8 Rules to Look Great Naked Without Living In The Gym | Look Great Naked Podcast #4

May 11, 2023

About the Author: Eric Bach

If you want to look, feel, and perform your best you need to implement the 8 Rules to Look Great Naked Without Living In The Gym.

When you understand rules and principles, you can develop the knowledge and skills to apply the right “tactics” at the right time.

In other words, when you understand the key principles behind losing body fat (calorie deficit, protein intake, food quality, sleep, the right training), you can apply the right method (intermittent fasting, low carb, high carb etc) when it’s best for you.

The big problem?

Most people chase quick-fix after quick fix, spinning their wheels with training and nutrition methods that simply don’t work.

But, you’re not most people.

You’re ready to develop a personal system for looking great naked without living in the gym. Now it’s time to focus on the 8 rules to look great naked without living in the gym–hit play to get started.


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Podcast Description:

In today’s episode of the Look Great Naked Podcast, I share 8 Rules To Look Great Naked without living in the gym.

The key principles for transforming your body are the same, regardless of your age of experience. The key? Understand the principles so you can apply the RIGHT methods to look, feel, and perform your best.

If I can pass on the wisdom that took me more than a decade to acquire, you’ll have a massive head start in looking great naked without living in the gym.

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