How A Busy Colorado Attorney Deadlifted 435 pounds and Built Six Pack Abs Without Living In The Gym

December 11, 2018

About the Author: Eric Bach

If you’re like most people you want to look great naked without living in the gym.  Fitness can’t consume your life; rather, it must improve how you look, feel, and perform.

This is Rob Whiting’s story.  He’s a 35-year-old district attorney in Telluride, Colorado who built six pack abs and a 435-pound deadlift, all while advancing his career.

Rob WhitingAn avid outdoorsman you can find shredding the Rockies or surfing in Costa Rica, Rob is always going full throttle in business and beyond.

But like you and me, Rob wasn’t always focused on his health or career.

In his teens and 20’s, he was a hard-partying ski-bum focused on flying down the mountain and crushing pizza and beer, not building his body and career.

Foggy mornings and flunked exams followed, followed by a growing belly and rapidly declining athleticism. Rob knew he needed to make a change, but wasn’t sure how to get started.

“Instead of skiing every day, I was crouched over a desk studying 65 hours per week. Soon enough, the pizza and whiskey diet I’d become accustomed to fought back with a vengeance.”

Rob realized he was turning “six pack absmushy”  and had no idea how to fit a healthy diet and an active lifestyle around building a busy law career.”

A tough break up added to the stress.  

All that changed when Rob became a Bach Performance coaching client a few years ago. He built a 400+ pound deadlift, saw his abs, and became more disciplined in all areas of life in the process.

Better yet,  he realized he could still enjoy occasional cocktails and pancakes but “they just need to be a smaller part of the picture.”

How Rob Recaptured His Athleticism And Built Six Pack Abs
First, Rob and I simplified his training. Your workout program is only as good as your ability to do it consistently.

In Rob’s case, we needed to mix in heavy, compound lifts to get him stronger with higher-rep work to build muscular endurance and help him look better naked.

“I became more explosive on the hill,  he says, adding “strength is the most important component of building a body that looks, feels, and performs great.”

There are three key reasons you, Rob, and anyone else needs to be strong

First, the stronger you are for your size, the easier it is to move your body through space. When you can move your body through space, you’ll be faster, more explosive, and an overall better athlete. 

[Rob is a beast]Rob wanted to lose fat and jacked.Rob wanted to get strong AND stay injury free and power up his skills on the slopes.But Rob is a busy district attorney. It's hard for him to make time in the gym.And when he's there?It's crowded and equipment is limited.He was getting frustrated with a lack of progress. His lifts were "stuck" and his performance was going downhill on his biggest passion: skiing. Most of all, he needed the accountability and expert planning to make pain free progress and stick to his workouts.So, we started working together. I put a plan that improved his life… not consumed it. We made the plan work around a crowded gym and hectic schedule… so training was simplified. We talked weekly to make changes based on his travel and refine his diet. Rob knew what he was doing in the gym, but he needed better planning to truly blend training for performance and his physique. He needed the accountability to stick to his training and diet even when he was working 16+ hour days on a busy case.I provided the custom plan and accountability, and Rob put in the work. He killed it and made the best gains of his life. I loved working with Rob and If you've hit a wall in your pursuit of a strong, lean, and athletic body, let's chat.I have three spots opening (which never happens) in my online roster come April first. If you want to get results like Rob, apply here: you're good fit for my unique and customized plan, then I'll help you get in the best shape of your life.

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Second, getting stronger allows you to lift heavier weights for more reps, leading to more muscle growth. If you want to build muscle, strength is the foundation.

Third, training for strength helps you lose fat without losing lean muscle mass. Heavy strength training helps preserve the muscle you have, which keeps your metabolism running full-throttle when you’re in a caloric deficit.

When it comes to building your best body, heavy strength training is a force multiplier in fitness. It makes everything else more effective, whether you want to look better naked, have more energy, or improve your athleticism.

Which leads to the question:

Can You Make Better Progress Online Than In The Gym?

Yes. Here’s the truth: Rob started out as an in-person client and was initially skeptical of online training. After all, exercise can be extremely technical. Because he was able to send me regular training videos, we were able to clean up his technique and optimize performance with online training.

Even better, Rob became more accountable and self-sufficient with his training due to our regular check-ins, texts, and calls.

Rob’s Six Pack Abs Journey
Eric: Now, what was your number one struggle when it came to fitness?

Rob: I’ve also been naturally skinny and unable to build a solid and muscular physique without sacrificing my athleticism or endurance. Frankly, I want to be the total package: strong, lean, muscular, and athletic.

Eric: You and me both, Rob. I’ve always found the best approach is training like an athlete, making strength and movement a priority. Finally, tying in specialized physique work to bring up lagging body parts helps you look and feel your best. Now, what specific changes have you made working with Bach Performance?

Rob: The biggest benefit has been getting stronger, leaner, and more explosive. You handcrafted workouts to incorporate heavy strength work with the right amount of explosive training and bodybuilding-style training to help me get stronger, leaner, and more muscular. Today… as in, literally, today, I set a deadlift PR of 435 pounds. And I could still comfortably run a half marathon or play a full game of soccer despite being slammed at work.

Note: Robert hit multiple ramp up sets between 325 and 435. I asked him to list his top-end set as his final work set.

Fitness Improves More Than Your Body, It Improves Your Life

Eric: How did fitness improve your life

Rob: I’m more disciplined, more confident, and I look better. I’ve dealt with a hyperactivity disorder my entire life, meaning I struggle with task orientation and compulsive stress. The discipline inherent in making progress on your training has translated to both my personal life and my work as an attorney, which requires meticulous preparation.

Eric: Would you say committing to transforming your body has helped you with your career?

Rob: I’m more prepared going into court every single day of the week, so I communicate more clearly and confidently. I’m more comfortable with myself and my effort everywhere, so I have an easier time not sweating small setbacks.

I’m happier with my life, so I’ve managed to find an incredible relationship with someone that I would never have been comfortable with before.

I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but training hard has put me in a position to understand what it feels like to really, truly earn something.

Eric: Fitness improved all aspects of your life by helping you become more confident and disciplined. These are core skills to improve anything in life. When you build your body in the gym you see the rewards of your hard work each morning when you look in the mirror.

Looking at the Bach Performance coaching program, what did we do to help you succeed?

Rob: The first component was having the right information. You know your stuff, whether it’s building strength and muscle or refining my diet and sleep. Second, availability and accountability. When I have questions, you ’re there to answer them. If I need adjustments due to a busy court case or travel, you make them.

Overcoming Training Plateaus

Eric: Thanks. Is there anyone specific struggle you faced but overcame?

Rob: For the longest time I couldn’t power clean more than 165 pounds, despite having a good deadlift.

You programmed a 4-week progression based on pretty extensive video review and full days working on predicate movements in order to improve my hip pop and pulling underneath the bar. We did a consistent video review and identified three different areas where I wasn’t moving as dramatically as I thought I was.

Three weeks later I pulled 185. A 20 pound PR. I was sold.

Eric: Ah, you nailed that training cycle. Again, this comes down to breaking down what’s actually going on and coming up with something specific, not cookie-cutter solutions, to fix a problem. You’ve worked with other coaches in the past. What would you say to someone looking to hire a coach?

Rob: There are plenty of bad coaches out there. Honestly, online coaching isn’t for everyone and you still have to do the work. Luckily, Eric and Bach Performance are a step above and are well worth the money.

Your money doesn’t guarantee results. It does guarantee that Eric Bach will invest himself in those results and do everything in his power to help you.”

Be Like Rob: Build your six pack abs Boost Your Athleticism, And Dominate Your Career

When it comes to an illness, you can get some ideas off of a quick google search of WebMD.

Still, nothing replaces the expertise of an experienced and world-class doctor.

Fitness is no different. In the case of Bach Performance, you’ll get the expert workouts and nutrition plan you need, plus the motivation and push you need to transform your body.

As Rob said, Eric adapted every component of the program to fit my needs whether I was stuck in a crummy hotel with limited equipment, at my normal gym, or at the beach in Costa Rica.”

I will do the same for you.

If looking great naked so you can look, feel, and perform your best without living in the gym or having no social life is important to you, Bach Performance is the place to be.

The Simple Way To Look Great Naked Without Living In The Gym

At Bach Performance, we help busy people like you look great naked without living in the gym. In Rob’s case, it came down to ruthlessly executing the basics and handcrafting a program so he could:

  • Get more explosive, improving his skiing
  • Build lean muscle, strength, and confidence
  • Lose body fat and revamp his diet for six pack abs and lifelong results
  • Become more confident in the gym and in the courtroom

Would you like the same? If so, head to Bach Performance Physique Coaching and apply now.

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