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Shut Up and Get Strong

High-Rep drop sets, density circuits, and complexes are all sexy training methods that help you crush training plateaus.


But there’s a problem: Most lifters aren’t strong enough to actually reach a plateau. Instead, they’re program hopping, weak, and minoring in the minutia.

I see it with clients all the time:

One week it’s density training circuits to get shredded. Two weeks later, they’re bulking with German Volume Training. These are all great programs when properly planned, but too much exercise and programming variety is hurting everyone’s gains, yours included.

The bottom line is just get strong, that’s nearly always my first focus with new online and in-person clients.  Hit a double bodyweight deadlift. Bench press 1.5 times your weight for reps. Clean your bodyweight.

All of these physiological goals will go a lot further for building a lean, muscular, and strong body than every sexy training methods on the interwebz.

The basics are this:

  • Without a solid strength base, drop sets and crazy finishers are pointless. Stop majoring in the minor and get strong first to build muscle.


  • Building strength makes you more explosive. Strength builds a base for speed and power so you can develop athleticism.


  • Building strength allows you to build more muscle. Focusing on strength means you’ll be able to achieve greater metabolic stress and force muscles to grow.


  • Strength is important to losing fat. Working on strength preserves muscle and increases metabolic rate while in a caloric deficit.

I love variety. Some days I want pizza, and the other days I want ribs. All days I want steak and maybe some bourbon.
In training,  I like to change it up, but I make sure the most important task is covered: improve strength. Sure, bourbon and steak drop sets, complexes, and sexy methods make an appearance, but they’re secondary to strength.

Improve performance and place a premium on strength development and you’ll reach any goal faster.

This article received a lot of positive feedback, with a big shout out from my good friend Dr. John Rusin, as he covered it on the Strength Doc Podcast for his article of the week while adding tons of incredible coaching insgiht.

Listen Here:

Shut Up and Get Strong on the Strength Doc Podcast


Read it Here:

>>>Shut Up and Get Strong<<<

4 Explosive Exercises to Make You a Beast

eric bach, the power primer, the power primer 2.0Expert Tips to Build Muscle, 4 Explosive Exercises to Make You a Beast

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Lifting more weight and adding some high-performance muscle is a pretty common goal.

But what happens when you don’t have Olympic bars, bumper plates, and all the necessary equipment? Unfortunately, some people throw in the towel and digress to subpar training methods that aren’t nearly as effective.

4 Explosive Exercises to Make You a Beast

But not you.

You’re different.

You find a way.

Today, I’m going to help you with my latest post on T-Nation.com by hooking you up with four exercises to build explosive power, even if you don’t have a barbell or dumbbells.

4 Explosive Exercises to Make You a Beast… What you Need to Know

  1. In the short term, explosive exercises activate high-threshold motor units to recruit more muscle during your training. More recruitment means more weight and more muscle.
  2. In the long-term, explosive exercises allow you to recruit more muscle fibers with less effort. This makes it easier to smash heavy weights.
  3. You can maximize this muscular recruitment by lifting more heavy stuff, or by lifting, jumping, or throwing lighter stuff faster.


>>Check it Out Here<<

How To Hang Clean: A Progression for Total Body Power

The Internet is hilarious.

Endless troves of quality information on every topic available and people still find a way to be blatant liars and jerks, especially as it pertains to training websites. I’m thoroughly convinced that everyone on internet forums is a beast in the gym and on the playing field—and that lifting HYOGE weights is ALL that pertains to fitness and performance. Even more troubling are the “form and lingo” police and the assumption that Olympic lifts equal Crossfit.


How to Hang Clean, Crossfit With CrossFt booming the Olympic lifts are the fitness “flavor of the week,” leaving the internet lurkers waiting for articles pertaining to Olympic lifts, either claiming this is Crossfit or slamming the article for having pertinence to Crossfitters. Before my head explodes let’s get this clear: Olympic lifts Do Not Equal Crossfit. Crossfit does not equal Olympic Lifts.

Far from it, I use weight training as a tool to increase performance, not the end all measure of performance unless I’m working with competitive lifters. To optimally use any tool, safe and efficient form is vital. Case in point, the hang clean. For athletes it’s not imperative to master every single nuance of the exercise; rather, to maximize timing, coordination, and hip extension to get a carry-over for on-field performance, not a lifting total.

In my latest article for T-Nation I teach you step-by-step how to hang clean and avoid a plethora of issues like poor hip extension, starfish legs, excessive knee valgus, and a gross lack of coordination. Plus, you’ll discover some major benefits of knowing How To Hang Clean:

Hang Cleans Build Muscle

Knowing How to Hang clean is great tool to get absolutely jacked. They not only stimulate your forearms, traps, and glutes, but nearly 200 muscles in the body to provide a huge anabolic surge and training effect.

Hang Cleans Build Athleticism

The clean is the top-dog in resistance programs for improving performance as it requires triple extension of the hips, knees, and ankles in a coordinated, explosive pattern – a movement that simulates the triple extension in sprinting and jumping. If you know how to hang clean then you have a huge tool for improving performance.

Hang Cleans Get you Shredded

Knowing how to hang clean, and technically executing them gets you absolutely shredded. Hang cleans, especially when performed with a full front squat or low catch, are metabolically demanding. The explosive nature and muscle recruitment requirements will leave you floored when done with proper technique and short rest.

Furthermore, I discuss why you should hang clean over the full power clean for your goals. Basically, it’s the best article ever and it makes your training better in every imaginable way.

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photo credit: Amber Karnes via photopin cc

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