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Dirty 30: Pecs of Steel

Be excited. Really excited.This week I’m rolling out FREE workouts for the entire week. Better yet, they only take 30 minutes: Less time than it takes you to drive to the gym. Each morning these kick-ass workouts will be posted and ready to use. Building a steel-plated chest is one, if not the most, desired feature on guys. A big… Keep Reading

Lights, Camera…Water Manipulation

OMG- I just completed an awesome workout session of hang cleans, bench presses, snatch grip deadlifts. Apparently, that combo of compound exercises kicks your ass. After mustering the energy to waddle to my laptop I received an email from readers of my recent guest post on Unleash Your Alpha. And I completely forgot to share it with you! I know some… Keep Reading

Should Women Train Differently than Men?

Recently, I’ve been receiving questions on how females should train. Most have the goal of looking leaner, toned, and a more curvy. In this post, I wanted to answer the most frequently asked question, “Should Women train differently than men? ” Short Answer: No, not really. With the questions I frequently get, I have put together 7 considerations for helping… Keep Reading

Train like an Athlete

It’s 9 pm on Tuesday night. Over the last 2 hours you’ve been sipping your glass on water, scanning curiously over the latest workouts on various exercise websites. Each workout is markedly different. Athlete, bodybuilder, powerlifter…huh? One site caters to bodybuilders, one site markets to powerlifters, one site markets to those people just looking to “Lose 10 pounds Fast!”, and… Keep Reading

Surviving Cheat Day

It was Saturday. Gorgeous, about 70 degrees and radiant sunshine. I spent the morning at the gym, training clients and blitzing a short workout. On the way home I ran some important errands and made it home by noon– Not bad for a Saturday! Everything I needed to do for the day was completed and the day was only half-way through.… Keep Reading

Accurately Estimate Body Fat Percentage

Your ability to accurately estimate body fat percentage is an essential tool to helping you optimize your physique, improve performance, and know how much progress you’re truly making in the gym. Heck, knowing where you stand can help you optimize your caloric intake, determine overall health, and give you the most accurate answer to, “how far to do I have… Keep Reading

Exercises to avoid: Adductor Abductor Machine

Stop spending your workout with this awkward machine in hopes of a nice set of thighs or glutes. Sorry, your attention should be elsewhere. If you’re looking to maximally develop these areas learn to squat, lunge, deadlift, sprint, and move optimally rather than wasting your time. Although this wonderful device provides resistance for both adduction (bringing the legs together) and abduction… Keep Reading

Functional Training: You’ve Been Duped.

You’ve all been duped. Heres’s why: A few weeks ago I spent some time in a typical “big box gym.” Surrounded by people struggling through wobble boards and 10lb bosu biceps curls,  I nearly ran for cover to avoid being clubbed with a stray, flailing dumbbell.  This is not functional training. Rather it is  inefficient and potentially dangerous training. Functional training… Keep Reading


Total Body Exercise Selection

Total body workouts are the most time efficient manor in which to design a resistance training program. The entire body is designed to work in synchrony, with some muscles stabilizing while others contract to create movement. Most trainers and trainees look for a list of muscles stating whether they are prime movers or stabilizers to design a body part split.… Keep Reading


Is your Training in a Rut?

Have your workouts as of late been lackluster? Do you lack motivation in the gym, always sore, and not making progress? I have a big secret……. and it will keep you healthier and making gains year in, year out. Are you ready? Take a week off. Don’t come in and lift, don’t run and do sprints, don’t do bodyweight work,… Keep Reading

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