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Exercises to avoid: Adductor Abductor Machine

Stop spending your workout with this awkward machine in hopes of a nice set of thighs or glutes. Sorry, your attention should be elsewhere. If you’re looking to maximally develop these areas learn to squat, lunge, deadlift, sprint, and move optimally rather than wasting your time. Although this wonderful device provides resistance for both adduction (bringing the legs together) and abduction… Keep Reading

Functional Training: You’ve Been Duped.

You’ve all been duped. Heres’s why: A few weeks ago I spent some time in a typical “big box gym.” Surrounded by people struggling through wobble boards and 10lb bosu biceps curls,  I nearly ran for cover to avoid being clubbed with a stray, flailing dumbbell.  This is not functional training. Rather it is  inefficient and potentially dangerous training. Functional training… Keep Reading


Total Body Exercise Selection

Total body workouts are the most time efficient manor in which to design a resistance training program. The entire body is designed to work in synchrony, with some muscles stabilizing while others contract to create movement. Most trainers and trainees look for a list of muscles stating whether they are prime movers or stabilizers to design a body part split.… Keep Reading


Is your Training in a Rut?

Have your workouts as of late been lackluster? Do you lack motivation in the gym, always sore, and not making progress? I have a big secret……. and it will keep you healthier and making gains year in, year out. Are you ready? Take a week off. Don’t come in and lift, don’t run and do sprints, don’t do bodyweight work,… Keep Reading

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