42-Year-Old Businessman Trades Fat For Muscle

April 14, 2022

About the Author: Eric Bach

Mission accomplished. And it’s just the beginning.

At 42 years old, Jason Gonzalez is a hard-charging businessman who works as a Senior Manager of Government Affairs at a Fortune 500 company.

With a high-stakes (read: stress) career, Jason needs to look, feel, and perform his best in all aspects of life.

While he thrived professionally, there was one place he needed to improve to reach his potential: His physical development.

Jason knew the clock was ticking. Father time waits for no man.

Jason’s “AHA” moment came when he was diagnosed with a herniated disk in his neck.

He realized he could no longer put his health on the back burner.

It was time to get as serious with his health as he was with his professional life.

After all, improving your health and physique improves your mental fitness and confidence. Yet many men view health and mental performance as two different things, rather than being mutually dependent.

Not Jason.

Despite this awareness, Jason wasn’t about to get there alone.

He used his Peloton and tried a variety of HIIT classes. He tracked his activity on his Apple watch.

But what he really needed to was a comprehensive plan to lose stubborn body fat and build lean muscle.

Through our first five months working together, Jason is in the best shape of his life.

Jason’s first step was to drop stubborn body fat, 8 pounds to be exact.

From there, he’s gradually been adding 1-2 pounds of lean muscle each month. According to researcher Alan Aragon, this is the maximum physiological capacity for drug-free men.

Click here to read more about all that in this article.

Jason has lost 3 inches on his waist. He is wearing the same size pants he did in college.

Jason is stronger than ever and says:

“I’m in the gym and  look around at guys that have 5 inches of height and easily 30 pounds on me, and I’m lifting as much or more than they are.”

“My arms are bigger, my chest is bigger, my abs are tighter and my legs are thicker. And my stamina is outstanding.”

“I am an all around healthier, bigger and stronger man than I was four months ago. My sleep is better, my diet and gut health have massively improved. And my confidence has improved along with my body.”

It’s a far cry from where Jason was just a few months ago: overwhelmed and unhappy.

“I had no experience and no idea where to start.”

When it came to training I got confused and frustrated quickly with all the information out there.”

“One thing would contradict another and so I didn’t stick with anything for very long and so I saw no progress.”

“Then I got discouraged and quit on it.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

It does to me, because it’s a story I’ve heard so many times before in my 12 years racking up hundreds of transformation success stories with high performers like Jason.

They are hard-charging men and women who aren’t afraid to work. They just don’t have the right information….specifically, the right plan to fit around their lifestyle.

They want to be the best.

So they seek out very best expert advice…just as they seek expert legal, financial, and medical advice to optimize performance.

They come to realize that success in the gym leads to success in all aspects of life.

It’s all about living up to your full potential, accomplishing more, and setting the best possible example for your family.

But like you, they need someone to keep them on track.

That someone is called a coach. And that’s what I do.

I give men like Jason all the knowledge, support and encouragement they need…along with a “friendly” kick in the ass when THAT’s what they need.

But more often than not, it’s mostly a question of getting off the action/inaction hamster wheel of stops and starts.

Jason says:

For nutrition, I struggled with inertia.  I just couldn’t get going on a sustainable program.”

“And when I did attempt to control my nutrition, I swung from crazy diet plans with huge calorie deficits to not caring and just stuffing my face whenever I wanted.”

Jason’s breakthrough was realizing “my biggest struggle was not in the gym but in the kitchen.”

“Getting my nutrition right so that all the work I put in the gym translates to the body that I deserve.”

“Bach Performance gave me the tools and the roadmap to succeed.”

“Eric didn’t lift one single pound of weight for me, but he showed me what I needed to do, and how to do it.”

“All I needed to do was follow the plan and the results have come for me.”

For Jason, he wanted to know  the “why” behind his training so he could leave well equipped to continue getting in better shape long term.

When you can take control of your own health, you ultimately are empowered to live your best life.

Jason said:
From my first conversation with Eric, I knew that Bach Performance could train me up.”

“I got the feeling that they could teach me about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it so that I can incorporate this program into my life for the long term.”

With Bach Performance, you’ll get the expert workouts and nutrition plan you need, plus the motivation and push you need to transform your body….and your life.

I will do for you what I did for Jason and so many others who come to realize that transforming your health and body allows you to have more love and impact on those around you.

When you show up in your best way and perform at your best, you can show up the best for others.

You will make a bigger difference on the people around you if you take better care of yourself.

And you’ll look damn good doing it.

If you’re ready to make it happen, let’s chat Bach Performance Physique Coaching and apply now.

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