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Say No To Fitness Marketing Hype (And What To Do Instead)

Guest Post By Daniel Harrod Fitness marketing is not pretty. It’s a world of lies, half-truths, and pseudo-scientific buzzwords. The bad guys don’t care about the truth. They just want your hard-earned cash. It’s time to stop. Stop falling for the false promise of flat abs and pounds that melt away, all achievable in just six minutes a day.  Ditch those… Keep Reading

The Last Damn Protein Article You’ll Ever Need to Read

The headline trickled across my newsfeed: High-Protein Diet Raises Cancer Risk As Much As Smoking. Bang! That’s my jaw hitting the floor. Are you shitting me?  Are you actually serious with this clickbait headline? Now, I get it. Nutrition is complicated. It’s no secret there are a million diets out there. But demonizing one macronutrient as a carcinogen on par… Keep Reading

Lose Fat

Four Ways To Keep The Weight Off

Guest Post By Calvin Huynh Here’s how to stop yo-yo dieting once and for all. You’ll do something even more important than losing weight: You’ll keep the weight off, once and for all. You know how it goes. You lose a considerable amount of weight from trying a new diet or a new training program. But within a few weeks… Keep Reading

7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Eat Less (And Lose Fat)

Fat loss is simple in theory. All you need to do is eat less, move more, and voila…pounds melt away faster than butter on a hot skillet. Unfortunately, simple doesn’t mean easy. Sure, you know you need to eat more fruits and veggies, eat protein with each meal, and work out regularly. But knowing and doing are two different animals.… Keep Reading

10 Simple Ingredients For Lifelong Fat Loss

With all ventures, there are basic principles that drive success. Ignore them at your peril. But should you follow them, you’ll be on the road to success. The same principles apply to fitness. You need to ruthlessly execute the basics, particularly if you want to lose fat. But as anyone who’s struggled with a diet can tell you, simple doesn’t… Keep Reading

Dirty bulking

Bach’s Bites: How to Cook a Mouth-Watering Skillet Steak

Grab the Recipe! Why do most people struggle to get jacked or lean? In most cases, it’s not an unwillingness to train or lack of nutrition knowledge. It’s implementation. In training, that means actually getting the work down. In nutrition, that means putting down the PopTarts and learning how to prepare food that keeps you on track and getting ripped. And… Keep Reading

Bach’s Bites: Pimpin’ Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Bars

Grab the Recipe! This is my recipe for home-made peanut butter and jelly protein bars to grow your biceps, not your belly. I’m pimpin’ these bitches big-time! I know, I know. The term pimpin’ has many connotations. So sorry to disappoint you. This post is much more about badass, high protein peanut butter and jelly bars than pimpin’ and prostitution. In… Keep Reading

hotel workouts

Flexible Dieting and “Bro” Eating: The Hybrid Approach

Guest Post By Nick Smoot Flexible dieting is all the rage.  I should know. I’ve been a flexible dieter for the past four years.  And I don’t see myself switching to anything else anytime soon. However, just because I’m a flexible dieter doesn’t mean I don’t eat healthy. In other words, it doesn’t mean I don’t eat like a “bro.” There seems… Keep Reading

The Fitness Myth That Kills Progress

There is a fitness perpetuated by the fitness industry. No one is innocent. Not me, you, expert coaches, powerlifters, athletes, CrossFitters, or the swole bro’s at your gym. It leads to information overload and the frustration of pulling your hair out and worrying that you’re doing it all wrong. It leads you to ditch your diet for the next cure-all diet plan,… Keep Reading

What No One Tells you About Vitamin D

Is a lack of basic vitamins causing you to lose gains? Pull up your chairs and get ready for class: We’re talkin’ about the D. Vitamin D that is. We’ll dig into the role of Vitamin D and more specifically, why getting more of it is essential to optimizing health, maximizing gym performance, and looking great naked. Nearly every cell in… Keep Reading

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