The Deload: The Path to Bigger, Faster, and Stronger

November 19, 2013

About the Author: Eric Bach

This morning, I messed up and forgot to feed my dog. So, being the nice guy I ran home to feed Rocky Balboa between clients. I flipped open my laptop  for a quick email to find my latest article is live on Breaking Muscle. 

This articles dives into the most forgotten part of the training continuum: Recovery. You see, without proper recovery gains in the gym aren’t maximized.

Poor recovery can stop fat-loss in it’s tracks, zap your strength, performance, and depress your immune system.  Since these are the major reasons most people train, recovery is a pretty big deal.

The most effective way to boost recovery is scheduling recovery workouts, often combined to form a deload week.

This is a week of lower intensity, lower frequency  training used to promote exercise recovery. I take all these variables head-on, providing you a solid game plan for success.

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