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Why Everyone Needs To Deadlift

Why Everyone Needs To Deadlift

Guest Post By Johnny Tea You were meant to deadlift. Yes, I’m talking to you — no matter who you are. Believe it or not, deadlifts are good for you and can actually help prevent injury while unleashing your inner badass. Deadlifts can help get you in shape — or back in shape. It’s a topic I explore in my free… Keep Reading

Fitness Balance

How To Make Time For Exercise

Like most busy men, Ben found it hard to make time for fitness. He was overstressed and out of shape, running from meeting to meeting and living in a constant state of chaos. That was quite a contrast to five years ago when Ben was in great shape. He was a beast who did CrossFit and could kick ass in the gym… Keep Reading

5 Ways To Stay In Shape At Age 40+

Five Ways To Stay in Shape At Age 40+

If you’re over 40, can you live up to the saying: “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better!” Can you stay in shape despite going toe to toe with an insane schedule and the aging process? Can you avoid the pain of achy joints and the disappointment of losing muscle strength? Consider the story I posted on Facebook a few… Keep Reading

5 ways to get strong

Five Surprising Ways to Get Strong Fast

Every successful lifter agrees on one thing: the gym is for getting bigger and stronger. And no wonder getting as strong as possible makes every goal inside and outside the gym easier. Thus, the question becomes: “How do I continue to get stronger?” Maximizing strength is all about creating tension. That’s why “stay tight” is the most common cue in… Keep Reading

3 Strength Training Secrets That Guarantee Progress

  Guest Post by Eric Weinbrenner You’ve found the gym to be such an an interesting and worthwhile place that you spend more than a little spend time there, despite your busy schedule. But are you really making the best use of your time at the gym? Or are you stuck in a rut that is slowing progress? Time to… Keep Reading

Two Types Of Clients NOT To Train Online

The Two Types of Clients NOT to Train Online

By Eric Bach, CSCS is a personal trainer, author, and fitness business coach in Denver, Colorado. Eric’s passion is on simplifying the process of building an online fitness business and helping trainers overcome information overload to a build a successful fitness brand. For free marketing, sales, and content tips join the Bach Performance Hybrid Fitness Business Community here.  If you’re a personal trainer… Keep Reading

Explosive Strength

Physique Training For Athletes: Look, Feel, and Perform Superhuman

Physique training for athletes? WTF? Is that a joke? Training for physique and improving athletic performance are often seen as opposite goals. Which brings us to a common cliché: “opposites attract.” And like most clichés, this one contains a large measure of truth. But does it apply to training for physique (lookin’ better naked) and improving performance? More importantly, can… Keep Reading

10 Fat loss Secrets

The 10 Immutable Laws of Successful Fat Loss

  In the classic business book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, authors Al Ries and Jack Trout discuss the best marketing practices required to build a successful business. Focus on those 22 Laws of Marketing and you’ll accelerate business, stand out in a crowded world, and of course, make cold, hard, cash. If you ignore them? You’ll fail and… Keep Reading

9 Brutal Workout Challenges

Nine Brutal Workout Challenges

Nine brutal workout challenges? WTF? Even one seems like lot. Nine is just ridiculous. That’s because for most people in most developed countries, life in 2017 is easy. The hard physical labor of the “good old days” is mostly gone. More importantly, so is the mental grit — born of war and the struggle for survival — that was the… Keep Reading

One Simple Habit To Guarantee Fitness Success

One Simple Habit To Guarantee Fitness Success

First, the sad truth: conventional ideas about so-called fitness motivation suck. You can’t count on “wisdom” that belongs in fortune cookies. Nor can you count on hardass sayings that belong on t-shirts. Neither will get your butt out of bed and into the gym at 6:00 AM on those cold winter mornings. The truth is a much simpler and vastly… Keep Reading

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