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9 Ways To Torch Fat In 15 Minutes

They say confession is good for the soul. So here goes: For years, I didn’t do much cardio/conditioning. (Call it what you like. I just knew I didn’t like it.) Sure, I hoisted heavy deadlifts. But I figured the wrong cardio would make me scrawny and weak. Plus, I had the not-so-repressed memories of “extra conditioning” workouts doled out as… Keep Reading

The Best Challenge Workouts to Turbo-Charge Fat Loss

Torching fat and preserving your hard earned muscle requires you to train like a strong, disciplined, badass. That means any old routine won’t cut it if you want to be jacked, strong, and athletic. That requires something extra; a more sinister approach. And your lifting isn’t the problem. You dig the weights. They get you bigger and stronger. And make… Keep Reading

lose fat fast

Why You Must Sprint

Quite the statement, but consider this: Sprints will keep you lean during a bulking phase. Sprints will shred fat when dieting down due to their impact on insulin sensitivity. Sprinting before lifting will potentiate the CNS for greater gains in strength. Sprinting helps you build powerful hamstrings and glutes and may be the key to conquering your muscle building plateau.… Keep Reading

What I Learned Attending My First Marathon

Forgive me my barbell brethren, for I have sinned. I’m a self-proclaimed meathead. Yet I spent this past weekend attending my first marathon. I didn’t shake my head at the collection of nipple chafing and “confused” people training “wrong.” My biceps didn’t atrophy. I didn’t, by mere physical proximity, lose 12 inches off my vertical jump. Far from it. I… Keep Reading


Sprint your Way Shredded

This shouldn’t be breaking news to anyone reads my blog on the regular, but I love coffee, #gainz, steak sprints, especially for improving athleticism and shredding body fat simultaneously.  Seriously, as it pertains to exercises that maximize sports specific carryover and scream high-performance training, sprints reign king. In my latest article on I explain why sprints are the ideal choice… Keep Reading

Steady State Cardio Vs. H.I.I.T: What’s Better?

We’re in a sad time of Fitness shaming. It’s impossible to log onto Twitter, Instagram, or any fitness site without a post vilifying steady state cardio (hereafter referred to as cardiac output training), or trashing someone who does steady state cardio in their training. We hear every excuse under the sun as to why you should not engage in cardiac… Keep Reading

The Best Cardio for Skinny guys

What you Need to Know: Neglecting conditioning might help you you grow a smidge bigger, but at the cost of poor athleticism, and gaining enough marbeling around your abs to make a T-Bone steak cringe. Sprinting before lifting is ideal for improving performance in athletes and potentiating the nervous system for heavy lifts and explosive training. Complexes use major movement… Keep Reading

The Best Cardio Exercise You’re Not Doing

Anyone who’s struggled to gain muscle lives with a deep-seeded fear that if they make the wrong move regarding training or nutrition everything they worked for will evaporate. Is no aspect of fitness is this more obvious than the world of conditioning. Former skinny guys like me pretend that too much conditioning will inevitably cause their powerful body to wither… Keep Reading


Get Outside to get in Shape!

Far and away the easiest part of working out for me tends to be resistance training. Conditioning, cardio, energy system work, or whatever you want to call it is often the one thing I never want to do. Not because it’s incredibly hard, but I get so bored by the thoughts of running on a machine for 30 minutes per day 3-5x per… Keep Reading

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