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The Key to Success Mindset

Whether it’s getting shredded for the beach, learning Japanese, or starting your own business, taking these actions will raise your chance of success, exponentially. I call it the Key to Success Mindset.  I’ll explain, all in the context of lifting weights, sex, and booze….and even expanding your business if you’re a trainer.

Yes, really.

Most lifters spend their time worrying about how many sets they’re doing.

And how much weight is on the bar. Or how many days they’re training.

Having a plan of action in your training and diet is important.

But, that isn’t the whole picture.

Those details and measurables are more like color of your car, rather than the engine, frame, and tires that drive you.

The most successful people set goals in a specific way. The intensity they attack with and their accountability to the goals determines their success.

It’s not enough to just have a goal. It has to be a huge goal, with a clear, deep understanding of “why” it’s so damn important. In all, there are seven keys to what I call the Key to Success Mindset.

With these seven keys, you’ll have the tools to achieve anything you set your mind too.

Emotion Decides, Logic Justifies

We’re all emotionally driven. When we make a decision, we do so with emotion, then use facts and knowledge to reinforce our decision.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Lant, we’re after any of the following emotional benefits:

1. Financial Stability

2. Health

3. Love

4. Security

5. Salvation

6. Self-Regard

7. Community and Peer recognition

8. Independence

9. Sexual Fulfillment

10. Beauty/attractiveness/lookin’ hawt

I just witnessed Denver lose it’s mind over the Super Bowl, so here’s an example: People drink until they stagger, and smoke like a chimney despite knowing its ill-effects and hundreds of anti-drug ads.


Research and common sense point to emotional acceptance. If your friends are inclined to smoke or get hammered drunk, you’re more likely to get smashed and be part of the community, despite knowing the facts.

We feel close to our friends, relax, and have a sense of belonging, despite knowing we’re slowly killing ourselves.

On a more positive note, hittin’ the gym can improve most of these emotions:

– Getting more attractive, leading to more sexual fulfillment
– Peer recognition and compliments on your transformation
– Being part of a community at the gym
– Developing better health and more energy
– Building self-confidence in your new sexy self and all-star performance

When I talk to people who want to join my coaching program, we have to find our what the original goal is.

This requires both a vision on what will change, but most importantly, WHY change is important.

Do you want to lose ten pounds because the scale looks better, or because you’ll look hotter, and be more confident to meet more guys/girls? 

party, Key to Success

Do you want to make $100,000/yr as a talking point, or because it allows you the freedom to travel and build unique experiences?

Understanding why losing ten pounds and getting more athletic is important than the actual ten pounds or getting more athletic.
If your goal is purely superficial and based on scale weight rather than being confident enough in your appearance to approach someone you find attractive or pursue a big business deal, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.
Try This: Take 15 minutes and sit alone with your thoughts and a notebook. Ask yourself:
Why does my goal matter?

What benefit am I really after?

I admit, this isn’t easy.

The answers might surprise you and be revealing. 

But, without a true understanding of what drives you, you’ll never achieve your goals.

Set 10x Goals

In the book the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone, a key theme is setting your goals 10x higher than you could possibly imagine.

If you want to make an extra $1,000/month, aim for $10,000 instead. Amplifying your vision and action by 10 inspires new ideas and opens the door to “what if?”
Too many people dream small and subsequently, live small.
You’re much more likely to put your full effort behind a huge goal. Even in the that case you don’t achieve exactly what your 10x goal, you’ll surely exceed all smaller goals and be more successful.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, It often serves simply as something to aim at.”- Bruce Lee

Try This: If your goal is fitness based, increase your expectations. Don’t aim for losing 10 lbs, aim to lose 10lbs, increase your squat 50 lbs, and increase your vertical jump, understanding that these goals will help you get more confident, more attractive, and allow you to enjoy playing sports again.

Picture Success

When you’re successful, what will it look like?
To make your goals a reality, you must have a picture of what that will look like, otherwise you’re just window shopping.

Outline a clear vision of what the finished product will look like, and have a fearless devotion to making it happen.

This isn’t time to go small, set your goals astronomically high.

Try This: After clarifying your goal, and the emotions that drive it, paint a picture of success.

Similar to the ideal day activity, what will your successful transformation look like?

Write down the details, fold it up, and keep it in your pocket and review daily.

notes, Key to Success


Say you and I will meet in three months:
What will your weight be?
Are you wearing new, better fitting clothes because you’ve transformed your body?
Are you walking with your head and chest up, with more confidence?

Has your confidence lead to respect and recognition amongst your peers and more success at work?

The possibilities are endless. Paint a picture of what you want to achieve, review it often, and make it a reality.

If it’s fat loss, what will your weight be?

What will your body look like?

How will your new confidence in your body improve your relationships, career, and or/ quality of life?

Understand: Everything has a Price

To achieve huge goals you need to make sacrifices.

Six pack abs. Starting a business.

Spending more time with your family.
These are all admirable goals, what have you wondered what the cost is?

As outlined in this article by Precision Nutrition, you’ll need to modify your behavior to successfully achieve a goal:

  • Drink less booze
  • Eat less pizza 🙁

Within each choice, there’s a tradeoff.

  • You Exercise more often, but spend less time at work.
  • You grind, sweat, and work to build your business, but you spend less time with your family.
  • You go to bed early to get 8 hours of sleep for sweet, sweet gains, but miss a night out with your friends.

Try This: Gain clarity on what it takes to make your goals happen and make sure they align with your principles and values.

This provides a shot of reality.

Are you ready to make positive changes, even if it changes your lifestyle?

Create Your Plan

Once you’ve created your goal, understood the emotion and sacrifices behind it, and paint a picture of what your success will look like, you need to create a plan.

Having a vision is great, but without determining the steps to get there, your goals remain a pipe dream. Now, you need a blueprint.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the 1st four hours sparking the Axe”- Abe Lincoln

Try This: Determine what behaviors you need to adopt to make your goals a reality.

Outcome Goals: The Big Picture

Drop body fat from 20% to 15% and gain 10 pounds of muscle.

Behavior Goals:  How you can Make it Happen

  • Lift Weights Four Times Per Week
  • Track my macros daily
  • Have one gram of protein per/lb bodyweight/day

Determine what you need to do to reach your goal, then focus on a new behavior for 2-3 weeks, adding more behaviors as you develop habits.  This is one of my key strategies to helping my clients  develop long-term change over quick fixes.

 Track Your Progress

Your method of measuring progress is up to you, but without a system to keep track of where you started and where you’re going, you’ll never see if your plan is working. Further, without a mode to track success, you’ll be unable to make changes in the right direction.

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

Try This: Track your progress. That means write down your weights, track your bodyweight, and look at your diet.

To simplify the process, I recommend picking up the Power of Less by Leo Babuata and check out Apps like Lift, Way of Life, or Balanced for goals, and MyFitnessPal for tracking our bacon, protein, and other macros.

Go All In. I Want to Help you Achieve Greatness

You must commit.

Seriously, commit.

Be a warrior ( face paint and all), and practice your Braveheart Battle-Cry.

Push to your goal so hard people say you’re crazy.

They ask, “how do you fit it all in?”

There will be doubters. Screw’ em.

There will be roadblocks. Break through.

People will say you can’t (or shouldn’t) do it. You might temporarily think they’re right.

Don’t give up. Don’t quit early.

Push on and persevere.

You’re a freight train on a mission with passion and commitment to reach your goal.

If you’re a trainer, part of that mission might be building an online business.

If you have the commitment, I can help with execution. Fill out the form below to find out how.


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The Simple Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Online Personal Training

If all workouts went as planned, supplements were a magical cure-all, and the perfect diet really existed, most guys would be swinging a hammer like Thor and picking up Natalie Portman.

Instead, we bite off more than we can chew.

We throw the the old workout program in the trash, and latch onto the next big thing. 

We change our entire dietary strategy. We load up with tupperware containers. Or we starve ourselves for half the day until our magical “feasting” window arrives.

But there’s really no single perfect answer. One size never fits all. 

My approach is to focus on small steps that create big, life-changing improvements quickly. My clients get bigger, stronger, leaner, and more athletic.

The article explains explains how. 

First, Picture This

It’s 4:45 pm, Monday afternoon. Work is over. And you’ve traded in your button down for your slick new bro-tank.

 International bench press day has arrived. And your pump is going to be epic.

Dudes old and young flock to the center of the gym to take control of the bench press.

You’re no different. Warm-up and activation done, it’s time to get to work.

Reps one, two, and three pop up easily, four starts to grind, and rep number five is firmly planted on your chest.


This is the same weight you started your work sets at last week…and the week before. You’re five weeks into your new program, the article said you would be hitting new PR’s by now.

Plus, you added two sets of 12 inverted rows before your bench.

Last week, you read a great article that advised plyometric push ups before you bench because it “instantly improves your strength and supercharge your nervous system.”

It seems, you’re doing all the right things.

In the last four weeks the changes you made should make your strength skyrocket, muscles grow in heaping slabs, and fat to slide off your chiseled new physique.

Problem is, you’re completely and utterly overwhelmed. Despite your efforts, strength and muscle are falling off…not piling on.


Here’s the hard truth: You bit off more than you can chew.

You have set goals, have huge ambitions, and a have the work ethic to match. These are all necessary tools to get a bigger, stronger, more athletic body. But, you changed too much, too soon.

I’ve learned huge lessons helping hundreds of clients transform their lives

Big problems are rarely solved with commensurately big solutions. Rather, they are often solved by a sequence of small solutions and small victories.

Rather than picking and changing as many things as possible immediately, pick just one.

One. Uno. Einer. Un. 

 JUST change one behavior at a time, and implement it flawlessly.

Let’s put this strategy into play. Let’s day a 31 year old man wants to gain ten pounds of muscle, and drop his body fat from 20% to 15% — a common and achievable goal.

To hit goals, break them into two categories:

  • Outcome Goals: drop body fat from 20% to 15% and gain 10 pounds of muscle
  • Behavioural Goals:  lift four times and week and bit macronutrient goals 80% of the time. Behavioral goals pave the path to the outcome goal.

 Each behavioral goal must be mastered over a period of two weeks. Once you have performed the goal 14ish times,  it will be ingrained as a behaviour.   After two solid weeks, we’ll take another baby step that brings you closer to your goals.

Here are some examples.

Weeks 1-2 ==> Perform four muscle-building workouts per week, all under 1 hour in length.

*Note: Because this is only four days per week it works as a great introduction to the method without overloading your motivation.

Why: Resistance training 4x/week in one my specialized programs provides the necessary hormonal influx, metabolic stress, and muscular tension to build muscle.

Weeks 3-4 ==> Drink two customized workout shakes each day.

Why: I hook my clients up with customized nutrition plans to fit their goals. In this case, it’s an influx of high quality nutrients  through real food and calories to support lean muscle growth and overall health.

Weeks 5-6 ==> Begin a Carb Cycling Routine.

Why: Carb cycling, the fluctuation of carbohydrate intake based upon the day, will keep fat loss at a minimum while providing fuel for high quality workouts.

Weeks 7-8 ==>  Spend 3 minutes foam rolling and stretching each day.

Why: Active recovery methods, such as foam rolling and stretching will boost recovery, keeping you healthy and consistent in the gym.

Follow this program and  you’ll be much closer to unleashing your inner athlete. And remember, it’s just one example of the customized approach I provide.

One goal, two weeks. Simple, right?

Build up over time, simple works. That’s how I help my clients get awesome results. May I help you? Click below to find out more and get a 20% discount.

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Wrap Up: How to Win Every Day

Winning your goal daily builds successful behaviors that bring you closer to the stronger, leaner, and more athletic body you’ve been working for. Getting better every day, even if it’s one small step keeps the seemingly impossible within reach.

If you’re struggling to get bigger, stronger, and leaner, then I’d like to help you.

By effectively helping you “chunk” your goals into small, easily attainable parts, I’ll speed up your progress in the gym.

The Best part?

I’ll personally guide you and carve the path to your goals, eliminating the confusion and winning every day.

Take charge and build your way to a stronger, leaner, and more athletic body today.

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Minimalist Training: Stop Making it so Damn Complicated

Minimalist Training

Maybe you’re an accountant during tax season, constrained by dozens of last-minute documents and sleeping under your desk. 
Maybe you’re a full-time student working two jobs, managing your classes, and trying to have a social life.

Sound familiar? Sometimes everything else in life gets so damn hectic that we can’t fathom training. The thought of blitzing another training session with advanced methods and timed rest periods is too much to handle.

I understand, I’ve been there. This is when you should adopt minimalist training. 

During different times of the year, I get slammed busy.

Coaching gets busy, and my writing and training take a back seat. That doesn’t mean I get lazy, half-ass my workouts, and stop making gains. Quite the opposite: I’m forced to hone in on what matters, what gets the best results, and rid my mind of all but the essential. I perform minimalist training sessions. It’s Pareto’s Principle, the good ole’ fashion 80:20, and eliminating all that is least efficient.

“It is quality rather than quantity that matters.” – Seneca

As a coach, I need to know the ins-and-outs of training protocols for clients and athletes.

It’s part of the job.

I need to know how to do them, how to progress/regress, and understand how the body reacts.

While it’s great to be well-versed in advanced training methods, it’s not necessary for most people.

Post-activation potentiation, dynamic effort training, strength curves, timed rest periods, bioenergetics, and understanding how your body responds to insulin is all gravy, but don’t get lost in sexy terms and complicated matters.

Before you lose your mind, switch-gears, and freak out over training ask yourself the following questions:

1.) Am I getting stronger? Progressive overload is and always will be the premier way to build muscle, gain strength, and improve your fitness.

2.) Does my nutrition reflect my goals? Looking to lose weight? Burn more calories than you consume and see the scale drop. Looking to gain muscle? If you’re not gaining the weight you’re looking for the answer is simple—eat more. Eat your greens, get plenty of protein, healthy fats, and consume carbs to match your activity levels.

3.) Does it hurt? Then don’t do it. Understand the difference between strain and pain. Strain builds your body and character, pain screams “back the hell away!”

4.) Am I focused? Are workouts taking two hours? Unless you’re an advanced athlete (often it’s still a stretch) focus on the essential and drop the rest. You’re here to train, not have social hour and do 27 exercises for your “anterior pelvic tilt” or tight lats. Get in, get out, and get focused on your training.

Stop multi-tasking and over-thinking every aspect of your training. Instead, Focus on your goal, and only your goal.
Focus only on what truly helps you reach your goal, and forget the rest.

Focus on One Goal:

1.Multitasking is less efficient. Switching back and forth between goals zaps focus takes more time, and often results in you abandoning your goal.

2.Multitasking is complicated, leaving you more prone to mistakes and stress. You’ll major in the minors and never build muscle, shred fat, and take control of your life.

3.Multitasking makes you GO CRAZY. In the information age, we need to reign in terror and find a calm medium.

Simple Goal Setting:
Pick a big goal, like gaining ten pounds of muscle.Following the goal, pick out what small, behaviors you can do each day for two weeks that will help you reach your goal. Once you have mastered and tracked that goal for two weeks, add to it with another behavior.

Here’s an example:
Main Goal:I want to gain 10 pounds of muscle

Behavior 1: Lift weights 3x per week focusing on squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and chin-ups (check off every day for two weeks)

Behavior 2: Consume a post-workout shake of 30g protein and 60g carbs. (check off every day for two weeks)

Behavior 3: Get at least 6 hours of sleep per night. (check off every day for two weeks)

Get the point? I work with my clients to add one behavior at a time for 12-week blocks. Taking things step by step, focusing on one goal at a time yields real, practical change no matter the goal.

Don’t be the “10-year guy” who despite his hard work, lives the same life with the same body, same frustrations, and exact same goal. It’s that guy we all know doing 3 sets of 10 with 135 on the bench press….every day.

Stop Making it So Damn Complicated and adopt Minimalist Training

We all have jobs, school, family life, and life stressors that we’re responsible for.
Stop complicating training and adding it to the mix.
Use training as a stress-relief, not second-guessing and listening to what your friend (the former trainer, since we all know a few) recommends.

Stop asking about how you compare to others, stop critiquing your selfies, and focus on your goal and only your goal.
More isn’t better, more is more. Adopt a minimalist training perspective. You’ll stay the simple course and reap big rewards.

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