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How to Find Your Ideal Personal Training Clients

How to Find Your Ideal Personal Training Clients

Whether you train online or in-person, do you want to get beyond just surviving as a personal trainer to build a thriving fitness business? You first need to find your ideal personal training client. And then you need to find more clients just like them. But that’s easier said than done. So please read what follows. It can help you… Keep Reading

Five Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of (But Need To Do)

Five Unusual Exercises to Build More Muscle

When it comes to building muscle, simplicity is the name of the game. Consistent and diligent application of your time and energy to the basics always yields the best results, as covered in my Five Day Muscle Fix. Big deal. Who could disagree? But are you bored by the preceding paragraph. I am! Which brings me to the point of… Keep Reading

How Smart Online Trainers Close Sales

Online personal trainers don’t close sales for one reason: They can’t find out what truly motivates their clients. They often self-destruct before even having a chance to convert prospects into clients. Be honest. Does the scenario that follows sound familiar, even a little bit? It’s 10:28 AM. Steve, a prospective candidate for your online coaching program, is on the line.… Keep Reading

Warm Up Every Damn Day

Warm Up Every Damn Day

Key points: Do your warm-up every day to battle “sticky” movement patterns from a sedentary lifestyle. Focus on improving mobility, then reinforcing movement with activation for stability. Movement empowers action. Move daily…or die early. Your choice! In a rush? Grab the Warm Up Every Day Cheat Sheet <<<=== Click Here Performing a simple warm-up daily is the key restoring mobility, wiping… Keep Reading

Build Muscle Faster With Smart Supersets

You want to build muscle, get strong as an ox, make moves like Michael and have the conditioning of an ultra marathoner. You want a brag-worthy squat and deadlift, beefy shoulders, and a ripped six-pack. Who doesn’t? But how do you get there, taking into account family and work obligations? Time is precious. With life vying for your attention, how… Keep Reading


Gear Guide: All About Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves protect the knees from injuries and promote better circulation, among other benefits. But do you really need them? What are the pros and cons? If you do decide to wear knee sleeves, which ones are best? Paul Vanhyken of Rigor Fitness has researched the topic extensively for his own blog. ^^^Click above for full details, including ultra-nerdy charts!… Keep Reading

Three Hardgainer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s time to escape Hardgainer Hell and Discover How You Can FINALLY Have the Muscular, Sculpted And Athletic Body you’ve been working for… WITHOUT Living at the Gym or Ridiculous Diets.” Join the Minimalist Muscle Course, On sale today.   When it comes to building muscle, information overload is surefire way to fail. Real results require you to differentiate good information… Keep Reading

Six Reliable Diet Tweaks for Frustrated Hardgainers

Many people struggle to build strength and muscle. And for most, an important part of the solution is simple: eat more. But simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, especially for the classic hardgainer. You know the type. Hell, you might be one. Hardgainers are long-limbed, narrow jointed guys, wired to the gills like they’ve guzzled down three scoops of pre-workout protein.… Keep Reading

45038317 - closeup portrait of professional bodybuilder workout with barbell outdoors

Five Guaranteed Ways to Build More Muscle

We fall prey to the endless onslaught of fitness marketing and its big promises.  Add three inches to your arms in four weeks. Go from keg to six-pack in eight weeks. If it all sounds too good to be true, it is. Slick marketing would have you believe that lookin’ better naked is instantly attainable with another scoop of protein… Keep Reading

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