Six Unconventional Fat Loss Tricks

July 15, 2016

About the Author: Eric Bach

Fat loss: The formula is simple, but the execution is difficult.

And sometimes, we need a little boost. These six unconventional fat loss tricks help my clients stave off hunger and achieve awesome fat loss results.

But first…a story we can all relate to.

It has to do with that those annoying friends we all have. They drop fat at the drop of a hat. Their abs look great. And all this despite how much they eat and how little they work out.

Flashback to summers during my student days. I spent my afternoons at the University Ropes Course, belaying kids 30-40 feet up in the air.  After about eight hours, I’d call it a day. Then I’d hit the gym before heading home. Then, like most dudes my age, I’d hang out with friends, act like a fool, and drink cheap, shitty beer.

This lifestyle leads most dudes to gain the dreaded Freshman 15.  Well, except for one guy: Seth.

No matter what Seth did (drink lots of beer, lots of crappy food, no exercise) he stayed shredded. We’re talkin’ Instagram filtered shredded.

 It was ridiculous.

This is an extreme example, but my point is this: When it comes to fat loss and getting lean, everyone is different. We all have different genetics, abilities, and motivation. All these factors play a role in fat loss. But there is one overarching rule.

Fat loss is about energy balance: calories in vs calories out. You can increase the number of “calories out” with higher expenditure (exercise) or reduce “calories in” by eating less. It’s a simple as that. Rather than making up some claims like “just spike your growth hormone, bro.”

I’m going to help you get into a caloric deficit with six simple methods

1. Shrink Your Feeding Window

One of the most effective strategies is limiting the time frame during which you eat each day. The less time you have to eat, the fewer calories you’ll consume. Which is where intermittent fasting can be an awesome tool.

Problem is: you’ll struggle to jump directly into a fasting you’ve never tried it. Restricting your eating to the point where you want to gnaw your left arm off is a surefire way to falter and fall off your diet. Long fasts are something you’ll need to work up to.

A Restrictive 16/8 fast?

Maybe not.

A better option: Break yourself in slowly. Eat your first meal one hour later, and eat dinner one hour earlier than normal.

By making a small change in your eating window, you’ll take a smaller step towards your weight loss goal.You’ll eat fewer calories without fatiguing your willpower.

In time, you’ll consume fewer calories and prepare yourself for longer fasts.

2. No Starches at Restaurants

I love good restaurants. No dishes to wash. Good service. And great experiences with cool people. What could go wrong? Plenty! A restaurants job isn’t to make your food healthy. It’s to make your meal so damn tasty you’ll come back and spend more money.

That means more oils, sugars, and flavor enhancers. On top of the hidden fat and carbohydrates, most restaurant meals are huge. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to uncover tons of hidden calories that are terrible for fat loss. But you’re not going to stop going out to restaurants. What’s the solution?

Instead of dropping restaurants altogether, make smarter choices.

That begins with a healthier restaurant and focusing on getting the entrée you want, rather than blowing your diet on truffle fries and mac n’ cheese.


Excellent grub at Honor Society in Denver. This might be a new go-to spot ????????????????????????

A photo posted by bachperformance (@bachperformance) on Feb 23, 2016 at 7:01am PST



Doesn’t resonate?  Think of it this way. When you go to a steakhouse, what are you going for? Chances are: it’s the steak, not the mac ‘n’ cheese or the loaded potatoes. Stick to your guns and get the entrée you
want, but ditch the starches for veggies or side salad.

3. Drink Before Each Meal

No, not beer. Try drinking either 12 Oz. water with fresh squeezed lemon or a protein shake before your meal.

Lemon water works well as the acid helps blunt the insulin response to your meal. slowing the breakdown of carbohydrates. This keeps your blood sugar from huge spikes from carbs while stimulating more saliva, beginning the process of digestion.

By having a shake of 20-30 grams before you eat, you’ll fill up with high-quality nutrients before a meal.

It takes roughly 20 minutes for satiation signals to go between your brain and stomach, signaling that you’re getting full.

You’ll push the fork away before gorging on desert then and collapsing the couch in an insulin and guilt induced food coma.

4. Chew Gum When You Get Hungry

This one is simple. I’ve found that 14 hour days of training clients (sometimes without a break for 8 hours) can leave me ravenously hungry. Rather than be hangry (that’s hungry and angry, folks) with my last clients, I’ve tried everything under the sun to stay focused.

The best tactic?


Lots of it.

Artificial sweeteners be damned, chewing gum is a magical elixir that occupies your brain and mouth, giving the sensation of eating without actually doing so. Next time you get a sudden urge to devour a freezer full of Ben and Jerry’s, pop some gum into your mouth and wait it out.

5. Eat Satiating Foods

Ever notice the day after crushing a full bag of Cool Ranch Doritos (or other low-nutrient density foods) you’re hungry and craving similar foods?

Despite their salty, fatty, and sweet goodness, low nutrient dense foods allow you to mindlessly overeat.

To the detriment of your willpower and taste buds, these foods don’t really address your physiological hunger or need for quality nutrients.

Make it a point to get a veggie and lean protein source with every meal, even if you’re indulging on less healthy options. Hell, just eat more steak and you can’t go wrong.  More fiber, more protein, and less refined sugar keeps you fuller longer. It improves our health and discipline with your fat loss diet.

6. Walk Everywhere

Going out to dinner? Cool, where can you walk?

By adding 15-30+ minutes of walking to your day, you’ll burn hundreds of additional calories weekly. That adds up to big fat loss over time.

Make it your goal to get 10,000+ steps every day, starting with a morning walk. Even if you’re busy, spend time walking listening to audiobooks or take care of business calls.

Bunts and singles add to up to runs just like home runs. Small behaviors over the course of time add up big time, building momentum and taking steps towards your fat loss goals.

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