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I am so busy.
Can you make sure it
fits my schedule?

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I’ve tried nutrition
and diet plans in the past.
Will this work for me?

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Will this be confusing
and overwhelming?
I don’t want to have to think.

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I like to go out, drink, eat great food, and socialize. Is it possible to get into great shape without giving up my social life?

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I travel for work and
occasionally have
limited equipment.
Will this work?

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I want to understand the “why” behind the coaching. Will this educate me as
well as get me results?

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I struggle with motivation and believing I can succeed. Will this still work?

Former Athlete & Teacher Loses 30 Pounds and Rocks Her Wedding Dress

When the terrible truth hit home, Kayleigh Scharff was a successful 28-year-old preschool teacher and Lacrosse coach in Maryland.

She was NOT going to look great in her wedding dress unless she did something.

And that “something” would have to be something big…something that would work, for a change.

Kayleigh says she had tried “the latest fads in diets” many times before. The diets kind of/sorta worked for a while. But any weight loss was quickly regained.

And then it was on to the next diet and the next disappointment.

What made things worse is that Kayleigh is a former college Lacrosse player.

She was not happy about to have gained weight and lost confidence.

So she knew what she needed: a coach.

“I loved the accountability of Bach Performance. As a former athlete, I needed the coaching aspect and to have that support and discipline from someone.”

“I’ve also lost about 30 pounds. I went from being about 160 pounds to 130 pounds. I’m able to run again without pain.”

“I was also able to do my first ever pull-up!!! I not only did one pull-up but three pull-ups in a row without assistance! And most importantly, my confidence has grown immensely.” 

Former Athlete Get’s Abs & Finally “Looks Like He Lifts”

Despite his experience and fitness, Matt was stuck on a plateau, unable to climb higher. Sure, Matt was in good shape. After all, he lifted. But he wanted to look like he lifted.

Despite training multiple times per week, Matt had never achieved the elite-level physique that looked as great as it performed.

The problem was Matt’s hectic schedule as a business owner left little time to cobble together the perfect plan for himself, let alone stick to it.

After dabbling in CrossFit for the past few years and being left with a pair of beat-up knees, Matt was ready to get in the best shape of his life. But he didn’t know exactly what to do.

More importantly, Matt wanted to set a better example for his Martial Arts students, friends, and family.

Like Matt did after spinning his wheels for years, the foundational key to losing fat and looking your best isn’t chasing perfection.

It’s about adopting new habits and making consistent progress. To see real results, you need a plan and someone to hold you accountable.

Matt says he thought he was doing fine, but “the truth is, I wasn’t making meaningful progress despite thinking I knew what to do. Once I worked with Eric, I went to the next level. More importantly, I learned through the process and will be able to continue improving long term as a coach.” 

40-Year-Old Sales Manager Loses 12 Pounds in 6 Weeks Even With Non-Stop Travel

Kevin has a hectic job in sales. Constantly on the road, he was always entertaining clients, hopping into hotel gyms, and struggling to have the energy, confidence, and body he wanted.

Within our first six weeks? Kevin lost 12 pounds while traveling non-stop.

Kevin said, “My work keeps me on the road, in and out of gyms, and a number of dinners and work events weekly. Still, Eric modified workouts and created a diet and training plant to help me maximize my training, whether on the road or at home. Thanks, Eric! I was actually about to build muscle and lose fat while doing less but better. 

Busy Mom Loses 130 Pounds and Keeps It Off for Good.

Jenna hit a breaking point in August of 2013. At 270 pounds, she was ready for – and desperately needed – a change.

Going it alone simply wasn’t working.

Jenna was occasionally active. She’d routinely drop 20 pounds, only to gain 25 back. It was incredibly frustrating to make short-term progress only to backslide into old habits.

“I’d failed myself so many times, “she said.

She tried everything: 

Weight Watchers
The Zone Diet
The real reason Jenna succeeded?
Accountability, Consistency, and her self-determination.

Meal by meal, day by day, week by week, Jenna made progress.

Over 18 months, we gradually increased Jenna’s workouts, adjusted her diet to avoid plateaus, and pushed harder. In 18 months, Jenna lost a staggering 130 pounds.

Her story has inspired thousands, with her transformation featured everywhere from MyFitnessPal to Women’s Health. And now, she’s kept the weight off for seven years.

Jenna says, “Since training with Eric, I’ve lost over 130lbs and completely revamped my lifestyle. If you need to make a life change or just looking to get stronger and healthier, hire Eric! You’ll love his coaching and, most importantly… the results!”

Jenna, Marketing Specialist, Denver Colorado

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Colorado Attorney Gets His Abs Back and Deadlifts 435 Pounds

“As an attorney in Colorado, I have a hectic schedule. 

I love the outdoors and didn’t just want a routine that focused on my physique; instead, I wanted to improve my biking, skiing, climbing, and rafting performance. Still, with many goals and too little time, I struggled to put a routine together that worked for me for years.

Now at 34, I’m in the best shape of my life and performing at the highest level of my life. I’ve seen improvements of over 35 pounds on my bench, clean, squat, and deadlift.

The hip, knee, and back pain I used to have when skiing? It’s gone.

Now, I’m skiing down some of the toughest slopes in the world, feel great, and dominate in the gym.
My girlfriend loves how I look, and I’m capable on any given day of performing well on the ski slopes or in the gym.

If you’re thinking about hiring a trainer, look no further than Eric. His knowledge is extensive, his methods effective, and his coaching 100% personalized. Without question, I will continue to work with Eric in the future.” 

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Kaci Gets Her Bikini Body Back–While Working Half As Long

I’ve always been active and motivated in the gym, but I was never sure whether I was on the right path. When I went to the gym, I wondered, “Is this really what I should be doing?

Do I need to work out for two hours?”

It was more of the same when it came to dieting. Did I need to starve to build the body I wanted?

Eric showed me a more intelligent way to work out and structured my workouts so they improved my life rather than consumed it. Not only did I lose fat in time for a beach vacation, but I saw muscle definition that I’d never had before. I loved how my body changed over the course of the program! 

For a girl who was able to get compliments on her butt when I NEVER even thought I had one before, the program was worth that alone.

Eric not only showed his expertise by creating the perfect routine for me, but he was attentive, personable, and helped me make changes when life got in the way. I’d highly recommend working with Eric if you want to transform your body. 

46 Year Old Personal Trainer Hires Bach Performance To Get In The Best Shape Of His Life

Trainers have busy schedules and sometimes struggle to stay accountable, just like everyone else. Meet my Tony Giordano.

When he reached out, Tony had reached a point I’ve sometimes felt myself. Instead of feeling motivated and ready to crush his workouts, Tony was flat and unmotivated.

He was going through the motions.

Sound familiar?

Because they’re in the gym for work, coaches are always experimenting with new training methods for their clients–not focusing on training and improving themselves.

If you’re a trainer yourself, you can fall into the trap of regarding workouts as work. So it’s easy to get sidetracked in filming demos, adjusting your training to test new items…and neglecting yourself.

In Tony’s words: 

“I needed you to make a plan for me to just execute and keep from adjusting all the details and sabotaging my progress.”

“The biggest change in my body has been a total reduction of any joint pain I had, mainly from overuse.”

“I also lost 8-10 lbs of mainly fat.”

“I thought I was pretty lean before we started but after two months I had veins visible that I have never seen before.”

“Strength went up in pressing exercises especially. I loved the mix of bodyweight and dumbbell movements.”

Priests go to confession. Shrinks have shrinks. Doctors see doctors. It’s said that any lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Coaches? Well, to get their best body and level up their skills as a trainer, they work with other great coaches.

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Busy Father Unlocks New Confidence at Work, & Receives a Life-Changing Promotion–All While Losing 20 Pounds of Belly Fat.

When Kenny joined Bach Performance, An avid sports fan, he routinely kicked back wings and IPAs with friends and family–and it was beginning to add up. He wasn’t proud of the way he looked or the example he was setting for his family. Kenny didn’t want another “false start” in fitness. He wanted to develop and implement a sustainable nutrition and training program.

So far, Kenny has dropped over 20 pounds of body fat and his clothes fit better then when he was in college. Better yet, he’s more confident–even pushing himself professionally with his new-found energy.

Pushing himself to new levels, Kenny’s coworkers took notice–and he even received a huge promotion at work. 

Read Kenny’s full success story here: 

Financial Advisor Eliminates Nagging Sports Injuries

I was always hesitant to doing an online coaching program, specifically when it came to fitness training, but Eric made it seamless and changed my mind quickly at how impactful it can be to have someone help you along the way.

Even though he was literally 2,000 miles away, it felt like I had a trainer at all times with me in the gym.

I actually think he charges too little for the amount of access and results I got.

The workouts are comprehensive, tailor made to me and my many nagging injuries, and the results speak for themselves.

I would highly recommend if you are serious about getting in better shape that Bach Performance would be your first stop.’

Bobby Armijo, San Diego

Tech Entrepreneur Gets His “Competitive Edge” And Reduces Stress While Keeping Six Pack Abs

As the owner of a tech consulting firm, I travel frequently, vie for contracts, and work long hours to earn business opportunities and expand my network.

Being younger than my competitors, I need every edge I can get–particularly when it comes to making a first impression and having more energy.

With Eric, I’ve been able to build the body and energy levels to conquer long days, jet lag, and health plays a huge role in helping me differentiate from the competition.

I don’t have to think about training or diet–I wake up with a step-by-step plan I can believe in that continues to deliver incredible results.

Since working together, I’ve been blown away by the time-efficient workouts, help to navigate social situations when it comes to nutrition, and Eric’s ability to create a focused plan around my hectic schedule. So far, I’ve leaned out significantly, and have visible abs despite being in a different city every week without losing muscle!

Working with Eric and Bach Performance has been an awesome experience–It’s been three years and I don’t anticipate going anywhere for a long, long time.”

Scott Rushton, 29, Dallas

Commercial Real Estate Expert and Father Drops 17 pounds Of Fat in 7 Weeks

Dave, Husband, Father, Commercial Real Estate in Connecticut

When we first talked, Dave had the “I’ve tried it all” feeling. And I get it. It’s tough to do “all the right things,” yet not make progress.

This is when you should truly seek out coaching to take the next step.

On August 20th, 2015 Dave was 250 lbs, about 28% body fat and a lean body mass of 185 lbs. Less than eight weeks later, Dave checked in at 240 lbs, 20% body fat, and a lean body mass of 192 lbs.

That means, Dave lost 17 lbs of body fat while actually gaining seven pounds of muscle. 

Former College Athlete Overcomes Knee Reconstruction To Get In the Best Shape of His Life

Being a former Division 1 college football player, I had always loved training and working out with the end goal of getting onto the field. However, I was working a very busy job in real estate development with long days, and I felt myself beginning to fall into the trap of mediocrity where no improvements are made because there really isn’t anything you are working for.

The fork in the road came after I broke my leg (tibial plateau fracture) last summer playing a pick up football game. It is one of the worst injuries that can happen to your knee as it damages much of the weight-bearing cartilage in the knee joint.

Eric programmed rehab into my workouts with various leg exercises all aimed at getting everything in the weak leg built back up.

Since starting with Eric in October, I have seen unbelievable results in my physique, strength, and overall mental state. I have lost at least 15 pounds of body fat, packed on some serious lean muscle mass, and feel amazing mentally, especially with my confidence and energy levels. 

All this has been done while dealing with a very busy work schedule and an active social life without many sacrifices The program Eric writes is tailored to your lifestyle and changes are made based on what you are dealing with whether it is a week of travel for work, a business dinner, or a big party weekend coming up, Eric helps you find the best way to approach each of them.
Working with Eric I think ultimately helped me make the decision to leave my day job and join up with my brother as an entrepreneur.

With Eric’s guidance over the last 6 months, I have been able to drastically improve my life on all fronts, and I am very excited to continue working with him and Bach Performance in the future. 

Former USA Decathlete and Coach Becomes State Record Holding Powerlifter

Raven Cepeda, Coach, Colorado

Raven is a former USA decathlete. Once his track career finished, he wanted to pursue a new challenge: Powerlifting. Of our experience, Raven said, “Working with Eric has expanded my knowledge as a trainer and taken my training to the next level. In my first meet with Eric, I’ve seen a jump of over 100 lbs on my squat, and 80 lbs on my deadlift. I even set a deadlift PR and raw state record at 683 lbs. Eric is a awesome trainer with wealth of knowledge.” 

Entrepreneur Drops 18 Pounds of Fat in 40 Days

“I had 40 days to get in photoshoot ready for my new supplement company.
With Eric I dropped 18 pounds and 5% body fat, getting in the best shape of
my life. If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, Eric is the coach
for you.”


Professional Hockey Players “Wishes” He Had This Level Of Coaching Earlier

As a former professional athlete, I have always been focused on my health. Eric has changed the way I view food and has provided me with a healthy nutritional approach that I will use from now on. I wish I had this level of help earlier in my pro career–I can only imagine how well I would have performed. I highly recommend working with Eric and his team.

Gord Baldwin, Professional Hockey Player 

Time-Strapped Accountant Drops 10 Pounds of Fat and Builds Muscle in Only 90 Days

Ben Weyrick, Accountant in Iowa

Before working with Eric I was consistent with my workouts but did not see the results I wanted. I was program hopping and worse, very undisciplined in my diet. I was “skinny fat.” My sleep patterns were terrible. I was doing a lot of work but not getting results. 

Working together, I lost over 10 pounds. I was able to maintain or increase what I was lifting despite the weight loss so I think I did it without losing muscle.

I wasn’t necessarily set out to have a six-pack but I can see my abs now and that’s pretty awesome. 

I’m also sleeping a lot better. Eric also helped me manage my diet. He helped me find a good compromise between eating well and enjoying my life, so we came up with strategies for weekends where I had parties, or work events, or travel (work and personal) and how I could enjoy myself without losing my progress.

Most importantly, I feel great. I feel better, have more energy, and am just overall happy. I’m energized about growing and furthering my progress.

You should with Eric. You won’t be sorry. Second, just do what he says. You’ll get the results. He is super responsive and always gives well-thought-out responses.

Airline Pilot Drops 28 Pounds And Marries His Dream Girl

When John signed up for coaching he told me something that will always stick with me: “I want to be the superhero my son thinks I am.”

John was a busy airline pilot who was recently single. Through the stress of raising a family, non-stop travel, and divorce John fell further and further out of shape. He hit a breaking point and knew he needed to make a change. He was sick of spinning his wheels on programs that didn’t fit his hectic travel schedule and inconsistent food access. 

During our time together, every aspect of John’s fitness was built around his life. Despite the pandemic, John made an incredible transformation: Mentally and physically. John lost 28 pounds and got stronger. More importantly, his habits and. day to day energy changed. He started dating again and soon–met his dream girl, who is now his wife.

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