Is It Better to Do Cardio Before or After Lifting?

August 19, 2016

About the Author: Daniel Freedman

 What First:  Cardio or Weights?

You’re ambitious.  You love to train.

The post-workout endorphine rush is like a drug, sending a dopamine rush coursing through your veins and bringing euphoria to your mind.

Problem is, your body isn’t changing. Your strength is actually decreasing.

You’re making a key mistake:

You’re doing cardio before heavy lifting.

But you’re not alone. What you should be doing is hitting the weights to force change in your body, then add the finishing touches with the occasional cardio workout.

The key driver of performance, looking better naked, and getting stronger is the nervous system. Hitting cardio has it’s benefits, but doing so before training fatigues your nervous system. This fatigue leaves your body incapable of sending signals between your brain and muscles to maximally contract on explosive, heavy, and technical exercises like sprints, squats, and jumps.

As a result, your strength on big lifts dwindles, your chance of injury increases, and your deadlifts feel glued to the floor.

Explosive jumps and throws….well, they aren’t explosive. They’re in slow motion, like a turtle in a rabbit race.

Even worse, your technique breaks down and injury risk sky rockets.

And those semi-heavy sets meant to promote muscle growth? Well, your body fades quickly.

Remember this:

Your nervous system is king. Always.

Neglecting this rule decreases performance and increases your chance of bustin’ yo body and ending up in P.T., rather than looking your best on the beach.

Make heavy and explosive training your primary focus. Get explosive, lift heavy, and keep the cardio at the end of your training. Done right, and  you’ll build a body that’s strong, athletic, and in shape.

Now it’s your turn…what’s your favorite form of cardio or conditioning? Drop a comment below!

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