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December 21, 2015

About the Author: Eric Bach

I’ve been fortunate to appear on several podcast over the recent weeks, and they’ve all had a unique context, flow, and topics of conversation. Earlier this week I was invited onto the Side Quest Fitness podcast with my dude Robbie Farlow.  

I’ve known Robbie for the better part of a year when we first crossed paths in Kansas City at last year’s Fitness Summit (which you should totally attend next year). 
Naturally, we drank bourbon, ate barbeque, and did copious amount of biceps curls each day.  

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Robbie is a smart, extremely genuine guy putting out tons of content on his podcast with guests like Dan John, his blog, and on Roman Fitness Systems. To that point, I’m convinced he’s a secret Jedi based his stunning red hair and all-around skill-set. 

We’ve been bantering back and forth about finding a time to do this podcast, so I’m excited we were able to knock it out in time for Christmas. So, you know, you have something to listen too on your way to Grandmas for the Holidays.


This podcast was a blast and I hope you enjoy: Here’s a brief synopsis of what we covered on The Side Quest Podcast:

  • How I got started in the Industry and ended up in Colorado
  • Enjoying accomplishments
  • The writing process, inspiration, and how I craft articles
  • Waking up at 3:30 am (I love coffee) 
  • On that note, my caffeine intake
  • Daily schedule and Rituals
  • How to adopt new habits and behaviors
  • Mentors and Improving my business and writing
  • Training with more explosive movements vs more bodybuilding type movements
  • N’Sync or Backstreet. Yes, you read it right.
  • Football talk
  • My biggest failures in the gym, and training around injuries. 
  • His toughest challenge as an entrepreneur and work/life balance
  • 2015 accomplishments and 2016 goals.
  • When you feel like you made it
  • Note to his younger self
  • Bruce Lee

I’d love for you to take a listen, and, if you enjoyed the episode, please give my dude Robbie Farlow and the Side Quest Podcast some love on iTunes and toss him a 5-star rating. He deserves it.

iTunes: HERE

Direct Download (non-Mac users): HERE

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