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Three Hardgainer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s time to escape Hardgainer Hell and Discover How You Can FINALLY Have the Muscular, Sculpted And Athletic Body you’ve been working for… WITHOUT Living at the Gym or Ridiculous Diets.” Join the Minimalist Muscle Course, On sale today.   When it comes to building muscle, information overload is surefire way to fail. Real results require you to differentiate good information… Keep Reading

Six Reliable Diet Tweaks for Frustrated Hardgainers

Many people struggle to build strength and muscle. And for most, an important part of the solution is simple: eat more. But simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, especially for the classic hardgainer. You know the type. Hell, you might be one. Hardgainers are long-limbed, narrow jointed guys, wired to the gills like they’ve guzzled down three scoops of pre-workout protein.… Keep Reading

Five Guaranteed Ways to Build More Muscle

We fall prey to the endless onslaught of fitness marketing and its big promises.  Add three inches to your arms in four weeks. Go from keg to six-pack in eight weeks. If it all sounds too good to be true, it is. Slick marketing would have you believe that lookin’ better naked is instantly attainable with another scoop of protein… Keep Reading

Build Muscle Fast: Top 3 Training Splits For Busy Guys

Finally, you have the perfect plan. And a diet that makes sense. You’re geared up and ready to roll. This is the time for you to go all in, get serious in the gym, and get back in shape. Then, WHAM. Like a blind side hit from a linebacker, life gets insane. Your 45-hour weeks turn into 70 hour weeks.… Keep Reading

Fitness Training Simplified to 100 Words

Quality > Quantity First: sprint, jump, and throw. Then: clean, snatch, jerk, squat, deadlift, bench, and row. Pull:Push ratio of 3:1. Write down your damn workouts. (Because without progressive overload, nothing matters.)   Pretend there are no machines. They aren’t necessary. Persevere. Stick to programs 4-6 weeks, minimum. Strength is your foundation. It supports your empire of biceps and traps.… Keep Reading

Build Big Biceps Without Curls

Ever since I was a kid, I’d wanted big biceps. From Arnold bustin’ out of his camo in Predator and Scott Steiner kissing his biceps on WCW, big arms said it all. They were a staple of having a strong, bad ass body. Guns. Pythons. Pipes. Whatever you wanted to call them, I wanted them. Fifteen years later, the fact… Keep Reading

Bach’s Bites: How to Cook a Mouth-Watering Skillet Steak

Grab the Recipe! Why do most people struggle to get jacked or lean? In most cases, it’s not an unwillingness to train or lack of nutrition knowledge. It’s implementation. In training, that means actually getting the work down. In nutrition, that means putting down the PopTarts and learning how to prepare food that keeps you on track and getting ripped. And… Keep Reading

Low Back Pain, Part 2: Why Core Training Counts

Guest Post By Chris Diamantakos My recent post on “Low Back Pain Stretches: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly“ struck a chord. The article focused on how some back pain stretches could actually make things worse. It went on to offer alternatives. But that’s only part of the puzzle. Equally important: core training, the subject of this post. Specific… Keep Reading

Should You Workout Every Day?

Should you workout every day? Training every day must be the best way of getting the lean, athletic body you’re after. You’ll lose fat and build muscle. Guaranteed! After all, a 22-year-old personal trainer said so on Facebook. And he’s got the selfies to back it up. It worked for him, so it will work for you. Whether it’s squatting… Keep Reading

The Best Challenge Workouts to Turbo-Charge Fat Loss

Torching fat and preserving your hard earned muscle requires you to train like a strong, disciplined, badass. That means any old routine won’t cut it if you want to be jacked, strong, and athletic. That requires something extra; a more sinister approach. And your lifting isn’t the problem. You dig the weights. They get you bigger and stronger. And make… Keep Reading

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