Eight Training Splits for Strength and Mass


How many times have you started the perfect new training split only to realize it doesn’t fit your goals or your busy schedule, leaving you banging your head against a wall wondering “where to go now” with your training.

training splits for strength and mass

It’s a common problem that for program hoppers and dedicated athletes alike. The bottom line is there is no perfect routine or “one size fits all” when it comes to training. Your training depends on whether you’re looking to build muscle and train with a high volume. Some of you are looking to improve athletic performance, while others are looking to get shredded and burn fat. With all these different goals, schedules, energy system requirements and individual differences it’s no wonder program hopping is a problem and leaves your brains scrambled.


Yea, I’m being a bit dramatic, but picking the right routine for your busy schedule and your goals is important. Your body reacts to the stimulus that you apply to it per the SAID principle.

Yes, total body workouts are great. Yes, push-pull routines have benefits. As do specialization workouts, intensive/extensive training splits, body part splits, and upper lower training splits.

In my latest article on T-Nation.com I give insight on the Eight Best Training Splits for Strength and Mass along with pros and cons of every routine. There is no perfect routine for every goal, but knowing what splits are best for rapid gains in strength and mass give you an indispensable resource for all your training going forward.

Eight Training Splits for Strength and Mass


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