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Muscle building

How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month?

Have you ever wondered, “how much muscle can you gain in a month?” It’s a question we hear often. Today, we’ll get you the answer. But first, I need to warn you: You’re going to need time and consistency if you want to build a dense, muscular body. Focusing on getting #yoked in one month is a myopic approach that does… Keep Reading

How To Stop Messing Up Your Knees With Dumb Exercises

Guest Post By Jordan Barnard Healthy knees are so important that you don’t want to mess them up with dumb exercises. Your performance in the gym will suffer, and so could your everyday life outside the gym. Here’s what to avoid. And here’s how to perform the right knee exercises the right way: safely and effectively. Stop Jacking Up Your… Keep Reading

v-line abs

How to Build Eye-Popping V-Line Abs

“Bro. I don’t care about getting stronger. That’s been easy for me. I just want to see my abs for the first time.” Sound familiar? It does to me. I regularly hear something like that from experienced lifters. They work hard and get strong. They have no interest in turning into bodybuilders. But they do have one aesthetic goal that’s… Keep Reading

Dirty bulking

The Dirty Bulk: Five Reasons To Do A Clean Bulk

Of all the dumb fitness ideas out there, the dirty bulk is one of the dumbest.  That may seem like an extreme statement, but trust me on this one. After all, I used to guzzle weight gainers mixed with ice cream until I grew a FUPA and had more stomach rolls than abs. Bottom line: a dirty bulk will leave… Keep Reading


The Top 5 Reasons Your Workout Isn’t Working (And What To Do About It)

Guest Post By Katie Prendergast For years, I wasted my time in the gym without seeing much progress. I see many gym-goers and training clients frustrated by the same workout mistakes. They feel like they’re putting in hard work, but the scale just won’t budge. Their gut spills over their belt. They’re not seeing results in the mirror. It’s frustrating… Keep Reading

Online fitness business

How To Start An Online Training Business For $228.99 In 4 Weeks

What trainer doesn’t want to help more people, make more money, and work fewer hours with an online training business? Not many. Some trainers are happy where they are. But maybe they’re the ones whose idea of success is jumping on Bosu balls and standing naked in front of the mirror snappin’ selfies after each workout. But chances are you… Keep Reading

Fitness marketing

Say No To Fitness Marketing Hype (And What To Do Instead)

Guest Post By Daniel Harrod Fitness marketing is not pretty. It’s a world of lies, half-truths, and pseudo-scientific buzzwords. The bad guys don’t care about the truth. They just want your hard-earned cash. It’s time to stop. Stop falling for the false promise of flat abs and pounds that melt away, all achievable in just six minutes a day.  Ditch those… Keep Reading

rest periods

Rest Your Way to Massive Muscle Growth

  Counting drop sets, reps schemes, and plates on the bar are familiar to most. But rest periods? No so much. Rest periods sit at the back of your mind. Rest periods are an important, but sadly, neglected factor in your muscle growth. Big mistake. By neglecting rest period, you’re handicapping your iron efforts. Luckily, there are guidelines to keep… Keep Reading


Never Have a Bad Workout Again

Guest Post By Dave Bonollo Here’s why workouts are like sex and how my Ladder of Workout Awesomeness ™  will ensure you never have a bad workout again. How many times have you had bad sex? If you consider the alternative of not having sex, even bad sex is still pretty damn good. Now let me ask you: how many… Keep Reading

Torch Fat

9 Ways To Torch Fat In 15 Minutes

They say confession is good for the soul. So here goes: For years, I didn’t do much cardio/conditioning. (Call it what you like. I just knew I didn’t like it.) Sure, I hoisted heavy deadlifts. But I figured the wrong cardio would make me scrawny and weak. Plus, I had the not-so-repressed memories of “extra conditioning” workouts doled out as… Keep Reading

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