How Kenny Lost 21 Pounds of Belly Fat, Gained Confidence, Got A Promotion, And Became A Better Dad

May 17, 2022

About the Author: Eric Bach

Lose Belly FatWhen Kenny Harper, a 39-year-old man from Georgia signed up for the Bach Performance Physique Coaching Program, he lost 21 pounds of belly fat with online coaching. 

And that was just the beginning of a new life filled with new accomplishments.

“I got the biggest promotion of my career about two months ago and I wouldn’t have believed in myself enough to go after if before working with Bach Performance,” says Kenny.

 And that’s not all.

An even bigger payoff was becoming a better Dad.

“My number one goal was to be a better example for my son by having more energy and living a healthier lifestyle,” says Kenny.

“I have an active kiddo and I was tired of being out of breath when playing or not even having the energy to play with him.”

That hurt. So did being put on blood pressure and cholesterol medication by his doctor.

Kenny says the program “gave me more confidence in myself.”

“I’ve learned I can better show up for everyone else in my life when I show up for myself with fitness.”

 At the right is a picture of Kenny at his heaviest at 236 pounds in September 2021.

Kenny says:

“That picture was part of me realizing I had to make changes.”

“I’ve always been able to lose weight quickly through fad diets but it always goes back on plus more after ending the diet.”

“My biggest struggle was information overload.”

“Some would suggest a low carb diet where others suggested low fat. I didn’t know if I should cut or bulk first.”

“I hadn’t been in a gym to do anything but cardio since high school and had no clue where to start.”

I’ve been somewhat interested in health and nutrition for years but never really did more than reading Men’s Health.”

Then Kenny started following my Instagram page.

“It was one of the best fitness pages I’d seen.”

“It was real and didn’t seem gimmicky like so many other online trainers.”

“After deciding to work with Eric, I became an even bigger fan.”

“He listened to my concerns and built my plan where it would work for me.”

Best of all? Kenny says:

“The plan was laid out where all I had to do was implement and stick to the plan.”

There was no guesswork. There was no wandering into the gym and wondering what to train. Everything was layed out for Kenny at the touch of a button.

😊 Increased confidence…

😊 A promotion….

😊 Taking better care of those who matter most to you…

…these are huge successes we see all the time at Bach Performance. 

In Kenny’s case, it goes well beyond the 21 pounds of body fat he’s lost or the muscle he’s added.  He feels like  whole new person with a bright future.  Lose Belly Fat

But he DID have to put in the work. “The plan is simple but not easy, but is so worth it.”

“I’ve been able to keep off the weight and can see my body changing even when the scale isn’t moving.”

“One change I wasn’t expecting is my new love for polos. My arms look better than they ever have in my life and I love wearing clothes that show them off. They’re still a work in progress but already better than I’ve ever had.”

  Kenny recommends the program for anyone who has struggled with fitness or nutrition on their own.

To those considering Bach Physique Coaching, Kenny says:

“I was in the fence myself for a wile and tired of yo-you diets and seeing no sustainable results.

“The fitness and nutrition plan was a major part of my success, but also being able to ask questions and learn was huge.” 

“it took away the intimidation factor and made me willing to walk into the gym and do the exercises in the fitness plan.”

Kenny’s final advice? 

“Do it. You won’t regret it if you’re willing to do the work and bet on yourself.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s very gratifying as a coach to see your clients succeed not only at fitness… but in everything they do.

You might call it winning at the game of life.

So if you’d like to transform body AND your life, then let’s chat: Transform Your Life

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