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8 Fat Loss Mistakes To Avoid (And What To Do Instead)

Guest Post By Sam Forget When you want to lose fat, the last thing you want to do is waste time and effort. Stop the self-sabotage. Start doing the right things in the right ways to ensure success. Here are eight common fat loss mistakes and how you can avoid them. Mistake #1: Not Having a Clear “Why” You think:… Keep Reading

The Best Challenge Workouts to Turbo-Charge Fat Loss

Torching fat and preserving your hard earned muscle requires you to train like a strong, disciplined, badass. That means any old routine won’t cut it if you want to be jacked, strong, and athletic. That requires something extra; a more sinister approach. And your lifting isn’t the problem. You dig the weights. They get you bigger and stronger. And make… Keep Reading

Is It Better to Do Cardio Before or After Lifting?

 What First:  Cardio or Weights? You’re ambitious.  You love to train. The post-workout endorphine rush is like a drug, sending a dopamine rush coursing through your veins and bringing euphoria to your mind. Problem is, your body isn’t changing. Your strength is actually decreasing. You’re making a key mistake: You’re doing cardio before heavy lifting. But you’re not alone. What… Keep Reading

Fat Loss

Six Unconventional Fat Loss Tricks

Fat loss: The formula is simple, but the execution is difficult. And sometimes, we need a little boost. These six unconventional fat loss tricks help my clients stave off hunger and achieve awesome fat loss results. But first…a story we can all relate to. It has to do with that those annoying friends we all have. They drop fat at the… Keep Reading

How to get Shredded for Summer

Can you lose fat and get shredded in 30 days?  I’ll cut to the chase. The answer is “yes, you can still get shredded this summer. ” But it raises the summer dilemma: choosing between getting shredded for the beach and the delights of beer and barbecue. What does all this have to do with the choices we make on… Keep Reading

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Flexible Dieting and “Bro” Eating: The Hybrid Approach

Guest Post By Nick Smoot Flexible dieting is all the rage.  I should know. I’ve been a flexible dieter for the past four years.  And I don’t see myself switching to anything else anytime soon. However, just because I’m a flexible dieter doesn’t mean I don’t eat healthy. In other words, it doesn’t mean I don’t eat like a “bro.” There seems… Keep Reading

Hotel Workouts to Lose Fat and Stay Jacked

Hotel workouts can suck. But they don’t have to. You can lose fat and stay jacked with travel workouts.  Or at least minimize the damage. So howdy from the home of tacos and tequila! Before I dive into this post I have a gift that will enable you to crush your training on the road. It will also work at home, or… Keep Reading

getting back into shape, Fat Deposits and Hormone Correlations

Hormones and Body fat Distribution

Dude…is it true all this beer is giving me man boobs? I keeled over and nearly spit my beer all over the table. I was 21 years old, an undergrad in kinesiology and kickin’ back a few beers on thirsty Thursday with my friend Chris. “No, I mean, seriously. I heard beer has compounds that mimic estrogen. So drinking a lot… Keep Reading

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