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High Performance Exercises

13 Training tips to Relieve Knee Pain

Get the Knee Pain Prevention Guide, 100% Free Knee pain is miserable, especially when you’re trying to build a bad-ass, athletic body. And chances are if you routinely lift heavy, jump, and sprint, then your knees have barked at you a time or two. Even more frustrating, knee pain occasionally comes out of nowhere to throw a wrench in your training,… Keep Reading

How to do your First Pistol Squat

The pistol squat is the ultimate blend of single leg strength, stability, and athleticism. Here’s how to do for first one in as little as six weeks. This is why you need to do pistol squats — even if the idea seems crazy at first. When most lifters see pistol squats, they cross their arms across their chest and cringe.… Keep Reading

farmers carry

The Farmers Carry Cure

Guest Post by Eric Bach’s Aussie Mate, Shane McLean   Your shoulders will ache, your grip will fail, and the mental battle will be tough. But you should make the farmers carry part of your program even though: (1)  It’s a lot harder than it looks (2) You may end up swearing and cursing and acting like the dreaded gym… Keep Reading

The Power Primer

Four Training Splits to Build an Athletic Body

We’ve both been there. Your bar speed is explosive on every rep, and you’re adding strength regularly. Your skin is tighter, shirt sleeves stretching, and muscles bulging as you’re building muscle and losing fat simultaneously. You’ve got tons of energy, feel athletic, and are crushing your training. Then WHAM. Like getting hit by a semi, your progress comes screeching to… Keep Reading

How to Develop Rotational Power

What is rotational power? And why is it important for athletes, trainers, and people who want to improve their athleticism? Kennet Waale explains in this extended guest post that comes complete with videos, tutorials, and a sample workout. Over to you, Kennet. Developing rotary power can improve hitting real world strength, overall athleticism, agility, and even straight-line sprinting speed. Yet… Keep Reading

Four Tips to Build an Athletic Body

[A variation of this article was published as a guest post on] Building an athletic body isn’t just for competitive athletes. It’s for everyone. Or it should be. Why not be able to  run, throw, jump, cut, and play a recreational sport at the drop of a hat? Unfortunately, this isn’t as common as it should be. Much more common… Keep Reading

4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power

Today I’ve got something special for you: a guest blog post from my coach Joey Percia covering 4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power. Joey Percia is a bad-ass who also happens to be an extremely bright coach who runs Percia Performance in New York City. Joey really knows the ins and outs of building a show and go physique. He has a 500+ lb… Keep Reading

Front Squat Progression: Simple and Effective

Let’s talk front squats. I think we’d all agree squats are the king of all exercises. But when you hear the word “squat”  you’re probably thinking back squat. Fair enough. The back squat is the most popular squat around. It’s a staple in nearly every program from the Power Primer for athletic performance to many fat loss plans.  It’s a competitive lift… Keep Reading

Turbo-Charge your Workout

When I was in college I loved to double my pre-workout. After all, the label said it would supercharge my workout. Therefore, if a scoop was good, three or four would be amazing…right? God no. I’ve never done hard drugs, but I can imagine my reaction was pretty similar to taking a batch of “goods” from Walter White. I felt… Keep Reading

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