How to Underhand Row, Bro

March 6, 2015

About the Author: Eric Bach

Most everyone suffers from a few common issues in the weight room– they don’t hold position in the hinge well, opening the door for back injury, and they want bigger biceps.


With that in mind, barbell supinated grip rows (underhand for the bros) improve trunk stability and strength in the hinge position.

When you add in the supinated (underhand) grip, there’s a greater overload stimulus on the biceps and you turn conventional barbell rows into an exercise that truly has a strong purpose– building a resilient trunk, thick arms, and a more muscular back.

underhand row

Here are Six Reasons Supinated Grip Rows Should be In Your Program

  1. Rows develop back thickness
  2. Rows allow you to practice the hip hinge
  3. Rows make you a better deadlifter
  4. Underhand bent-over rows are an awesome biceps builder  
  5.  Rows reinforce stability in the hinge position
  6. Underhand rows allow for higher training loads

Want to find out exactly why? Well, I can’t publish that here, as it’s all covered in my latest Article on T-Nation: The Best Way to Row, Period

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