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Seven New Year’s Fat Loss Strategies

It’s 5:00 am. The wind is howling, temperatures freezing, and your alarm is ringing off the hook. You could pull the covers, roll over, and hit snooze. But you’ve got bigger plans. You’re kicking ass at work and now it’s time for the gym. Time to  conquer the world, one meeting, one workout, and day at a time. But there’s… Keep Reading

Online Personal Trainer

Four Ways To Train Longer and Harder

  Flash back to two years ago at 4:30 A.M. I rolled out of bed and took a few ginger steps. My knees that used to crackle are stiff and achy.     My shoulder? Same Deal. And early morning training? Well, I used to be able to wake up, run to the gym, and just start hoisting weights. I knew it was… Keep Reading

The True Benefits and Risks of Caffeine

Eric here today with a personal story, a guest blog post and some great takeaways at the end. And it’s all about caffeine.  I’m used to long hours.  But this summer took things up a notch. Summer is insanely busy at my fitness facility. Lots of athletes are back home from collage. So lots of my days were 5:00 AM to… Keep Reading

10 Gym Bag Essentials

  Torture Tools and Recovery Resources “What the hell is that?” I sat down at the gym as the kid, probably 16, checked out my bag. He’s a high school football player, working another coach, and he couldn’t unfix his eyes from my bag. He also had a weird sideways grin on his face. I pulled out the Rumble Roller, a… Keep Reading

Lifting Tempo, Fat Gripz Review

Fat Gripz Review

Fat Gripz are a fat, rubberized attachment for dumbbells and barbells to increase the diameter of the bar, thus mimicking the feel of a fat bar for a fraction of the price. This increase in diameter posts a significant challenge to the forearms and biceps as they must work much harder to grip, and stabilize the barbell or dumbbell being… Keep Reading

Precision Nutrition Certification Review

Like any certification the number one question I have received after getting my PN1 is “Was it worth the Money?” To make it easy the answer is yes, yes it was. The Precision Nutrition Certification strikes gold for coaches looking for top-notch results with their clients. The PN system delivers what few other certifications and educational courses can: Up-to-date information… Keep Reading

5 Essential Nutrition Habits

Below are 5 essential habits via the Precision Nutrition System. These wicked-awesome 5 habits are pretty Kick-Ass! Why?! Well, they are easy to follow, especially if you looking to lose body fat ( NOT GAIN lotza MUSCLE) and optimize body composition without the work of calorie counting and spending countless hours logging and tracking your food choices (which is still… Keep Reading

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