormones and Body fat Distribution

Dude…is it true all this beer is giving me man boobs? I keeled over and nearly spit my beer all over the table. I was 21 years old, an undergrad in kinesiology and kickin’ back a few beers on thirsty Thursday with my friend Chris. “No, I mean, seriously. I heard beer has compounds that mimic estrogen. So drinking a lot… Keep Reading

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