Former Athlete Loses 30 Pounds And Rocks Her Wedding Dress

May 3, 2022

About the Author: Eric Bach

Kayleigh Scharff was a successful 28-year-old preschool teacher and Lacrosse coach in Maryland when the terrible truth hit home.

She was NOT going to look great in her wedding dress unless she did something.

And that “something” would have to be something big…something that would actually work, for a change.

Kayleigh says she had tried “the latest fads when it comes to diets” many times before. The diets kinda/sorta worked for a while. But any weight lost was quickly regained.

And then it was on to the next diet and the next disappointment.

But then came Kayleigh’s AHA moment.

“When I went to try on my wedding dress and it didn’t fit, I was devastated,” says Kayleigh.

What made things worse is that Kayleigh is a former college Lacrosse player.

She was not happy about to have gained weight and lost confidence.

So she knew what she needed: a coach.

“I loved the accountability of Bach Performance. As a former athlete, I needed the coaching aspect and to have that support and discipline from someone.”

Enter Jorden Pagel of Bach Performance, a former fat kid turned fitness professional who could identify with Kayleigh because he himself had lost over 80 pounds.

Jorden has helped hundreds of busy men and women lose stubborn body fat and build the body of their dreams.

The connection between Jorden and Kayleigh worked.

Kayleigh says “Jorden was the person to help me not only reach my wedding dress goal, but sustain this new lifestyle.”

Her elegant farm wedding was so epic that it ended up being featured in Southern Bride Magazine.

Kayleigh’s own before and after pictures tell the story.  Jorden was able to do for her what he had done for himself.

Kayleigh says:

I started with nutrition only to get myself used to the new changes. After about six months, I was ready to add training to my program. The combination of nutrition and training helped me reach my goals.”

“Jorden was always available to chat and to keep me accountable.”

Along the way came a huge payoff for Kayleigh: more confidence.

“My biggest struggle was viewing myself in the pictures early on in my program. I saw this girl who lost all confidence and that was very difficult for me to see.”

“I went from an athlete to years of injuries to binging and restricting foods. Seeing all of that in a photo was very hard”.

“It was also very powerful and motivating to use that and push myself in the program and to keep going.”

“My number one goal at the beginning of starting Bach Performance was just to fit into my wedding dress.”

“I wasn’t sure if I would actually continue with this program once my wedding date hit and that goal was reached. How wrong I was!”


“I’ve now been with Bach Performance for almost two years.”

“I can enjoy holidays and social events without guilt and am also able to hop right back on track the next day.”

And Kayleigh has been able to find a more balanced approach to food, one that works with her life.

“Food is supposed to nourish my body and give my body the nutrients it needs and craves”

“Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy my meals throughout the week and now look forward to all the fresh veggies and fruits and simple meals!”

“However, going out to eat is so much more enjoyable for me now! By sticking to a routine during the week, my small weekend indulgences like ice cream or pizza or wine are 1000% better!”

Kayleigh says her body has transformed in all ways. She sleeps a solid 8 hours a night and no longer feels bloated or sluggish.

And the numbers tell the story.

“I’ve also lost about 30 pounds. I went from being about 160 pounds to 130 pounds. I’m able to run again without pain”

“I was also able to do my first ever pull-up!!! I not only did one pull-up, but three pull-ups in a row without assistance! And most importantly my confidence has grown immensely.”

Kayleigh is also thrilled to be setting a better example for the Lacrosse athletes she coaches.

Kayleigh praises  Jorden for “truly listening to what I needed. He gave me all the tools I needed to be successful in both my training and nutrition programs.”

The sort of life-changing success is exactly what we do every day at Bach Performance.

Jorden Pagel and Eric Bach are the people high achievers turn to when they admit that what they’ve tried on their own hasn’t worked.

For nearly 13 years Eric and Jorden have coached entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, executives, military members, and college and professional athletes.

They help busy people look great naked without living in the gym.

The Bach Performance team are simplifiers for busy men and women who want to maximize their effectiveness in the gym so they can be the best version of themselves elsewhere in life.

Make sense? Then let’s do this. Head on over to…

Bach Performance Coaching To Apply Now.  

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