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Hotel Workouts to Lose Fat and Stay Jacked

Hotel workouts can suck. But they don’t have to. You can lose fat and stay jacked with travel workouts.  Or at least minimize the damage. So howdy from the home of tacos and tequila! Before I dive into this post I have a gift that will enable you to crush your training on the road. It will also work at home, or… Keep Reading

Expert Tips to Build Muscle

How I Overcome The Busy Trap

We all seek to look busy in the eyes of our peers.  We tend to define success as how much work we get done, how long our work days are, and how much money we make.  I’m not sure I agree on any of these definitions of success, but they’ve all played into my opinion of a successful day, month,… Keep Reading

bodyweight training, Expert Tips to Build Muscle

12 Ways Bodyweight Training Turns You Into A Ninja

There is no “best” method, no inherently terrible method, and no perfect tool. Instead, there are only methods, and sound execution of the method. From there, the precision in which you master the method drives results. Either you’re a high-performance beast in control of your body, or you’re not. If you’re like me, barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells make up the… Keep Reading

Part 3 Training Essentialism: Eliminate Useless Exercises

In today’s post we”ll work together to Eliminate Useless Exercises to optimize your training. Before we dive into that lets rehash what we covered in the past two posts. First, we covered the essential pieces what every workout needs. The 80/20 if you will, that give you the most bang for your buck. Training for one goal while ensuring progressive overload in… Keep Reading

Part 2 Training Essentialism: 4 Tips to Improve Workout Consistency

In our last post we covered a few things. First, we covered the most important parts of your workout, the 80/20 if you will, that give you the most bang for your buck. Training for one goal while ensuring progressive overload in the major movements is key to long-term results. If you haven’t read part one What Every Workout Needs please do so now. … Keep Reading

Part 1: Training Essentialism: What Every Workout Needs

Doing less but better is what every workout needs for more efficient training and faster gains. As a trainer, I have the privilege to meet and get to know many successful clients. Most of them hold high status jobs, make great money, and live the “American dream.” Unfortunately, most are consumed and overwhelmed by all pressures around them. They’re eager… Keep Reading

Minimalist Muscle Building: Simple Training For Athletic Muscle

Doing Less is key to maximizing your efficiency and accomplishing more. Focusing on too many exercises and methods prevents you from progressing. The exercises that worked best decades ago still work best today. Stop making everything so damn complicated.   Life is busy, I get it. There are times when clients get busy, they can’t train as often , and… Keep Reading

Minimalist Training

Minimalist Training: Stop Making it so Damn Complicated

Maybe you’re an accountant during tax season, constrained by dozens of last-minute documents and sleeping under your desk.  Maybe you’re a full-time student working two jobs, managing your classes, and trying to have a social life. Sound familiar? Sometimes everything else in life gets so damn hectic that we can’t fathom training. The thought of blitzing another training session with… Keep Reading

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