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How to Estimate Your Percent Body Fat

Hey! This is one of my first blog posts from the early Bach Performance days. If you’ve found this post, I’m betting you’re looking to get lean and shredded. With that in mind, I have a free workout for you. Grab it here, and enjoy the post! Hook me up with the Free Fat Loss Program, Eric! Whether you have access… Keep Reading

getting back into shape, Fat Deposits and Hormone Correlations

Hormones and Body fat Distribution

Dude…is it true all this beer is giving me man boobs? I keeled over and nearly spit my beer all over the table. I was 21 years old, an undergrad in kinesiology and kickin’ back a few beers on thirsty Thursday with my friend Chris. “No, I mean, seriously. I heard beer has compounds that mimic estrogen. So drinking a lot… Keep Reading

Precision Nutrition Certification Review

Like any certification the number one question I have received after getting my PN1 is “Was it worth the Money?” To make it easy the answer is yes, yes it was. The Precision Nutrition Certification strikes gold for coaches looking for top-notch results with their clients. The PN system delivers what few other certifications and educational courses can: Up-to-date information… Keep Reading

5 Essential Nutrition Habits

Below are 5 essential habits via the Precision Nutrition System. These wicked-awesome 5 habits are pretty Kick-Ass! Why?! Well, they are easy to follow, especially if you looking to lose body fat ( NOT GAIN lotza MUSCLE) and optimize body composition without the work of calorie counting and spending countless hours logging and tracking your food choices (which is still… Keep Reading

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