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Seven Laws of Building Athletic Muscle

I almost quit. Twice. I failed as an athlete trying to build athletic muscle and as a college meathead trying to re-establish some semblance of athleticism. I wasn’t’ happy with my porous results and I wouldn’t be happy unless I had the best of both worlds—being athletic and muscular. Not one, not the other, but both. What’s the point in… Keep Reading

Master Pull-Ups: Eight Tips To Pulling Prowess

Most everyone craves an athletic, cut physique but they fail to master the basic, multi-joint exercises that work best. Case in point—Pull-ups. “But wait, all you have to do is grab the bar and pull your body, and chin to the bar…right?” Not so fast. Many dudes do “pull-ups”, but few master pull-ups, neglecting to do them properly or enough to… Keep Reading

Build Your Strength Base

If you’ve been a consistent reader you know being weak is something I refuse to experience ever again. At 14 years old and a whopping 5’3″ 103lbs I was playing freshman football. Apparently, 14 was the age when my friends “decided to grow” and I was content being a blonde-haired, baby-faced munchkin. I was sprinting down field on a kick-off and… Keep Reading

25 for 25:Training Tips to Build Muscle, Strength, and Athleticism-Part 2

I told you I’d be back. I’ve got over a dozen more tips to help you build muscle, strength and athleticism intermingled with lifestyle advice that’s made my life much more enriching and enjoyable.  If you haven’t read part one I strongly suggest you do so here ===> Part 1 If not then here’s the cliff notes version: Take everything with… Keep Reading

Coffee, Lots of Squats, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’m excited. No, I didn’t PR in a deadlift, get 30 pounds of fresh bacon delivered to my door, or get a new car. It’s actually getting warm outside and I had a hot date this week for coffee with my fiancé Lauren. Fifty and sixty degree temperatures and good coffee are boat-loads better than my car blowing negative degree… Keep Reading

Recovery and Adaptation: The Missing Piece to Most Training Programs

Woah.  It’s been a week already and I’m feeling deprived of Football. I guess this isn’t a bad thing, as it’s freed up time for taking selfies in the mirror (just kidding…kinda), wedding planning, writing, and researching the latest knowledge bombs in the industry. One thing I’ve been focusing on is the importance of recovery and proper de-loading in the… Keep Reading

Expert Tips to Build Muscle, build muscle

High Frequency Training: Your Strength Building Solution

High-Frequency Training is a hotly debated topic. Some “experts” say you should demolish every muscle once per week, blitzing the body part split. Others say focus on an upper-lower or total body split because training major movement patterns more frequently will stimulate faster gains in strength and size. I’m with High-Frequency Training. Here’s Why.  Training Frequency the number of sessions… Keep Reading

Explode Your Deadlift

Six packs, big biceps, and big benches don’t impress me. I can walk into any gym and find plenty of guys pushing some serious weight with a big upper body. Not that I go into gyms looking for swole dudes benching, but you get my point. What really impresses me is a thick, muscular posterior chain. I’m talking traps, rhomboids,… Keep Reading

10 Minutes for Fat Loss

Wow. Christmas is less than two weeks away. That means crazed shoppers dropping the “people’s elbow” on their fellow deal-fanatics, glorious sugar bomb christmas cookies , and ugly sweaters at the Christmas party. Oh yes, Christmas parties. Freezing nights with sugar-bomb cocktails, prime rib, awkward conversation and unfortunately, Fireball.  Besides the pounding headache the aftermath leaves residual blubber floating around… Keep Reading

Dirty 30: Twigs To Tree Trunk Legs

The last few posts we talked about quick workouts: 30-minute fast-moving workouts to blast a body part in minimal time. The feedback back has been an uproariously positive both here and on Facebook, so thanks for being awesome. In case you haven’t been hangin’ around you can see yesterdays workout right here. >> 30 Minute Back Blitz << 30 minutes is plenty of time to… Keep Reading

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