The Most Underrated Key to Transforming Your Body

April 4, 2022

About the Author: Eric Bach Performance

A diet that fits your goals is vital. You won’t get a chiseled six-pack crushing calories or stuffing your face with pizza and beer every weekend.

Your training needs to match your goals.  You won’t get athletic and jacked by just  doing cardio.

And you need to sleep. After all, we can go a week without water and two without food.

But sleep? If you skip sleep, everything else goes out the window. You suck down coffee like it’s going out of style. You bail on a healthy dinner for a quick fix at KFC.

Training, diet, and sleep are all essential. But  there’s one underrated factor that is key to transforming your body.


Consider this:

A Stephen Curry three-pointer sends the crowd into a frenzy at the Oracle Arena.

An Aaron Rodgers laser for  a touchdown flips the momentum at Lambeau field. A new deal at work triggers three more, leading to a massive increase in profits and a raise.

A new deal at work triggers three more, leading to a massive increase in profits and a raise.

In fitness, one missed training session leads to another and then to a skipped meal.

On the flipside, hitting your workouts for a week makes the habit that much easier.

Take action every day, even if it’s a small action:

  • Go for a walk during lunch.
  • Do ten push-ups and ten squats when you wake up.
  • Order a grilled chicken salad instead of a quarter pounder.

Each day,  take one small action in the direction of your goals.

Like a rock rolling down a mountain, one small behavior triggers a cascade effect. In time, each roll turns a small nudge into an unstoppable force.

So tell me, what action will you take today to build momentum towards your goal? Or on the flip side, what’s holding you back?

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