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Five Damaging Diet Myths (And What To Do Instead)

Guest Blog Post By Sylvia Best Five damaging diet myths are commonly believed, but they are just that: myths. Believing them will hurt your nutrition progress and leave you more frustrated than ever. The myth-busting advice that follows is what you need to know so that you make your health and fitness journey the success you deserve.   Your next… Keep Reading

Mind Muscle Connection

Why You Need Explosive Strength, No Matter Who You Are

Want to get stronger, leaner, and more athletic? You need to get more explosive. Yes, I’m looking at you — no matter who you are and why you’re working out. In this blog post, you will learn: How training explosively helps you lose fat and build  lean muscle Why explosive movement turns your stale strength into explosive, real-world athleticism How… Keep Reading

Fitness boss

From Pencil-Necked Weakling To Fitness BOSS

Chances are I’m a lot like you: genetically average. I wasn’t always athletic or muscular. Sure, some dudes look at a barbell and gain pure muscle. I don’t. Never have. Never will.   Despite hours of hard work (with a side order of frustration) have you found you still haven’t built the body of your dreams? I’m a BTDT: Been… Keep Reading

Top 5 Reasons You’re Hurt

Top 5 Reasons You’re Hurt (And How To Avoid Each One)

Guest Post By Linden Ellefson When it comes to gym injuries, you roll the dice every with every visit. What will hurt? Your shoulder? Your ankle? Your back? It’s been months since you have sniffed a PR. You feel like after all the Yoga you’ve been doing, your body should feel somewhat better, right? Nope. You are in near constant… Keep Reading

Balance Kids, Career and Fitness

Guest Post By Steve Current Time warp warning. That was then. And this is now. Life is more complicated, with less time for fitness. But you can still balance kids, career and family. This article explains how, step by step. Download the free checklist here to get back in shape, once and for all.   A Trip Down Memory Lane… Keep Reading

I Forgot To Work Out For Seven Years

Guest Post By Alex Cain This is a fitness plan like no other that begins with the story of that time I forgot to work out for seven years. But don’t judge me. After all, everyone falls off the wagon now and then, right?  Why should future fitness trainers be the exception? Here’s how I turned things around — and… Keep Reading


Pain and Gratitude

I need to share where I am today. Two nights ago, my wife and I had to put down our Golden Retriever, Rocky. Days earlier, Rocky had been brightening our lives — as he’s done for four years. It was the most abrupt and painful ending imaginable to what we both held very dear. He was our Rock. Our best… Keep Reading

28 Tips to Build Muscle and Strength

Let’s keep this simple. I turned 28 this past week and honestly, this is the first time I sat back and thought…. Holy shit. I’m creepin’ in on 30. And while I don’t feel older, a few interesting things happen when you enter your late(r) 20’s. The real world smacks you up a few times. For me, training is iron… Keep Reading

Why Everyone Needs To Deadlift

Why Everyone Needs To Deadlift

Guest Post By Johnny Tea You were meant to deadlift. Yes, I’m talking to you — no matter who you are. Believe it or not, deadlifts are good for you and can actually help prevent injury while unleashing your inner badass. Deadlifts can help get you in shape — or back in shape. It’s a topic I explore in my free… Keep Reading

Fitness Balance

How To Make Time For Exercise

Like most busy men, Ben found it hard to make time for fitness. He was overstressed and out of shape, running from meeting to meeting and living in a constant state of chaos. That was quite a contrast to five years ago when Ben was in great shape. He was a beast who did CrossFit and could kick ass in the gym… Keep Reading

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