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Olympic Lifting

How To Look Like An Olympic Athlete

With the Olympics underway, millions around the world stare in awe at the amazing athletic feats in everything from boxing to sprinting to  kayaking — and yes, even rhythmic gymnastics. Jokes aside, every athlete at the Olympics is among the best in the world at their respective. sport. None ended up at the Olympics by accident. But one group of… Keep Reading

Torch Fat

Front Squat Progression: Simple and Effective

Let’s talk front squats. I think we’d all agree squats are the king of all exercises. But when you hear the word “squat”  you’re probably thinking back squat. Fair enough. The back squat is the most popular squat around. It’s a staple in nearly every program from the Power Primer for athletic performance to many fat loss plans.  It’s a competitive lift… Keep Reading

10 tips to an explosive deadlift

The Best Glute Exercise You’ve Never Heard of

Well, Summer is full fledged which makes me think of a few things. First, it’s almost Football season. I can’t wait. Well, unless my team blows a 17 point lead in the Conference Championship game, turning my celebratory beer into hops and barley watered down by tears. Anyways, I’m over it. Not really, but to my second point: All your hard-work in… Keep Reading

How To Hang Clean: A Progression for Total Body Power

The Internet is hilarious. Endless troves of quality information on every topic available and people still find a way to be blatant liars and jerks, especially as it pertains to training websites. I’m thoroughly convinced that everyone on internet forums is a beast in the gym and on the playing field—and that lifting HYOGE weights is ALL that pertains to fitness and performance.… Keep Reading

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