How To Hang Clean: A Progression for Total Body Power

June 27, 2014

About the Author: Eric Bach

The Internet is hilarious.

Endless troves of quality information on every topic available and people still find a way to be blatant liars and jerks, especially as it pertains to training websites. I’m thoroughly convinced that everyone on internet forums is a beast in the gym and on the playing field—and that lifting HYOGE weights is ALL that pertains to fitness and performance. Even more troubling are the “form and lingo” police and the assumption that Olympic lifts equal Crossfit.


How to Hang Clean, Crossfit With CrossFt booming the Olympic lifts are the fitness “flavor of the week,” leaving the internet lurkers waiting for articles pertaining to Olympic lifts, either claiming this is Crossfit or slamming the article for having pertinence to Crossfitters. Before my head explodes let’s get this clear: Olympic lifts Do Not Equal Crossfit. Crossfit does not equal Olympic Lifts.

Far from it, I use weight training as a tool to increase performance, not the end all measure of performance unless I’m working with competitive lifters. To optimally use any tool, safe and efficient form is vital. Case in point, the hang clean. For athletes it’s not imperative to master every single nuance of the exercise; rather, to maximize timing, coordination, and hip extension to get a carry-over for on-field performance, not a lifting total.

In my latest article for T-Nation I teach you step-by-step how to hang clean and avoid a plethora of issues like poor hip extension, starfish legs, excessive knee valgus, and a gross lack of coordination. Plus, you’ll discover some major benefits of knowing How To Hang Clean:

Hang Cleans Build Muscle

Knowing How to Hang clean is great tool to get absolutely jacked. They not only stimulate your forearms, traps, and glutes, but nearly 200 muscles in the body to provide a huge anabolic surge and training effect.

Hang Cleans Build Athleticism

The clean is the top-dog in resistance programs for improving performance as it requires triple extension of the hips, knees, and ankles in a coordinated, explosive pattern – a movement that simulates the triple extension in sprinting and jumping. If you know how to hang clean then you have a huge tool for improving performance.

Hang Cleans Get you Shredded

Knowing how to hang clean, and technically executing them gets you absolutely shredded. Hang cleans, especially when performed with a full front squat or low catch, are metabolically demanding. The explosive nature and muscle recruitment requirements will leave you floored when done with proper technique and short rest.

Furthermore, I discuss why you should hang clean over the full power clean for your goals. Basically, it’s the best article ever and it makes your training better in every imaginable way.

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photo credit: Amber Karnes via photopin cc