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The Simple Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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If all workouts went as planned, supplements were a magical cure-all, and the perfect diet really existed, most guys would be swinging a hammer like Thor and picking up Natalie Portman.

Instead, we bite off more than we can chew.

We throw the the old workout program in the trash, and latch onto the next big thing. 

We change our entire dietary strategy. We load up with tupperware containers. Or we starve ourselves for half the day until our magical “feasting” window arrives.

But there’s really no single perfect answer. One size never fits all. 

My approach is to focus on small steps that create big, life-changing improvements quickly. My clients get bigger, stronger, leaner, and more athletic.

The article explains explains how. 

First, Picture This

It’s 4:45 pm, Monday afternoon. Work is over. And you’ve traded in your button down for your slick new bro-tank.

 International bench press day has arrived. And your pump is going to be epic.

Dudes old and young flock to the center of the gym to take control of the bench press.

You’re no different. Warm-up and activation done, it’s time to get to work.

Reps one, two, and three pop up easily, four starts to grind, and rep number five is firmly planted on your chest.


This is the same weight you started your work sets at last week…and the week before. You’re five weeks into your new program, the article said you would be hitting new PR’s by now.

Plus, you added two sets of 12 inverted rows before your bench.

Last week, you read a great article that advised plyometric push ups before you bench because it “instantly improves your strength and supercharge your nervous system.”

It seems, you’re doing all the right things.

In the last four weeks the changes you made should make your strength skyrocket, muscles grow in heaping slabs, and fat to slide off your chiseled new physique.

Problem is, you’re completely and utterly overwhelmed. Despite your efforts, strength and muscle are falling off…not piling on.


Here’s the hard truth: You bit off more than you can chew.

You have set goals, have huge ambitions, and a have the work ethic to match. These are all necessary tools to get a bigger, stronger, more athletic body. But, you changed too much, too soon.

I’ve learned huge lessons helping hundreds of clients transform their lives

Big problems are rarely solved with commensurately big solutions. Rather, they are often solved by a sequence of small solutions and small victories.

Rather than picking and changing as many things as possible immediately, pick just one.

One. Uno. Einer. Un. 

 JUST change one behavior at a time, and implement it flawlessly.

Let’s put this strategy into play. Let’s day a 31 year old man wants to gain ten pounds of muscle, and drop his body fat from 20% to 15% — a common and achievable goal.

To hit goals, break them into two categories:

  • Outcome Goals: drop body fat from 20% to 15% and gain 10 pounds of muscle
  • Behavioural Goals:  lift four times and week and bit macronutrient goals 80% of the time. Behavioral goals pave the path to the outcome goal.

 Each behavioral goal must be mastered over a period of two weeks. Once you have performed the goal 14ish times,  it will be ingrained as a behaviour.   After two solid weeks, we’ll take another baby step that brings you closer to your goals.

Here are some examples.

Weeks 1-2 ==> Perform four muscle-building workouts per week, all under 1 hour in length.

*Note: Because this is only four days per week it works as a great introduction to the method without overloading your motivation.

Why: Resistance training 4x/week in one my specialized programs provides the necessary hormonal influx, metabolic stress, and muscular tension to build muscle.

Weeks 3-4 ==> Drink two customized workout shakes each day.

Why: I hook my clients up with customized nutrition plans to fit their goals. In this case, it’s an influx of high quality nutrients  through real food and calories to support lean muscle growth and overall health.

Weeks 5-6 ==> Begin a Carb Cycling Routine.

Why: Carb cycling, the fluctuation of carbohydrate intake based upon the day, will keep fat loss at a minimum while providing fuel for high quality workouts.

Weeks 7-8 ==>  Spend 3 minutes foam rolling and stretching each day.

Why: Active recovery methods, such as foam rolling and stretching will boost recovery, keeping you healthy and consistent in the gym.

Follow this program and  you’ll be much closer to unleashing your inner athlete. And remember, it’s just one example of the customized approach I provide.

One goal, two weeks. Simple, right?

Build up over time, simple works. That’s how I help my clients get awesome results. May I help you? Click below to find out more and get a 20% discount.

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Wrap Up: How to Win Every Day

Winning your goal daily builds successful behaviors that bring you closer to the stronger, leaner, and more athletic body you’ve been working for. Getting better every day, even if it’s one small step keeps the seemingly impossible within reach.

If you’re struggling to get bigger, stronger, and leaner, then I’d like to help you.

By effectively helping you “chunk” your goals into small, easily attainable parts, I’ll speed up your progress in the gym.

The Best part?

I’ll personally guide you and carve the path to your goals, eliminating the confusion and winning every day.

Take charge and build your way to a stronger, leaner, and more athletic body today.

Head over to Bach Performance Coaching until September 21st for a 20% discount on all six-month training programs. That means we’ll get you bigger for Christmas, then leaner for Spring Break. 

Principles: Your guide to an epic lifestyle, awesome body, and success

Do you set principles? You should. 

A man shouldn’t be one-dimensional. That’s why become strong, shredded, and athletic is only half of what I focus on with my clients. The other half is focused on living a bigger and better life. Principles are the key. 

Principles are simple, they provide the foundation and groundwork for success. Everything else can go to shit, but sound principles keep you from falling apart.

Principles are simple rules to live by, a compass for your journey.
Whether your between jobs and struggling to find a new one OR struggling with fat loss sound principles will serve as your lighthouse amidst rough seas. Stay the course and remember what matters.  

Here are My Principles

goals, perseverence


  1.  Set clear goals and establish the right habits towards achieving them. Small changes consistently implemented will lead to positive outcomes and lifestyle changes.
  2. Leave it all on the playing field, whether it’s the gym, office, or classroom. Take no prisoners, you only have this moment one time.
  3. Don’t ask for permission, play it out and beg for forgiveness if needed.
  4. Eat foods that were once breathing and growing naturally.
  5. Write everything down. My memory sucks; important thoughts shouldn’t be lost.  Always log workouts and keep spare paper nearby.
  6. If someone doesn’t like dogs they suck and aren’t worth my time. This never fails.
  7. Keep things simple, eat high quality food, train with basic movements focused on improving strength, and recover with relaxation and quality sleep.
  8. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Be receptive to change, challenge, and continue to grow.
  9. Enjoy life! Don’t sweat the small stuff, ignore the bullshit and smile.
  10. Say No. Obligation sucks. There are rarely thing you “need” to do. Weigh the positives and minuses of your choice, if you’re going to be miserable forget it. Life is short, don’t live on someone elses expectations.
  11. Learn, live, and do everything with pride and passion.
  12. Spend time with those I care about and work to foster positive relationships with close friends and family.
  13. Persevere when times get tough. Your path is determined when the you’re at your lowest.
  14. Pay it forward and help others, no one succeeds on their own.

Wrap Up

Our experiences and habits form our principles. As a member of the Bach Performance you probably share quite a few of these, but with a personal twist. Self-reflection and acknowledging what’s most important is imperative for personal development.


goals, perseverance

To build your ultimate lifestyle, your best body, and live out your dreams you must know what you stand for. Dig your feet in, set your position, and take on the world. Stick to your sound principles and you will be unstoppable.

Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.-Abraham Lincoln

Now, it’s your turn.

What means the most to you? Grab a piece of paper, eliminate distractions, and spend the next 15 minutes writing your principles. Keep the list with you at all times. When you enter a dark tunnel your principles will guide your way to daylight.

Have a principle you’d like to share? Leave a comment!

Strong. Shredded. Athletic.


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Time Management From The Inside Out

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Calgary-based Entrepreneur,  Myke Macapinlac.  Myke is a phenomenal writer and dude, providing insightful, forward thinking information to become your best you. 

 He’s figured out the importance of fitness, intelligence, creativity, and just how they all fit together to make you a more confident and productive you.    

Myke and I are putting some projects together to create the ultimate magnetic lifestyle. 

In any case, enjoy!

Time Management From the Inside Out

Every morning when you get out of bed, there are unlimited options of the things you can do. When you want to get things done, saying “no” is just as important as what you say “yes” to. I know the prospect of being well-rounded seems exciting to most people but true mastery requires laser-like focus.

To be good at something, you have to learn time management from the inside out.

Just like most ambitious people, I want to have an extraordinary lifestyle. I want something more than what I was currently getting: go to work for 5 days, get 2 days off and complain how awful those 5 days were. I wanted to do things that matter to me and with people that I enjoy working with.

Bach Performance Time management

Where do I even start?

Learning something new can be very overwhelming. Even the most motivated person will eventually quit due to analysis paralysis. You can do an infinite amount of things and if you don’t say no, you’re day might feel busy but get nothing done. How do you lighten up your load, refocus and be picky with your time?

When To Say No – Time Management From The Inside Out.


What is the most important thing you’re trying to accomplish?

Just like you, I have many goals that I want to achieve in my life time. I’m not saying abandon them, but organize them in the order of importance. Pick one thing to work on and focus all your effort into getting good at that specific skill first. Once you have a better level of understanding, it becomes automatic and requires very little self-will to execute. The moment you get there, then you know it’s time to move on.


Try This

Write down 3 things will bring you one step closer if you accomplish

them. You don’t need more brilliant ideas. You need less noise. If you try to do everything, you will fail. Here’s what I’m trying to say; before you go to bed, write down 3 things you’re trying to accomplish the next day.

When you wake up in the morning, it’s a much simpler approach. It’s more strategic and tactical which makes it easier to narrow down your decision-making from then on. When you figure out which goals are most important to you, achieving them becomes more systematic.



Make an action list instead of a to do list.

The fear of uncertainty holds most people back. It’s hard to act on something if it is ambiguous. Look back at the times when you didn’t do something; it’s because it’s not defined clearly.

Make sure your outcomes are specific and actionable. If it’s too complicated, chances are you’ll never do it. It’s natural to resist what you don’t know that’s why you’ll always gravitate to things that are familiar and predictable.


“NO! is your new favorite word

Start saying “no” to new ideas and just come up with a small list that really matter. The simpler and more actionable, the better. Don’t delude your focus and cover the hard stuff with the easy stuff.

Anything non-essential is a barrier. It’s a waste of time and should be avoided at all costs. They maybe necessary in the future, but not right now. Cut things down relentlessly, and simplify your daily tasks. If you find yourself off track and doing nonessential tasks, go back and check your top 3 priorities.


About the Author


Myke Macapinlac wakes in the morning to inspire purpose-driven action for others to reach their full potential and live meaningful lives. He mentors beginner entrepreneurs at Lifestyle Business Hacker and is also the host of Magnetic Life Podcast. To get to know him personally, you can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


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