How To Drink Alcohol & Stay Lean | Look Great Naked Podcast #2

May 5, 2023

About the Author: Eric Bach

Have you ever wondered how to drink alcohol and stay lean? Make no mistake–alcohol isn’t healthy and it won’t speed up your gains. But the reality is, many people drink socially and want to continue doing it while getting in better shape.

In this podcast, I’m going to break down the specific diet tricks, training tools, and tactics you need to apply to continue building muscle and losing fat without giving up all alcohol.

After you’ve watched this episode, you’ll know what you need to do to navigate business meetings, social events, and the occasional night out to continue building your dream body, without always living life on the sidelines. Hit play and let’s make it happen


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Podcast Description:

In today’s episode of the Look Great Naked Podcast, I share How to Drink Alcohol & Stay lean.

Alcohol isn’t healthy. But, it doesn’t mean you never get to drink again or be social just because you’re hitting the gym.

Remember, fitness should improve your life, not consume it. So, here are the strategies you need to deploy to minimize fat gain (and your hangover) if you’re drinking alcohol.

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